Wandoo - customer reviews and loan review

term 5 - 30 days
our note 4.50
maximum first loan $ 50 - $ 300
age 20 - 70 years
maximum to request 50-850 $
free first loan Yes
Supports Credit Checker No
Allow extensions Yes

Advantages and disadvantages of Wandoo

  • First free credit of up to € 300
  • You can request an extension of up to 30 days
  • Maximum amount for regular customers of € 850
  • Communication via email and mobile phone
  • Credit Checker or other delinquent records are not supported
  • Card payment is not available, only by direct debit
  • Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • You may need to submit certain documentation

All those looking to apply for a loan online should pay close attention to Wandoo . It is a different company from the ones we know, such as Ferratum , Cashper or Vivus and that, in addition, has very good opinions from its customers. Our Wandoo review seeks to shed light and clarify the operation of this entity dedicated to online fast loans.

Information about Wandoo

Wandoo is the commercial brand of the Wandoo Finance SLU credit institution, a newly created company that has managed to position itself as one of the benchmark companies in the micro-loan sector.

As we will describe later, Wandoo offers interest-free microcredits of up to € 300, although the requirements are not as flexible as with other entities dedicated to online micro loans.

Product description

This microcredit entity offers to get the first loan of up to € 300 without interest, with options as interesting as getting an extension in case of not being able to face the refund of the amount on the agreed date.

Regular customers can choose to request a maximum amount of € 850, but here with the application of interest. It should be noted that Wandoo works with the main banks in the United States, which means that, once the loan is approved, your money will quickly be in the bank.

Get a credit on Wandoo

The process is not very different from other microcredit entities, which is good for the client because they can complete the entire process in a few minutes. Keep in mind that in Wandoo there are age and presence limitations in Delinquent files. If you do not meet any of these two requirements, we recommend that you request your fast online credit in another entity.

Requirements in Wandoo

To be able to request your fast credit online in Wandoo you must meet the following requirements

age Be between 20 and 71 years old
DNI Valid DNI or NIE
phone Mobile phone number
Bank Bank account holder
asnef Not be in a delinquency file

The application process at Wandoo

As in other fast online micro loan entities, you must enter in the simulator the amount you want to request and the time in which you are going to return the amount, which ranges from 7 to 30 days.

  1. You must enter the amount you want to request and the return period
  2. Register on the website and enter your personal data
  3. Submit the request and wait 15 minutes for a response
  4. If yes and your bank is one of the entities that Wandoo works with, you will receive your loan in less than 15 minutes
Application process

Amount, terms and extensions in Wandoo

The first credit has no costs and is for a maximum of € 300 to be returned within the usual Wandoo period, from 7 to 30 days. The following credits can be up to € 850, but keep in mind that these following micro loans do have interest and commissions. The higher the amount requested, the higher the interest you will have to pay.

Keep in mind that you can request an extension of up to 30 days, but you must be very careful when requesting the appropriate term according to your circumstances, it is not good for you to be late in the payment of your microcredit .

Our verdict is Wandoo reliable?

Wandoo is an inflexible microfinance institution that we find in the market and it can be a great disadvantage for some clients with a presence in Credit Checker or Experian, not being able to get a loan in Wandoo. However, many entities grant credits with Credit Checker to be repaid in 12 months or even in a few years.

This company spends a lot of time and energy in which the application process is very fast, something that is appreciated, but the consideration -if we can consider it that way, is that the client must be solvent and Wandoo prefers not to run according to what risks in benefit of all its customers.

For this reason and for the excellent recommendations of its clients, we can affirm that Wandoo is a totally reliable and recommended microcredit institution.

Wandoo Customer Service

telephone 91 714 66 20
mail [email protected]
calendar Monday - Friday 09:00 - 20:00

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  • Komentarz od Facundo
    01.09.2019, 09:30

    Running out of money is not easy and I did not trust online loans much, but I had to opt for one and the truth is that it was simple and I liked the experience

  • Komentarz od Vera
    17.08.2019, 13:16

    I am happy with the way my case was handled. I was able to pay for my kitchen renovation in just one day.

  • Komentarz od Clara
    10.06.2019, 16:28

    Very satisfied with the treatment and service received. Can be recommended.

  • Komentarz od Maria
    03.05.2019, 14:02

    This year it seemed impossible to plan vacations for my children, but my sister recommended Wandoo to me. For me, one of the best options to request a microloan. I have tried several mini-credits and this is my number 1 at the moment.

  • Komentarz od Ivan
    13.04.2019, 09:56

    The personal attention has been excellent. The speed of the loan in immediate account. Very professional and trustworthy.

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