How to calculate unemployment benefit?


Are you unemployed and want to know how unemployment benefit is calculated? You came to the right place!

The Spanish State has developed a program to serve people who for one reason or another have lost their jobs. In general, this program has the purpose that while you are unemployed you can have an income.

Surely you are wondering how is this possible? And the answer is simple. This aid is made through a subsidy that allows you to meet your basic needs. All with the purpose that you can meet your daily expenses until you get a new job. Do you want to know what it is and how is it calculated? Keep reading!

What is unemployment benefit?

If you find yourself in a difficult situation because you were fired, or lost your job for reasons beyond your control. The State has programs designed to provide you with monetary support through an unemployment benefit , also known as “PARO”.

It should be noted that this aid is administered by the State Public Employment Service (SPEE), and works as an economic support while you get a job. This means that the subsidy you are going to receive is temporary, and the beneficiary must commit to finding a new job.

Who can collect unemployment benefit?

To be eligible for this benefit, you must have worked and contributed to the State for at least 360 days in six years. Now, in the event that you are self-employed, they ask you as a condition to have paid in a total of seven hundred and twenty days.

It should be noted that the payment of contributions will depend on whether you can enjoy this unemployment benefit . In addition, the amount of money you are going to receive will also depend on your contributions.

Another requirement to be eligible for unemployment benefit is that you must be below retirement age. Additionally, you have to be completely unemployed. This means that you cannot have a job on your own, unless it is compatible with an employment promotion program.

Also, you must be affiliated and registered with Social Security and in a legal situation of unemployment. Therefore, if you voluntarily quit your job, you cannot access a subsidy of this type.

Similarly, you must be available to continuously seek employment and accept being placed in one through the subscription of the activity commitment.

Finally, the last condition is that while you receive the benefit you must maintain your registration.

Conditions to enjoy the unemployment benefit

  1. You must have a family burden that depends on you, such as a spouse or children who are under 26 years of age.
  2. You must apply for it at the State Employment Public Service office.
  3. You have to be registered as a job seeker, in the Public Employment Service.
  4. You must have made periodic payments to the compensation fund. These payments may have been on a continuous or discontinuous basis, and the amount of time will depend on the mode of your work. That is, for dependent employees 1 year, and for self-employed workers, at least two years of subscription.

How to calculate unemployment benefit?

The amount of time during which you will receive unemployment benefit will depend on the days of contributions that you accumulated while you were working. In general, the days in which you will receive this benefit, will usually vary between 120 and 720 days. If you want to calculate the amount of money you are going to collect, there are some steps you must follow

  • Know the value of the contribution bases: The contribution base is the average of the gross salary that you obtained in the last six, and even twelve months.
  • Divide the value of the contribution base: This value must be divided by 180. This division will give you the daily regulatory base.
  • Finally, you must multiply: To know what you are going to charge each month, you only have to multiply by thirty.

Now, once you know the value, the first six months you will receive 70%, and then you will receive 50%. This is because both the personal income tax will be deducted, as well as the social security contribution. In the event that you do not have children, the benefit will not be less than 80%, and if you have at least one in your charge, you will receive 107%.

Take into account that this financial aid is temporary. For this reason, during the time you are unemployed make sure to keep your expenses under control and take care of your finances, while you get a job. Applications to control your finances can be of great help.

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