What are delinquency files?

delinquency files

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard about the delinquency files , which some users know as the Badexcug or the Credit Checker, which are the lists where people who in one way or another did not comply with are regularly placed. what was agreed upon at the time of making a loan. So many should know what these types of files are really needed for and how they could affect people who need fast online credits without paperwork and reliable .

It is precisely for this reason that on many occasions there are several people who wonder if they can really get urgent loans with Credit Checker, since on many occasions it is an impediment that must be resolved before being able to request any type of credit in any other entity.

For all those who have not yet been clear, these are databases that are managed by associations or entities that record non-compliance with the payment commitments that have been made, so this type of client profile is generated to be able to decide whether or not it is really convenient to be able to grant a personal loan to people.

United States delinquency files

United States is one of the countries that is booming in online personal loans. That is why a database is required to be able to investigate the clients who request the products, especially all those who require immediate online loans without paperwork, since it could be one of the main reasons for being able to reject the credit they are requesting .

Therefore, there are basically two databases that are considered the two most important delinquency files that exist, the first is the Asnet, which is fully managed by the Credit Checker, while the second is the Badexcug itself. It is managed by Experian.

Both exist and are recognized by the industry of mini-credits and immediate credits in 10 minutes, this because the banking institutions need to verify the solidity that they have had, this to be able to consult the data.

The Credit Checker file

The Credit Checker delinquent file is where those clients who have had breaches of monetary obligations register and is nourished by all the information that has been provided by all those members who have been adhered and associated. This platform was created to have the current image of a client, that is, the potential and behavior that they have had in payment, in that way the bank can have a vital tool to know whether to grant or deny immediate loans without a bureau.

It is a file of defaulters that is legally recognized, since it is regulated in article 29 of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data. In addition, the associate will be able to add a debtor for any non-payment that he has, in that way he can facilitate the intention of the payment he needs, this to condition the debtor to be able to pay what he owes.

The Badexcug delinquent file

The other delinquent file that is regulated in the United States is the Badexcug , which is completely managed by a private company. It is Experian and its main mission is to be a help tool for all companies that offer all types of personal loans to people, in this way to be able to manage risk when granting a loan to natural and legal persons. who are interested in obtaining financing.

The best of all about these delinquent files is that you have the ability to record all the operations that have not been paid from the clients to the entities that have participation in the platform, in that way they can always be protected from clients who are considered as delinquent, and also to be of help to clients who already have debt problems and do not continue with many more debts of any kind with the institutions.

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