Kredito24 - customer reviews and loan review

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term 7 - 30 days
our note 4
maximum first loan $ 75 - $ 750
free first loan No
age 18 - 99 years
Allow extensions Yes
Supports Credit Checker Yes
Early return Yes

Advantages and disadvantages of Kredito24

  • One of the largest amounts for fast online loan € 750
  • Does not differentiate between new and regular customers
  • Grant a 7, 15 or 30 day extension
  • Offers a credit term of between 7 and 30 days
  • Approve credits even in Credit Checker
  • Be part of Confianza Online
  • Offers early cancellation
  • Early cancellations do not lead to savings
  • Customer service is not 24h
  • It only offers a single form of payment
  • No free credits for new accounts

When it comes to fast loans , Kredito24 stands out for being one of the entities that offers the most money, being able to get up to € 750 as a new customer.

In addition to this high limit, Kredito24 offers many advantages that position this entity among one of the best options for fast loans. Among these advantages, the possibility of obtaining a loan with Credit Checker and free early cancellation stand out at first glance.

If you want to see what other features Kredito 24's fast online credits have, keep reading this review.

Information about Kredito24

Kredito24 is an entity with strong backing, since behind it we find Kreditech Spain SL, an entity established in 2012 and with a strong international presence. That behind this entity there is a company with so much experience is always a guarantee. At the same time, Kredito24 United States is an entity that belongs to the Spanish Association of Microloans, by its acronym, AEMIP. And not only this, it is also part of Confianza Online.

Loan offer in Kredito24

The main characteristic of Kredito24 is the flexibility when choosing an amount and the term thereof, offering from € 75 to € 750 , an amount well above the usual limits. Regarding the term, all the amounts requested can be returned in terms ranging from 7 to 30 days.

Extensions without additional costs

Another notorious aspect in Kredito24's quick loans is the ease of customers to make the return, being able to make an early cancellation at no cost or the extensions , which in this case include associated costs that depend on the requested time.

Fast loan without restrictions

One more of the distinctive aspects of Kredito24 is that it grants credits even when it is present in the Credit Checker files . It is one of the few fast loan entities that admits those in this file. Of course, it accepts microcredits from clients without payroll or endorsement , something that makes it even easier to get the money you need. There are also no age requirements.

Why choose Kredito24

We have already emphasized previously that the main advantage of this entity is the large amount of money it offers even to first customers. It is not necessary to know the platform in advance or have requested other credits to have the maximum sum of € 750. In addition to this, it is very flexible in terms of deadlines, being able to make the return of any of its amounts in a time that varies from 7 to 30 days.

Flexibility and easy access

Likewise, one of the aspects for which Kredito24 stands out the most is its requirements to accept applications. You only have to be of legal age and have some type of regular income, not requiring payroll or endorsements at any time. It also accepts procedures from people who are in the Credit Checker delinquent file. Being one of the few loan entities that offers this option.

One more of the advantages they offer is to make an early cancellation of the credit at no cost. An option that is not common, but that is offered in some cases with the option of saving part of the interest, although in this case it is not possible. In addition to this, there is the possibility of requesting an extension, it carries costs that will depend on the time required by the client.

Get a loan at Kredito24

The credits offered by Kredito24 are very easy to request and have many different options. The request can vary between € 75 and € 750 and within a period of between 7 and 30 days. Showing the fees of each option in a transparent way at all times.

Requirements in Kredito 24

It is one of the entities that has the least requirements:

age Be of age
DNI Valid DNI or NIE
income Have income, be it payroll, pensions or benefits
phone A Mobile phone
Bank Bank account holder
receipt Documentation or access to the bank account

The application process

Requesting a quick loan at is very simple:

  1. Through the interface of your website you select the amount and the term . At all times you will see the fees and dates.
  2. Fill in a short form in which to provide the information to study your application.
  3. Confirm your bank account , for this you can provide access to it through one of the Kredito24 partners or by sending a receipt.
  4. In just 15 minutes you will receive a notification by mail and SMS and the money in your account.
Application process

Our verdict is Kredito24 reliable?

Our experience with Kredito24 could not be more positive, its great flexibility, the amounts it offers (up to € 750) and the ease of dealing with it, make Kredito24 an option to take into account when you need money.

Kredito24 Customer Service

telephone 93 220 00 80

mail [email protected]

calendar Monday - Friday 09:00 - 21:00

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