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term 6 - 96 months
APR 4.75%
maximum first loan $ 1,000 - $ 50,000
free first loan No
age 18 - 80 years
Supports Credit Checker No

Advantages and disadvantages of Fintonic

  • With a gift check, finance purchases from Amazon at 0% for 4 months
  • The service is free
  • The FinScore parameter provides you with information about your credit profile
  • The loan is granted in less than 24 hours
  • Manage your expenses to save more easily
  • They request payroll
  • They do not offer loans with Credit Checker
  • Invasive advertising

Fintonic is one of the best known mobile applications in the financial sector, an app that was born in the fintech industry and has been awarded the Google Award for Mobile Innovation. In addition to being an app to save money , it also works as a search engine and comparison of the best personal loans .

In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about Fintonic. From how your loans work, what are the characteristics of your financing alternatives and, above all, about your star product: Fintonic app. In addition, we review the opinions about Fintonic that circulate on the web.

Fintonic what is it?

What is Fintonic

Fintonic is a mobile finance application whose main objective is to help you organize and manage both your income and your expenses. And it also guides you in defining a monthly savings plan . To achieve the latter, it notifies you of the payment of bank commissions, insurance, duplicate expenses and other continuous disbursements.

The application organizes the information of your bank accounts in one place. Therefore, you have the data centrally with as much information as possible. Through Fintonic app you will be able to know the balance of your accounts, check the movements and manage the credit and debit cards .

Fintonic is a fintech startup that was founded in Madrid during 2012, it works as the commercial brand of the company Fintonic Servicios Financieros, SL. Although its recognition has been based on the application, considered its star product, the truth is that it also has a section on Fintonic loans .

With 8 years of foundation, this mobile application has more than 950,000 users.

How Fintonic works

The Fintonic app and Fintonic web operating mode is very simple. You just have to register and affiliate your bank accounts through the tool. For this, you will have to enter with the data that you use in your online banking. That is, with your username and password. Then the platform will begin to organize your banking information.

You can link any financial entity based on the list displayed by Fintonic. As well as any type of financial product. Be it a checking account, investment fund, insurance, securities deposit, pension plan, or others.

Fintonic web

The initial screen of the Fintonic app provides you with an explicit summary about the global position of your financial products. Therefore, you will be able to view the available balance in all your accounts, recent movements, expenses, income, investments and a lot of information about your finances. This, depending on the linked products.

It is worth mentioning that, you can view the income and expenses broken down by a specific period. You just have to choose the sample period of the financial information. That is, personalized, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. This facility will help you get a global view of your finances.

Fintonic loans: are they a good option?

Much is said about this fintech as an app, but the truth is that it also offers the online personal loan service . The conditions are very attractive:

  • From $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • APR from 4.75%
  • Between 6 to 96 months to return the credit
  • No commissions
  • Concession in less than 24 hours.

The tool calculates your financial capacity (through FinScore ) and offers you the loan that best suits your needs and possibilities. Their statistics indicate that they help more than 100,000 people to obtain financing each month. And it is also noted that 97% take out a second loan.

Fintonic loans works with entities and lenders such as:

  • BBVA
  • Bankinter
  • Box seven
  • WiZink
  • Zaplo
  • EVO Finance
  • Santander
  • Unicaja Bank
  • Younited Credit
  • Wanna
  • Credit.

In this section of personal loans Fintonic the tool searches, compares and negotiates your financing with the entities attached to its platform.

How do I request a loan from Fintonic?

In the web simulator of this fintech you will have to select the loan amount and then click on “get” . Next, you will be directed to a form where you will have to specify data such as:

  • Purpose of the loan
  • What is your monthly income
  • Employment situation
  • If you are on the delinquent list (they do not offer loans with Credit Checker ).

It is worth mentioning that Fintonic is supervised by the Bank of United States .

Requirements and conditions

  • Be of age
  • Have a valid DNI or NIE
  • Have payroll (does not offer loans for the unemployed)
  • Not be in Credit Checker
  • Specify the destination of the funds
  • Have a bank account
  • Have an email and mobile number.

Fintonic makes it clear that the requirements and conditions may vary from one entity to another.


  • Expense forecast. The operation of Fintonic focuses on an algorithm that analyzes all income and expenses to show them in an organized way. The algorithm is able to estimate the expected expenses for the following month , once the rhythm of your financial movements is learned.
  • Issues constant notifications. This mobile application notifies you, constantly, about the variations registered in your finances. That is, any charge received in any of the linked accounts, the expiration of your insurance fee, bank commissions, low balance in the account, etc. But you can customize its recurrence.
  • Information available on various devices. Although Fintonic app is the most used version, you also have the Fintonic web version at your disposal. So you can check your financial information from different devices. Be it your mobile, tablet or personal computer. Its interface is intuitive and friendly.
  • Compatibility with operating systems. The Fintonic app can be downloaded from an iOS device (App Store) or Android (Play Store). On your computer you can access Fintonic web from your browser to check your information on the official site.
  • Promotions for purchases. This tool allows you to finance from $ 200 to $ 1,000 over 4 months and without interest or commissions. This promotion is through a gift voucher on Amazon. Of course, you should be aware of promotions because they tend to vary. In the application you can access this information.
  • No commissions. Fintonic will not charge you any commission for using their products and / or services. The profit of this fintech runs on the part of the companies that are linked to its platform. Above all, financial entities or private lenders, through the acquisition of Fintonic loans.

Regulation and safety

Security is one of the main attributes of this financial tool. When operating with the linking of bank accounts of its users, it is common that there is fear of sharing data as private as the username and password of online banking.

However, it is prudent to emphasize that Fintonic privacy is based on the European Directive PSD2 on security . Therefore, all personal data is protected, confidential and protected by the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). In addition to this, it has the Verisign security certificate .

The tool is also attached to the conflict resolution system and good electronic commerce practices with Confianza Online . It also encrypts communications using the SSL encryption protocol and performs audits with McAfee .

In the opinions about Fintonic, you can read the concern of sharing online banking data with this tool. Above all, the key. However, the key is reading . Therefore, it is only used to obtain information about your bank account (s). Fintonic will not be able to make transfers or other financial operations in your name.

All these particularities have given a plus to the Fintonic privacy section.

Fintonic web

This tool was created to be used as a mobile application. But your website also works to do the same things. It is a platform with an intuitive, friendly and practical design , with optimal navigability.

On the Fintonic website you can view all the information about the products and services that can be purchased through this site. You can also access a live chat to clarify doubts. And, in addition, you can request Fintonic loans, corroborate which entities offer online credit and what are the general conditions.

In short, Fintonic web is a very complete option for you to manage your bank accounts and access the rest of the services of this tool.

Fintonic app

The Fintonic app is considered its star product. It is available for download in the iOS App Store and in the Android Play Store . This fintech understands that, in general, most banking operations are carried out from a mobile device. So creating an application that allows you to perform so many tasks would be the great success.

Fintonic app

This has led this tool to stand out as a comfortable finance app. Well, from your device you can take the absolute management of your accounts, as well as monitor your monthly savings plan. Notifications will help you stay within the maximum range you have defined for expenses for a given month.

Fintonic app allows you to carry your finances in your pocket.

Fintonic review - is Fintonic safe?

This fintech has become a leader in the finance applications sector in the United States, with 8 years in the market and a track record that has earned it the Google Award for Mobile Innovation .

Security is a point in favor of this fintech , which is based on security standards that guarantee the confidentiality of the bank details of its users. In addition, it has security certificates that certify its good e-commerce practices.

Regarding the opinions about Fintonic, it can be seen that this tool has become an ally for users when managing their personal finances. Well, it allows from knowing the bank movements to defining a monthly savings plan. It is a free app , since it does not charge commissions to users.

In addition to its flagship product, the app, Fintonic loans is also an available service. Through it, this fintech searches, compares and negotiates with entities and lenders attached to its platform. It gives the opportunity to request up to $ 50,000 to be returned within a period of no more than 96 months . But it does not offer loans with Credit Checker.

As points against, users point out the intrusive advertising shown in the app and the continuous sending of notifications . And the main concern: why give the online banking password , but Fintonic clarifies that it is only to show the banking history, not to carry out unusual operations.

If you wonder if Fintonic is safe or if Fintonic is recommended, at Taichi Arts we corroborate the legality of the lenders before sharing your review. This fintech, especially, has the backing of Google, the Bank of United States, and other entities. Which allows us to deduce that Fintonic is reliable .

Frequently asked questions about Fintonic

Some frequent doubts about this fintech:

What is Fintonic?

It is a fintech startup, whose mobile application helps you manage your bank accounts, as well as plan your monthly savings plan. In addition, it also works as an online personal loan search engine, comparator and negotiator.

How long does Fintonic take to grant a loan?

Less than 24 hours, according to the process of each entity.

How can I unsubscribe from Fintonic?

Click on "settings" - "help" and select the option "remove account". When you unsubscribe, all your data will be deleted.

How long does the loan process take?

No more than 5 minutes. The application form is simple.

Do you grant loans to companies?

No! It only offers personal loans to carry out projects such as home reforms, car repair, payment of medical bills, etc.

Is it safe to affiliate the bank account?

Yes! The Fintonic privacy section is supported by rigorous security standards. The keys that Fintonic requests are only read to be able to show the movements and the banking history. With these keys it is not possible to make purchases, transfers or other banking operations.

Fintonic customer service

  • ? Fintonic phone : +34 911 920 330
  • ? Email : [email protected]
  • ? Hours : Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • ? Address : Calle Orense 12, office 1, 1st floor. 28020, Madrid.

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