finance a car

Car loan Where to start?

Private vehicles have ceased to be luxury items to become essential products if you want to expand your job opportunities and increase your quality of life. However, acquiring it is not always a profitable option for our finances. That is why in this article we will tell you step by step everything […]
business planning

The business plan: guide to starting your business

The business plan is the central base, the pillar that supports an organization that can become a guarantee of success. Planning in a business serves as a guide for its creation or expansion, as well as to focus on new products or detect new opportunities. Ultimately, it is a question of providing lasting economic viability […]
how to claim irph

How to claim the IRPH? - Everything you need to know

It is likely that you have come to this page without even knowing what an IRPH is and what it consists of. It is an important characteristic that is taken into account when calculating the interest on a mortgage loan. If you have been granted a mortgage loan, or you are thinking of applying for one, it is […]
calculate net and gross salary

How to calculate the net and gross salary?

Knowing how to calculate the net and gross salary will allow you to have clear accounts! You've done the math. You are sure that you are working the full hours, not less, that you are fulfilling all your tasks, and even then you do not know why your payment is less than what is stipulated. Or, maybe at the […]
close bank account

How to close a bank account?

There are many reasons for wanting to close a bank account. Poor customer service, looking for better services within the online sector, moving to another country, fees and requirements that you cannot afford, changing banks. These are all valid reasons for closing a bank account. And even if you don't figure in any of these […]
loan extension

How to request a loan extension?

A loan extension can save you in the event that you can't pay on time! The end of the month is approaching, as well as the term established for the payment of that loan you requested. You don't know what to do and you fear the financial problems that running out of this deadline can bring. Do not worry! […]
how to use loan comparator

How to use an online loan comparator?

When it comes to choosing a lender, the options can be endless. There are many online entities that offer loans with different approaches, such as mortgage or car loans. Also the plans, the amount of the loans and the interests can vary greatly, so we understand the stress you must be going through trying to […]
wedding loan

Wedding loan How to get it?

A wedding loan will be the ideal option to get you out of trouble! Are you getting married and don't have the money to organize your wedding? Then this information will interest you. We all know that the wedding of your dreams has to be truly special and unforgettable. However, this is not free, and […]

How to calculate unemployment benefit?

Are you unemployed and want to know how unemployment benefit is calculated? You came to the right place! The Spanish State has developed a program to serve people who for one reason or another have lost their jobs. In general, this program has the purpose that while you are unemployed […]

We all know that you can't be an expert in everything, and when it comes to finances, not all of us have the necessary knowledge. In our day to day, doubts such aswhat our salary will be after applying taxes or how unemployment benefit is calculated can assail us. Basic queries that most of us are not aware of.

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The topics that you can find in our Guides section mostly revolve around the basic aspects of personal finances, debts, loans and, ultimately, the improvement of our economic health . We want to help you know not only the best personal loans , but also help you get out of Credit Checker , prepare all the paperwork you may need to apply for a loan, learn how you can compare different loans, know where to apply for free interest-free loans or help you in the tax return such as the IRPH, close the account in your bank or savings bank or request the extension of your loan .

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