Sofkredit: Credit opinions with endorsement

term 17 years
our note 4
age 18 - 70 years
maximum first loan $ 8,000 - $ 500,000
free first loan No
Supports Credit Checker Yes
Highlight home equity loans

Advantages and disadvantages of Sofkredit

  • Make home loans with Credit Checker
  • High limits on loans
  • Does not request proof of income
  • It is useful for the reunification of debts
  • Financial counseling is free.
  • Delay in delivering the money
  • Request a guarantee as the main requirement.

Sofkredit is a portal that acts as an intermediary between the user - the lender . On this platform, you can find installment loans with a mortgage guarantee , it is its main difference compared to other financial institutions.

Next, we present all the information you should know about the Sofkredit loan : its operation, conditions, application process and, above all, we specify opinions in Sofkredit so that you can make the most convenient choice.

What is Sofkredit?

Sofkredit is a financial advisor who works with private lenders . That is, it is not a bank, but it acts as an intermediary and presents you with a list of offers from borrowing institutions that can grant you the money you require. So, this portal does not grant online loans . It is important to keep this in mind.

From Sofkredit United States you can get loans with a mortgage guarantee for a minimum of $ 8,000 up to a maximum of $ 500,000 . It should be added that you can find loans with a personal guarantee with a limit of up to 50% of the appraised value of your property .

How a Sofkredit personal loan works

how does sofkredit work

Lenders who work with Sofkredit provide home equity loans . That is, its main requirement is that you present a property as a guarantee that you will be able to return the money and interest within the corresponding period.

If you do not prove that you are the owner of a property, exposing it as a guarantee in your application, it will be discarded automatically. To qualify for Sofkredit personal loans , you do not have to prove your income, it grants loans without payroll .


The APR of these online loans United States is very variable. However, Sofkredit loan states that the APR will range from 3% to 28%.

Return period

The return periods vary according to how much you request. However, they range from 1 year to 7 years .

What properties can be presented as collateral?

Although Sofkredit offers loans with a home guarantee , it is not the only property that you can present as collateral. You can also expose as collateral:

  • Shop
  • Land
  • Floor
  • Industrial ship
  • Parking

Home Loans with Credit Checker

If you are in Credit Checker you can also ask for a home equity loan. The credits with endorsement offered by Sofkredit can be used to pay off Credit Checker debts , if you wish. Only you decide how you will use the capital. Of course, the property that you will present as collateral must be 80% free of charges , at least.

Types of loan with endorsement

In Sofkredit opinions it is highlighted that this lender grants different types of personal loans . How:

  • Mortgage
  • Online loans with Credit Checker
  • Credit without payroll
  • Debt reunification
  • Acceptance of inheritances
  • Business loans

Debt reunification loans

With this type of fast online personal loans you can pay off your debts . Debt reunification consists of taking several debts and joining them into a single account . In other words, you apply for a Sofkredit loan to pay off all your credits .

How to apply for a Sofkredit loan

Applying for a loan with an endorsement at Sofkredit is very simple. You just have to:

  1. Fill the application

    The first thing you should do is apply for a loan with a guarantee. It is a simple and quick form to fill out , in no more than 2 minutes you can send it. Then, an advisor from this platform will contact you through a phone call to verify and analyze your data.
  2. Submit simulation and documentation

    Through simulation, the Sofkredit support will be able to study your request (type of property, how much money you need, etc.) to grant you loans with personal guarantee based on your needs. Later, you will have to send your documentation .
  3. Loan signature

    Before receiving the money, you will have to accept the proposal of the financial advisor, provided that you agree with all the conditions. It is worth mentioning that the signing of the loan with personal guarantee will be done in front of a notary .
  4. Receive the money

    Once the agreement is signed, you will receive the requested money through a check or method agreed upon at the beginning . In Sofkredit opinions it is detailed that this intermediary does not establish an exact time for receiving the money.

Requirements and conditions

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a real estate property with your own ownership
  • Have a bank account in United States
  • Have a mobile number in your own name
  • Have a valid DNI or NIE
  • Present the property deeds

Is Sofkredit safe? - Opinions

To end this review, it is important to emphasize Sofkredit opinions. Let us remember that Sofkredit is an online private equity financial advisor that was born in 2016 .

As negative points of this Spanish broker , in opinions about Sofkredit it is highlighted that it is difficult to access one of its loans because not all of them have a property to secure as collateral . However, the fact that they offer up to 50% of the value of the house , is a highly valued plus in Sofkredit forum.

It also adds points to the fact that its advisory service is free. As well as not requesting proof of income is also favorable. All opinions about Sofkredit point to Sofkredit being safe .

Sofkredit home equity loan

Frequent doubts about Sofkredit fast loans

Some frequently asked questions derived from Sofkredit opinions, would be:

☑ Is it possible to apply for a home equity loan while in Credit Checker?

Yes! But the property that you will present as collateral must be 80% free of charges.

☑ Can you collect several debts into one with this loan?

Yes! You can use this loan for whatever you need, except for the purchase of another home.

☑ How long does the application study take?

No more than an hour. An agent will contact you by phone.

☑ Are there penalties for rejecting the advisor's offer?

No! Sending a request does not imply commitments; no penalties or extra charges apply.

☑ If I cannot pay a fee, will I lose the guarantee?

No! By failing to pay a fee, you do not lose your guarantee, but because of a significant non-payment. Similarly, each lender imposes different conditions. Read the contract before signing.

Sofkredit contact

  • ? Sofkredit phone : +34 960 13 01 36 - +34 690 88 63 36
  • ? Email : [email protected]
  • ? Physical address : Rambla Catalunya, 124, 08008 Barcelona, ​​United States - Calle Poeta Quintana 5, 46003, Valencia, United States
  • ? Hours of operation : Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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