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generate money fast

12 ways to get urgent money

Everyone, at some point, has said: "I need money urgently." Especially when unexpected expenses have adjusted our economic situation to the point that we have become insolvent. But with a long list of debts waiting for us. Happen to you? Fortunately, there are ways to get money quickly in a simple way so that you can face that pending payment that […]
Fast loan without paperwork and reliable

Fast loans without paperwork and reliable

Do you have an unexpected financial emergency and need a loan urgently and reliably? In these cases, fast loans without paperwork and reliable have become the best option to cover immediate expenses. These unforeseen expenses can appear at any time. Maybe you need them for a medical emergency, car repair or maybe, […]
money saving apps

8 Apps to save money and manage expenses!

Do you need money and don't know how to get it? Then get one of these apps to save money! You may need a little help to avoid spending so much, so in this article we present the 8 best applications to manage your expenses in the best way. It is very common for […]
Get out of debt

How to get out of debt?

Managing debt successfully is extremely important if we want to achieve peace of mind and financial stability. If your debt consists of credit cards, overdrafts, mortgages, personal loans or microloans, you are probably in a spiral of debt with no way out. For this reason, in this article we want to show you the route to get out of debt and drive […]
Cancel a mortgage

Mortgage Cancellation: What is it and how to do it?

The Mortgage is a very popular financing modality in United States. However, not everyone has a thorough understanding of how a mortgage works. For this reason we want to share everything you need to know about mortgage cancellation. We will answer the most common questions that users ask about this process and we will teach you the […]
second chance law

Second chance law: a solution to your debts

The second chance law was approved in 2015 by the United States Government to offer individuals and the self-employed the opportunity to leave behind a difficult economic situation. Thus, the guidelines are established to achieve the cancellation of debts through bankruptcy negotiation, as if it were a company. This […]
Loan for the unemployed

Can I apply for personal loans in unemployment?

One of the most asked questions by unemployed people is, can I apply for personal loans while unemployed? Obtaining financing of money in a situation of unemployment is not something very common that on many occasions can happen because, one of the requirements that many of these entities ask is to have a job. Today […]
mortgage without savings

Apply for a mortgage without savings

The initial investment to buy a house comes from savings, but what if you don't have enough? We explain what formulas you can use to request a mortgage without savings. To be able to face the purchase of a home, you must have saved at least 20% of the final price. It is an endorsement […]
repay a loan

How to repay a personal loan? Ways to do it

We all have responsibilities, and sometimes these responsibilities turn into little constant worries throughout the day. When we owe money, be it to a lender, a friend, or family member, the most ethical thing to do would be to pay as soon as possible. And also the best decision, since in an emergency, too many debts can put you […]

When complex or difficult moments come in the economic field, there are many doubts that can assail us. The lack of liquidity caused by the loss of a job or by going through a difficult time, is one of the most important reasons for causing anxiety. Practically all of us have faced an unforeseen economic event at some point in our lives, but we have not always been able to respond with the necessary speed. At Taichi Arts we want to help you.

The section dedicated to Financial Advice of the Taichi Arts blog is a review of the most important questions that our readers have sent us over the years. Despite its name, we want to focus especially on household expenses and help you get answers to situations that may arise.

What kind of advice will you find?

Our financial advice focuses on home economics with topics such as financing for the purchase of a car , the best savings accounts you can find on the internet, tips to promote savings, applications for financial assistance , lines of credit available to take away carrying out business or personal projects , delinquent files and how to get out of them or even easy and useful tricks to keep your debts under control.

At Taichi Arts, in addition to offering you detailed reviews of the main entities dedicated to fast personal online loans, we want to help you with your personal finances so that you only have to borrow when strictly necessary.