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Moneymas review

MoneyMas is one of the microcredit entities with which you can request more money. Nothing less than a loan of up to 5000 us dollars . We are not dealing with a micro-credit entity such as Vivus or Prestamer , whose maximum amount is € 1000 for regular customers, but with a loan entity with online guarantee.

Discover the characteristics, requirements, terms and all the useful information to request your next credit in MoneyMas.

Information about MoneyMas

MoneyMas is the brand of Money Garantizado SLU , a credit institution based in United States that is dedicated to granting credits with or without collateral and with or without Credit Checker and amounts that can reach € 5,000.

In addition, it is an entity that allows you to carry out this type of credit without the need for many papers, with few requirements and quickly and online. If you have an endorsement, MoneyMas gives its clients the confidence to receive the requested credit even when they are in a delinquent file such as Credit Checker.

Product description

The average amount of micro-loans of most online financial institutions is over € 1000, so the maximum € 5000 that we can request in MoneyMas is surprising. It is an online loan for small investments, whose repayment terms, which we will see in detail later, have a maximum of 60 months with the possibility of requesting extensions.

Of course, the almost indispensable requirement to be able to request a loan in MoneyMas is to have a guarantor.

Get a credit in MoneyMas

The MoneyMas system is very similar to that of the websites dedicated to microcredits , although this time we are dealing with an online credit entity, so there are some aspects in the application process that you should take into account.

The requirements in MoneyMas

age Age between 18 and 75 years
DNI Valid DNI or NIE
phone Mobile phone
Bank Bank account holder
receipt Documentation and / or Guarantee

The application process at MoneyMas

The process is similar to that of microloan websites, but with some different characteristics.

  1. In the simulator we enter the amount to request and the time for its return
  2. We register on the web and enter the documents requested by MoneyMas
  3. You must send your guarantor the link that MoneyMas will provide you, the web for the guarantor is very similar to that of the applicant
  4. MoneyMas will contact you and the guarantor to have a quick conversation and finish the application
  5. In 24 hours you will receive the answer
  6. If yes, the money will be deposited into your guarantor's account
Application process

Amount, terms and extensions

The maximum amount you can request is € 5000 and the term depends on the amount requested. The higher the amount, the longer the return period. In addition, the simulator offers you the amount that you will return at the end of the process with the interest for each term added: APR of 49.9%.

The repayment terms range from 12 to 60 months and if at any time you cannot return the payment on time, it is preferable to request an extension than to face late payment interest.

Our verdict Is MoneyMas reliable?

Although MoneyMas has an essential requirement to have a guarantor, it is a credit institution that makes loans with Credit Checker for quite high amounts. Of course, you will have to present certain paperwork to be able to carry out the loan successfully, but nothing to do with the endless paperwork of a conventional bank.

MoneyMas Customer Service

telephone 965 02 13 52
mail [email protected]
calendar Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00

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  • Komentarz od Alberto
    02.09.2019, 08:25

    very happy with them, you ask for the money and you have it soon

  • Komentarz od Eric
    30.05.2019, 13:43

    Very good! If you pay on time you have no problem. Seriousness and transparency

  • Komentarz od Adam
    25.05.2019, 12:50

    Pretty fast and effective, all good