Repagalia - How does this debt repair company work?

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Advantages and disadvantages of Repagalia

  • It is in charge of managing the debts until their liquidation
  • It is possible to negotiate several debts at the same time
  • Debt reduction of up to 50%, as appropriate
  • Personalized plan for the payment of debts
  • Does not refinance or reunify debts

Repagalia is a service focused on debt repair , which serves as an advisor for users with debts. That is, it acts as a mediator between your debts and your creditors. Therefore, it is a guide to improve your financial situation with an action plan tailored to your needs , based on your financial commitments.

Here are detailed information about this debt repairer. From how it works, what are the costs of the service, how to request their advice and, above all, what are the opinions about Repagalia , and some frequent doubts.

What is Repagalia?

Repagalia is the trademark of Repagalia SL , which is duly constituted in accordance with the laws of the Spanish territory. It is a service of financial advice and negotiation of debts with creditors.

It is important to mention that Repagalia United States is only a debt mediator. Therefore, it does not grant loans or credits to meet financial commitments. However, your intervention can be of great help to achieve an improvement in your personal financial situation. This, through a conciliation presented to the creditor.

So, it is not a financial entity; as clarified on its official website.

How Repagalia works

Like all debt repair companies, Repagalia needs to know and analyze your financial situation (defaults). Starting from the problem, this mediator will be able to act in your favor through a personalized action plan.

Your intention as a debtor, of course, is to achieve a solution in the most profitable way possible according to your interests. And this, precisely, is what Repagalia United States helps you achieve. Therefore, it will request all the information it deems necessary to understand your financial situation and formulate resolution alternatives.

After knowing your situation as a debtor, the agents of this debt mediator begin the design of the action plan. This document is composed, among other things, of a payment schedule . In addition, it begins the negotiation to achieve better conditions and achieve a reduction of the debt with the corresponding creditor.

In order to successfully complete the intervention, this mediator will request your commitment to respect the proposed payment schedule. Although non-payment of a debt generates additional costs, creditors want to recover the capital borrowed. This is how Repagalia plays with this feeling to achieve the reduction of the outstanding amount.

In summary, Repagalia's operation is classified into four stages :

  • 1. Analyze the financial situation through the corresponding information
  • 2. Design a settlement plan with the information provided
  • 3. Negotiate debt to get the biggest discount possible
  • 4. Settle the total amount to rejoin the financial system.

Cost of service

Repagalia United States mediation service is not free , as mentioned on its official website. However, the cost of the service will be based on the discount they get on the debt.

This means that the higher the discount, the higher the cost of the service. On the contrary, the lower the reduction achieved, the lower the cost of the service.

It is worth mentioning that the consideration for the service that is detailed in the contract is subject to three points:

  • 1. A success commission on the savings achieved.
  • 2. An initial assignment fee from a debt repair or restructuring advisor.
  • 3. A monthly management commission.

Types of debts that can be negotiated

This debt repair company does not establish limits for the origin of the debt . Therefore, its service extends to areas such as the following:

  • Credit cards
  • Bank credits and loans
  • Pawns
  • Car loans and credits
  • Mortgages ...

The limit, in fact, can be set by the creditor. And, if it does not admit a negotiation, Repagalia United States will not be able to get a payment agreement.

Repagalia requirements

Why is Repagalia a good option to settle debts?

Repagalia is a debt repairer that guides you in meeting your financial commitments. To do this, you will have the advice of a panel of specialists who will study your case and design an action plan so that you can settle your debts and return to financial normality. As they take care of all the management, you will have no more worries.

And it is that, they not only advise you to put an end to your debts . But they help you get discounts. In the end, what you will end up paying will be less than the initial amount . Of course, it is prudent to emphasize that your service does not focus on the reunification of debts . But it is effective financial advice to rejoin the financial system.

How to request Repagalia services

The website of this financial advisor and negotiator is a platform where you can get detailed information about their services. To request his intervention as a debt repairman, you will have to fill out a short form that you can see on the main page. You just have to put the following data:

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Total debt.

The time in which a response is obtained will depend on each financial institution. However, this debt repairer will brief you on the go.

Requirements and conditions

In order for this debt mediator to help you, you will need to have the following requirements:

  • Have DNI or NIE
  • Have, as a holder, a bank account
  • Have a social security number
  • Have a valid email and mobile phone.

In addition, respect the following conditions:

  • Have negotiable debts, regardless of whether you owe more than one entity
  • Being behind with payments, as it is not about debt reunification
  • Commitment to respect the payment plan that you have previously approved.

Repagalia Reviews - Is it safe?

This debt repairer is an alternative to pay off debts and regain a clean financial situation. Although it is not a financial institution or a lender, Repagalia focuses its activity on studying the situation of each client in order to establish a viable plan that leads to the negotiation of the debt with favorable conditions.

In the opinions about Repagalia there are comments in favor of this debt repairer . Users express that, no matter how hard they tried to approach the creditor to request a debt negotiation, they were not listened to. However, they were able to achieve a conciliation through the mediation of Repagalia .

This debt repairer cannot guarantee the success of the negotiation because the final decision will depend on the creditor. However, it undertakes to keep you informed of each response through its online contact channels. If you do not get a response, it is possible to go to your physical address.

The contract is governed by Spanish law. And it is worth mentioning that, if you resort to Repagalia you will have to authorize them to manage the funds for the debt. Well, the only way to get discounts with creditors is by ensuring that the payment plan will be successfully completed based on the initial agreement.

From all this it can be deduced that Repagalia is reliable.

Frequent doubts about Repagalia

Some frequently asked questions are:

Is the service free?

No! The cost of the service will depend on how much discount is obtained.

Does Repagalia offer loans?

No! His service is only as a debt advisor and negotiator.

With which institutions can you negotiate?

On its official website there is a list of more than 80 institutions and lenders that support debt negotiation.

Customer service Repagalia

•? Telephone : 911 87 92 32
•? Email : [email protected]
•? Physical address : calle Cronos 8, 3ª planta, 28037 Madrid
•? Hours of operation : Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 20:00

If you have had an experience with this debt repairer, please share it to help other people make a safer decision.

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    Hello good, I want to share my experience with you, at first I was suspicious and afraid because there are many pirates on the network but with the passage of time REPAGALIA HAS DEMONSTRATED ME with facts that it is how things are shown that a company is It would be and I look after my interests. I am super happy with your services. At first the creditors crush you with calls and threats, which on the other hand is normal, they want to collect but the professionals of REPAGALIA teach you to cope with the situation, they are always ready to answer your questions give you good advice, today I fully trust Repagalia for its professionalism for its transparency and the most important for its proximity I recommend to everyone who has debt problems, try Repagalia, you will not regret it, I assure you some debts are already paid and others follow earrings will be paid little by little, but the most important thing is that now I have a peace of mind that I did not have before and that is worth a lot. I REPAY YOU for coming into my life

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