calculate the settlement

When is the settlement collected and how to calculate it?

Did you know that, as an employee, you have the right to collect a settlement? Yes, it does not matter if you have been fired, if you have voluntarily terminated or if the contract has ended, you have the right to receive a settlement from the company, once the employment relationship is broken. If you want to know the details, […]
What is an endorsement and how does it work

What is a guarantee and what is its role in the banking context?

At the time of requesting a loan, you may wonder what a guarantee is. And, among the different types of personal loans that exist, some of them request a guarantee as a mandatory requirement to be able to grant you financing. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with this concept if in […]
Bank transfer - time to arrive

How long does it take for a bank transfer to arrive?

Today, electronic payments continue to be part of our activities. National and international money transfers allow us to connect with the world market. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about bank transfers, including how long it takes for a transfer to arrive and what is the cut-off time […]
what is the TIN

What is the TIN? How is it different from APR?

What is the TIN? The acronym TIN stands for nominal interest rate and is an interest rate imposed by the European Central Bank as a fixed percentage as payment for the money borrowed. It is an official interest, like the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate). Definition of the TIN The TIN is the […]
what is euribor

What is the Euribor?

Do you know what the Euribor is and how it affects you? Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or simply a professional exercising your career, this is one of the most important terms to be aware of. This affects us more than we think when it comes to banking and loans. Many […]
bank credit history

Bank credit history: What is it and how does it affect you?

If you have a credit card, you probably already know what a credit history is. This simple record has great financial power, and can affect your opportunities when requesting a loan, be it bank or private. For this reason, knowing how a bank credit history works is of the utmost importance […]
bank overdraft

What is a bank overdraft?

Learning how to manage a bank overdraft will give you peace of mind! Sometimes you overspend without being aware of it. And when you enter your bank account, you notice that your total balance is in the red. Do not worry! It is a bank overdraft. Keep in mind that not all bank accounts […]
debt recovery

How Do Debt Collection Companies Work?

Debt collection companies are responsible for the difficult task of collecting! Having a company is not easy, and more if you find yourself with the need to take on such an unpleasant task as getting paid. In these cases, businesses turn to collection companies. In general, these companies are […]
what is amortization

What is amortization?

Do you know what amortization is and how it affects your assets or liabilities? You have probably never asked yourself. But amortization is a term that has many financial and accounting connotations. Did you know that the assets around you have a useful life and depreciate over the years? This means that absolutely everything […]

The Economics section is dedicated to the great general concepts of the financial world . While the other sections are dedicated to the most specific aspects and always refer to personal finance and fast online loans, the Economy section wants to help you understand the big issues. We will always try to explain it in a simple and clarifying way .

Economics terms that we explain

Here we will deal with important topics such as what is IBI in the United States , what is crowdlending , what is and how does Euribor work, credit history and how it can affect us, what to do with a bank overdraft , which is the amortization of a credit or mortgage, what is the TIN or APR among many other topics. Topics that we are convinced that on occasion you have wanted to be explained, but that too many times it has not been done as it should.

Why these topics may interest you?

At Taichi Arts we have created a specific section for all those who want to solve their doubts in economic matters and know how this is related to fast online credits. And it is that the economy, although it seems to us a dark and distant matter, affects us daily and in a very direct way. The Taichi Arts team believes that the best way to have good financial health is by understanding the economy and all the issues that surround and involve it.