request payroll advance

Payroll advance

Normally, a payroll advance is an extra service offered by banks and other entities to help you solve last minute economic unforeseen events. However, we invite you to find out in which situations it is convenient to ask for it, who offers it and above all the advantages of this type of financing. In this article we will clarify all […]
not paying a loan

Consequences of not paying a loan

What happens if I don't pay an immediate credit? Surely this question has haunted your mind before acquiring this type of commitment with a bank or lender. Although there may be different measures depending on the case, in this article we will present the main consequences of not paying a loan. Receiving financing can be a […]
what is a loan broker

Loan broker, what is it and how can it help me?

There are important moments in our life when the help of a professional such as a loan broker is important. We explain how loan intermediaries work and how to apply for a loan with their help. If, for any reason, you have problems obtaining a mortgage or loan, enter […]
it's safe instant

Instantor: What is it and how does it work?

What is Instantor and how does it work? Instantor is the most modern online bank identification platform that is already used by the main online lenders. An agile and easy-to-use system that generates reports on our financial situation in a secure way and that we can use to speed up the application for a loan […]
what is a revolving card

What is a revolving card?

What is a revolving card and how does it work? We are sure that you have heard the term revolving card recently and that you are a user of a debit or credit card. Cards are an essential instrument in daily operation in physical and electronic stores. One of the most widely used methods today are cards […]
be autonomous spain

How much does it cost to be autonomous?

The million dollar question How much does it cost to be autonomous? What initial investment will I have to make? We help you to orient yourself and make the first investment when opening your business as a freelancer. Being self-employed in the United States has advantages, it would be missing more, but also the disadvantages of having to anticipate certain tax payments. But is it really that expensive […]
Coronavirus in Spain

Economic consequences of the coronavirus

The coronavirus, whose scientific name is SARS-CoV-2, is disrupting the economy of the entire planet. Its epicenter was China, a country that practically stopped its economic activity for weeks and that at last seems to have left the worst of this disease behind. At the same time, it has caused an unprecedented situation on a small scale, since […]
When is a debt due?

When do you prescribe a debt?

Virtually everything around us has an expiration date, but we only associate it with perishable products such as food. Few people know that part of the fine print of loans dedicated to the expiration of these and fewer people still know that, since 2020, the law has been modified. What are these changes […]
how much does it cost to start a business

How much does it cost to start a business?

Find out how much it costs to start a business in United States! It is estimated that by 2022, 2 out of 5 people will own a business. There are many reasons for wanting to start a business. Whether it is the notion of "being your own boss" or that you are simply an enterprising person with great visions for the future, it is […]

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