8 Apps to save money and manage expenses!

money saving apps

Do you need money and don't know how to get it? Then get one of these apps to save money! You may need a little help to avoid spending so much, so in this article we present the 8 best applications to manage your expenses in the best way.

It is very common that among so many purchases you lose track of how much money you have spent and end the month with nothing saved, or even borrowing money. Keeping track of your expenses so you stay on budget can seem more complicated than it really is.

However, you should not worry, since you have the technology in your favor! There are many apps to save money easily. What are you waiting for? Take care of your finances using these 8 applications to save money that will later help you create a financial cushion to pay your personal loans or simply buy yourself a whim.

Classify your expenses with Fintonic

Do you need to control your expenses? The best thing is to know how to identify what we spend, that is why Fintonic in addition to helping you categorize your expenses, helps you save and creates reports on your financial attitude. It will show you what your savings capacity is and you can configure alerts to stay within your monthly limits.

If you have a savings goal, this is definitely one of the best applications to save and develop financial discipline. In addition, they also help you to get online financing such as microcredits or immediate loans . If you want to know more about its application and loans or know the opinions, here you can read everything about Fintonic .

Save on your phone bill with Weplan

It is one of the best money saving applications that allows you to control what you consume on your mobile phone. Also, it will help you find the cheapest telephone rate on the market.

Weplan will simulate your detailed estimated telephone bill. In addition, it will present you with statistics on your mobile consumption, and as if that were not enough, its alert system will help you control the limit of your rate in real time.Fantastic if you are one of those who run out of data in the middle of the month!

Buy fuel at low prices using GasApp

how to save fuel

If you want to save money on gas, with GasApp you can. This application helps you locate gas stations with cheap gasoline and close to your home . Best of all, it works by sending you daily alerts with the price of different brands of gasoline.

GasApp shows you statistics for the brand you indicate or a specific service station. In addition, it presents you with a map where you can see which gas stations are closest to you.

Light + Price helps you save energy

save on light

Electricity can be one of our most expensive bills of the month. Therefore, we present one of the best applications to save on electricity. Luz + Precio allows you to know in an updated way how much your service costs.

This App shows in graphs the maximum, minimum and predictions costs every two days. In this way, you can find out what the Voluntary Price to the Small Consumer is, that is, the electricity rate regulated by the government.

Also, it integrates a calculator that helps you to know how much energy certain appliances consume and its equivalent in money. In addition, it notifies you of the rate that you will pay at the time you choose, offering you recommendations to save energy and take care of the environment.

RadarPrice searches for the best deals

Do you know if you are buying your favorite products at the best price? RadarPrice is one of the money saving apps that will find the lowest prices for your favorite products for you. Just scan the barcode of the item and in a few seconds the application will compare thousands of online or physical stores to find the most accessible price.

RadarPrice is very easy to use, and searches instantly. Best of all, it locates the sites closest to your location so you don't have to travel very far.

Wallet helps you take care of your budget

Better control your finances with Wallet and save money! You can manage your bank accounts in one place and monitor your expenses in real time . The App will teach you to know your consumption habits, as it analyzes your recurring expenses and helps you evaluate how you can prioritize your expenses.

In addition, it will allow you to create flexible budgets to achieve your savings goals and plan your future. With Wallet, it is possible to connect with your bank to review your account statements, since it synchronizes your movements automatically.

Moneytrack takes care of your finances for free

If you have a hard time yielding the money and you make ends meet with just enough, with the Moneytrack application for iOS that problem is over. This application will tell you how you are spending your money, as it includes the option to record your expenses by category.

In this way, you can have better control of your expenses, especially if they are shared with your partner or a roommate . Also, you will be able to identify if you spend too much money on small whims or luxuries that at first do not seem so important in our finances, but that at the end of the month do make a big difference.

Get incredible discounts with Groupon

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Save money! Discounts on your purchases can help you save more money during the month. Groupon is one of the best applications to save money, since it allows you to download thousands of coupons that stores upload daily on the web , since locating them on our own would take us much more time.

They also show the expiration date of these coupons or discount codes, as many brands often launch limited-time offers . You just have to make your purchases and redeem them without leaving home and from any device.

So, today you can access the more than 300 thousand offers that Groupon has for you, with thousands of discounts and promotions.

Finally, in order not to exceed expenses and save money with the application , it is important that you learn to manage your budget to avoid falling into debt that could lead you to be in a delinquent file . We are sure that these Money Saving Apps will help you meet your goals.

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