Financial tips

How can you finance your training?

Find out how to finance your training and boost your future! Most adults return to education or take additional diplomas. They do this mainly to improve their job opportunities, because their job requires it, or because they are looking for a new adventure. Now, it is not totally common to see a 60-year-old person in […]
budget for new year

Budget for new year. How to optimize your expenses in 2020?

Another year is approaching, full of opportunities and promise for the future. Surely you must already be thinking about your purposes and everything you want to achieve. For this new year we want to help you get off to a good start by giving you tips to optimize your expenses and achieve all your financial goals. Buy a house? A car? […]
loan scam

What are scam loans and how to avoid them?

On a daily basis, one in three people is a victim of scam loans. As the acquisition of products and services has become a common occurrence, the percentage of people who have deceptive loans has skyrocketed, and millions of US dollars are lost each year. Loan scams are hard to detect due to […]
what to do if i am denied credit

What can I do if I am denied credit?

You have followed all the steps, checked that you meet all the established requirements and have designated a guarantor or co-owner. But then the worst happens. Your credit has not been approved. Now what? Believe it or not, denied credits are a very common occurrence. It is not strange to find someone saying "I was denied a loan" [...]
where to invest money

Where to invest money? Know 5 investment options

Are you looking for where to invest money? You came to the right place. Today people have a greater knowledge about money. For this reason, there are more and more options available where to invest money. This should be very positive, and although you do have its benefits. Is not always that way. Surely you are wondering why? […]
savings account

Tips for choosing a savings account

Are you thinking of opening a bank account and have the possibility of choosing a savings account in mind? So, you came to the right place. A savings account is a banking instrument, which, as its name implies, is designed for one purpose: to save money. So far everything sounds very simple. But when choosing […]
unemployment benefit

Allowance for the unemployed: How can I get it?

Do you know what the unemployment benefit is? For those who are unemployed, this benefit can be a financial relief, until you get a job. This subsidy is a type of economic benefit that unemployed people can access, as long as they meet certain conditions. Do you want to know if you apply to obtain it? […]
Finance a project

How to finance a project? Know 6 ways to achieve it

Do you have a project idea in mind but don't have the money to finance it? Then surely you are asking yourself very often How to finance a project? We know that getting the capital to boost your business is the main barrier when starting a project. For this reason, we have 6 ways for you to […]
consult Credit Checker online

How do I know if I am in Credit Checker?

If you recently failed to pay any invoice; It is possible that the question goes through your mind: How do I know if I am in Credit Checker? This is due to the fact that Credit Checker is a file of defaulters where people who, due to forgetfulness or other reasons, have failed to comply with a commitment of […]

When complex or difficult moments come in the economic field, there are many doubts that can assail us. The lack of liquidity caused by the loss of a job or by going through a difficult time, is one of the most important reasons for causing anxiety. Practically all of us have faced an unforeseen economic event at some point in our lives, but we have not always been able to respond with the necessary speed. At Taichi Arts we want to help you.

The section dedicated to Financial Advice of the Taichi Arts blog is a review of the most important questions that our readers have sent us over the years. Despite its name, we want to focus especially on household expenses and help you get answers to situations that may arise.

What kind of advice will you find?

Our financial advice focuses on home economics with topics such as financing for the purchase of a car , the best savings accounts you can find on the internet, tips to promote savings, applications for financial assistance , lines of credit available to take away carrying out business or personal projects , delinquent files and how to get out of them or even easy and useful tricks to keep your debts under control.

At Taichi Arts, in addition to offering you detailed reviews of the main entities dedicated to fast personal online loans, we want to help you with your personal finances so that you only have to borrow when strictly necessary.