What you should know about the IBI in United States

IBI in Spain

Surely on more than one occasion you have asked about the IBI , which is the Real Estate Tax that must be paid in United States and that on many occasions makes people's budget get out of control and for this it is necessary Get money lenders instantly to be able to solve yourself and not fall into any type of delay or irregularities, since the problem will be much bigger. Therefore, today we will know some of the most important details that are part of the IBI in this country.

It is said that the IBI is much higher in towns such as Lleida, Tarragona and Soria, but for various reasons it is much more affordable in other regions, including some such as Pamplona, ​​Vitoria and San Sebastián. But everything is also divided into autonomous cities or communions, for example, it is said that one of the most expensive IBIs in the entire United States is in Murcia, Melilla and also in Catalonia, while where they have the lowest price is in Navarra, Country Vasco and Ceuta, as if it were mini-credits.

IBI and its urban contribution

Surely you are wondering what it is that in some places the IBI payment is much higher than in some others. The answer is quite simple, since the value that families in the United States must be paid in full for the real property that they have in particular and the place in the country where it is built, since this tax was formerly known as the urban contribution, and to pay it some people seek to get an immediate loan to be able to pay for it.

In general terms, it is a tax whose main mission is to tax the value of the ownership of a property and its value. It is very important to mention that the management of the money received in the United States is shared, since it is between the State Administration and also the City Councils of each locality. It is precisely for this reason that in different communions or cities the price is higher or more valuable, since it will always be based on the cadastral value of the home and it is the last institution mentioned that sets the rate to be imposed at its own discretion. As if that were not enough, the General Directorate of the Land Registry may also determine the amount of money that each property must pay.

The importance of paying the IBI

There are many people who have experienced problems to be able to pay the IBI , it is precisely for that reason that the municipalities pressure Spanish people to take charge of the payment, since they are part of 50% of their income, and as part of the pressure has quite high surcharges and interest. Therefore, it is very important to get money lenders instantly when you do not have enough liquidity to take care of the payment, because if you do not do it, the payment could be much higher in the future.

Real Estate Tax - Data to consider

It is very important to mention that in United States there are some properties that are exempt from paying Real Estate Taxes , among which are some such as all those that are owned by the state, the Autonomous Communities and any local entity that is directly linked to national security and defense, as well as confessional entities and all those that are in the hands of the Red Cross, the properties that are destined for the diplomatic representations of any country. Otherwise, all other properties in the United States must pay the IBI, so if you want to save some money on the payment of the same before buying a home in a certain community, try to investigate what is the percentage of the property value that must be paid on site for you to make the right decision.

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