Nexu Credit: Opinions and Offer

This offer is no longer available

Allow extensions Yes
Early return Yes
Supports Credit Checker Yes
free first loan Yes
term 1 - 30 days
age 21 - 75 years
maximum first loan $ 50 - $ 300

Advantages and disadvantages of Nexu

  • You only need to identify yourself with your online banking
  • They have no opening commissions
  • Once the first loan is repaid, you will always have a credit available
  • Accept clients with Credit Checker
  • 300 us dollar limit
  • You must have demonstrable income

If you are looking for urgent financing to cover some type of emergency such as payment of a service, rent or medical cost, then Nexu may be your best option. Nexu loans allow you to obtain up to 300 us dollars quickly and without requiring any type of paperwork, other than the fact of having online banking. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this platform, including its operation, opinions and requirements.

It is important to evaluate each offer that we find on the internet, since today there are many companies that are dedicated to offering online loans, but their conditions and terms vary. Depending on your current situation, the urgency of your loan and the amount of money you need, it will be more convenient for you to choose one option or another.

Otherwise, if you don't properly analyze each offer and come up with a plan to manage your money , you could end up accepting an unfavorable loan , which will worsen your financial situation and increase your debts.

What is Nexu?

Nexu Loans is a private lending company that offers microloans of up to 300 us dollars to be repaid within a period of 1 and 30 days . This company is designed to provide quick and effective solutions to those who need immediate credit , since you can receive the money in 15 minutes.

Best of all, your requirements are basic; the most important thing is to have access to your online banking. In addition, once you return your first loan with Nexu, you will have the same amount of money at your disposal for future opportunities, without the need to resubmit another application.

How do Nexu Online Loans work?

Requesting aloan of 300 us dollars Nexu is very easy; the requirements are basic and designed for people with different economic situations. To get one of these financing instantly, you must follow these steps:

nexu loans how it works
  • Enter the Nexu website and you will see a calculator where you can enter the amount of money you need and the term in which you plan to return it. You can see how it calculates the total interest that you must pay and the final amount to be returned.
  • Log in to your online banking: from the web you can select your bank for the Nexu company to verify your identity and evaluate your request safely and confidentially.
  • You have the option of adding a debit or credit card for the company to direct the payment of your monthly fee and so you do not have to worry about missing the payment date and incurring interest for late payment.
  • Within a few minutes of submitting your request, you will know if it was approved and you will automatically receive the money in your account.
  • You will receive an email and an SMS with all the information about the status of your application, and the payment will be made automatically, so you only have to worry about having enough balance.
  • You will have a personal manager at your disposal that will help you manage your credit in the best way.


In this loan portal they handle an Equivalent Annual Rate ( APR ) that can vary from a minimum APR of 35% to a maximum APR of 426%, depending on the amount of the loan. For example, according to the calculator built into the Nexu website, if you request a loan of 300 us dollars to be repaid in 30 days, interest of 104 us dollars is generated, so you will have to return 404 us dollars.


Unlike other lenders in the United States, with Nexu loans you decide when to pay back your financing. Normally, you can choose to return the money within 1 to 30 days . However, it is not necessary to return the full amount of the loan on the due date, since the company is aware that unforeseen situations may occur that force you to request an extension in the repayment .

Even so, it is necessary that you at least pay the amount of interest corresponding to your loan and thus you will have one more month to pay off your debt. They will not charge you any type of commission, since it works very similar to a credit card.

Types of online loans in Nexu

apply for nexu loans

With Nexu loans, you can only access an amount of 300 us dollars per month, which would fall into the category of microcredits . Many times we find ourselves in the position of asking or lending money to relatives , when there really are much safer and immediate offers that can also help us in trouble.

Nexu Loans takes into account the situation of many people, whether they require a loan with Credit Checker or do not have a payroll. In this way, Nexu is oriented to cover urgent and punctual financial situations, such as the payment of services, rent, tuition or any medical emergency.

Requirements and Conditions

The requirements in Nexu are quite flexible, since the company analyzes the individual situation of its users and proposes an offer that is adequately adapted to their particular reality. Among the main ones we can mention:

  1. Be over 21 years old.
  2. Possibility of access to your online banking.
  3. Have a debit or credit card.
  4. Possess Spanish DNI or NIE.
  5. Reside in the United States.
  6. Have an active mobile phone and email to receive information.
  7. Have a monthly income of at least 500 us dollars .

Is Nexu reliable? Feedback

Despite the fact that Nexu has automated systems that will evaluate your request, you can be sure that one of their team members will review your request in a personalized way . This means that you can count on human support throughout the loan application process.

Some of its users say that it is difficult for them to contact the entity. However, it is necessary to remember that they have customer service hours from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nexu Loans

nexu opinions

Nexu loans are very simple and practical to apply for. However, we have compiled the most common doubts of users so that you have all the information at hand:

Do I need a guarantee or guarantee when applying for a Nexu loan?

You do not need any type of guarantees, properties or guarantors to request a loan of 300 us dollars with Nexu.

Can I have more than one microloan at the same time?

No, it is only possible to have a Nexu loan and until you pay it in full, you will not be able to access a new one.

When will I receive the money?

Once your application is approved, Nexu will credit the amount you requested to your bank account, as long as your application is approved during business hours.

Can I increase my loan limit?

If you have paid your installments on time, you can speak with the customer service team who will evaluate increasing your credit limit.

Why should I log in with my online banking?

So that Nexu can verify your identity safely and analyze your financial situation quickly.

Contact Nexu

You can contact Nexu's support team through their integrated chat , in the lower right corner of their website. There you can include your name, email and message, with the possibility of also attaching a file. You can also contact them through other means such as:

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