hypoo mortgages

Hipoo - Mortgage Broker: Mortgage Offer and How It Works

Hipoo is a mortgage broker that allows you to find and apply for the best mortgage alternative according to your needs and preferences. The professionals behind this entity look for, compare and negotiate for you a mortgage with recognized entities. Then they show you a list of personalized offers just to choose from. Next, we present you […]
Creditron review

Creditron Loans - Opinions, Requirements and Offer

Creditron is a loan broker, a platform that puts you in contact with various companies, so that you can choose which one is the best for you when applying for your loan. Next, we explain more in depth what this type of service consists of, how you can sign up for […]
Fintonic reviews

Fintonic - Loan reviews and everything about your app

Fintonic is one of the best known mobile applications in the financial sector, an app that was born in the fintech industry and has been awarded the Google Award for Mobile Innovation. In addition to being an app to save money, it also works as a search engine and comparison of the best personal loans. In […]
Opinion about - Opinions of Loans for Individuals and Companies

Credits works as a private lender that offers its services to both individuals and companies. This company does not belong to any bank or public entity, but is made up of a group of private investors, therefore, it is a lender financed entirely with the money of its associated investors. In […]
MiCrédito Ok Opinions

My Credit Ok - Opinions, Requirements and Offer

My Credit Ok is a fast, paperless and reliable loan comparison and search engine that speeds up the exhausting task of consulting countless options, without knowing if you will be accepted. And, depending on your credit profile, Mi Crédito Ok searches among its lenders and collaborating banks for the option that best suits […]
Star Credit Review

Estrella Credit: opinions and loan offer

Crédito Estrella is a platform that works as an online credit comparison and search engine. Its function is to provide information about financing according to your credit profile. In this way, it is a bridge between lender - user. In this review, we mention important details about CréditoEstrella, to take them into account when using their […]
Your Quick Credit Review

Your Quick Credit: Opinions and Credit Offer

Tu Crédito Rápido is a web platform that compares loans from different entities to offer only the one that has the best conditions, adapted to the personalized needs of a client. Users must subscribe to the platform to find the best financing at any time, in addition to receiving financial advice. On this website […]
MoneyMundo Review

MoneyMundo Loans - Offer and Opinions

MoneyMundo loans is a loan search engine that collects all the necessary information to offer you the best financing option adapted to your needs and current situation. With several partner lenders, MoneyMundo acts as an offer broker and sends you the winning proposal. Choose a lender that suits our needs […]
Review of Repagalia

Repagalia - How does this debt repair company work?

Repagalia is a service focused on debt repair, which serves as an advisor for users with debts. That is, it acts as a mediator between your debts and your creditors. Therefore, it is a guide to improve your financial situation with an action plan tailored to your needs, based on your financial commitments. TO […]

When we want to apply for a loan online we always ask ourselves the same questions: how much money do I need? What interest will I pay on this amount? What if i don't have endorsements? Will I be able to apply for a self-employed loan , or if I am a pensioner or do not have a payroll? What guarantees do i need? Is the customer service efficient? Can I apply for a loan with my car?

Where to find information about each loan?

To know all the details of an entity dedicated to fast online loans , you can read all the information available on its website and also our analyzes and opinions . In the Taichi Arts Opinions section you will find complete analytics of all aspects of the loans offered by entities dedicated to online loans: maximum and minimum amounts, repayment terms, interest, additional fees, installment advances, arrears ... all analyzed down to the smallest detail and making clear all the financial, technical and even paperwork aspects.

What are our reviews based on?

To carry out these evaluations, we carry out simulations of real cases and review the opinions of other clients of the entities to certify the quality and veracity of each product, advertisement and description that we read on the web. All this, accompanied by general recommendations on products and personal financial health.