My Credit Ok - Opinions, Requirements and Offer

term 1 - 48 months
our note 3.50
age 18 - 80 years
free first loan Yes
maximum first loan $ 50 - $ 5,000
Supports Credit Checker Yes
Fees and commissions € 30.50 in a single installment

My Credit Ok is a fast, paperless and reliable loan comparison and search engine that speeds up the exhausting task of consulting countless options, without knowing if you will be accepted. And, depending on your credit profile, Mi Crédito Ok searches among its lenders and collaborating banks for the option that best suits you. It is important to emphasize that we can request a loan online without having to change banks .

Here is a review of this online broker. Here you will find important details that you should consider before resorting to their services as a financial intermediary. From its operation, conditions and requirements , to the opinions about My Credit Ok that can be read on the internet.

What is Micrédito Ok?

It is a platform that searches, finds and compares loans and mini credits in United States. Therefore, it does not function as a lender or bank , that is, it does not grant financing or influence the decision to approve or deny a loan. Rather, it acts as a lender-user connection.

My Credit Ok is a website registered and operated by the company Fidem Financial OU, which is backed by a community of experts to show you financing offers appropriate to your profile.

Through this online broker you can get between $ 50 and $ 5,000 to return between 30 days to 48 months , as appropriate for each lender. However, the first loan is free for $ 1,000 .

How My Credit works Ok

This website is based on identity verification to verify that it is a real person who is requesting the personal loan online and not a robot. To carry out this step, it charges a symbolic price of 0.50 US cents .

Once you verify your identity, as well as the personal and financial information provided in the initial form, your profile will be sent to hundreds of European banks and lenders . After pre-approving your application, it will return a varied list of offers that fit your profile. And you will be the one to choose the one that suits you best.

When you select an option, you will be directed to the lender's website to request financing. Up to here will be the intermediation of My Credit Ok. Therefore, subsequent communication will be exclusively with the lender.

Some features that are worth noting about this website:

  • save time when searching and comparing personal loans
  • lower interest rates
  • without guarantees, but with guarantee in case of loans with Credit Checker
  • receipt of money in a minimum of 5 minutes
  • information protected 100% through an SSL certificate.

Additional commissions and interest

The Micrédito Ok service is free for a certain time . Specifically, for a period of 4 calendar days starting from the first day of subscription to the website.

The online broker will charge an amount of 50 cents of us dollar ($ 0.50) in order to verify the identity of the applicant and the operation of the credit card. In addition, a one-time membership fee of $ 24.80 + VAT ($ 30) . Therefore, the total to pay is $ 30.50 to access the services of this intermediary.

Regarding interest, these will depend on each lender. Of course, you can consult this information before signing the final contract.

My Credit Ok - Advantages

Do you accept clients with Credit Checker?

My Credit Ok does allow the admission of users who are on the delinquent list. In fact, it collaborates with lenders and banks that grant this type of financing. However, if you are in Credit Checker or RAI, they can only grant you a loan with an endorsement , that is, they will request some type of guarantee such as a car, house, jewelry, furniture, or others.

How to apply for a loan through MiCrédito Ok

Requesting an easy loan is fast on this website. You only have to follow 4 steps :

  1. Choose amount and term: in the web simulator you will have to choose the amount and term that is most convenient for you. Immediately, the tool will show you how much you will have to return (adding the interest after $ 1,000).
  2. Fill in the form: after the previous step you must fill out the initial form with your personal and financial data .
  3. Verify identity: the broker will ask you for a symbolic payment of $ 0.50 to confirm that you are a person and not a robot. Also, to verify that your card works correctly.
  4. Obtain the loan: after sending the initial form you will receive a list of pre-approved offers so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. Although the time of receiving the money may vary according to the lender, this broker handles an average range of 5 minutes to 48 hours .

Requirements and conditions

  • Be over 18 years old
  • be a resident of United States
  • have a valid DNI or NIE
  • be the owner of a bank account
  • have an email and mobile number
  • present an endorsement in case of loans with Credit Checker.

My Credit Ok opinions: is it safe and reliable?

This online broker, despite being recent in the financial market, has built its path by being backed by a renowned company such as Fidem Financial OU. The fact that it offers online loans without paperwork is a point to value . As well as the loan limit and repayment terms that are also attractive.

It is wise to remember that the first loan is free for a value of $ 1,000 and allows you to apply for several loans online at the same time . Of course, he emphasizes that the final decision will depend on the lender. Just as it allows people on a list of defaulters to make the request, another point to assess.

As cons you could mention the membership fee that you request to access their services. And that asks for a guarantee to support the payment of the loan in the case of credits with Credit Checker. But regarding the first point, such amount can be recovered in a period of 4 calendar days, which is the time that the trial period lasts.

Although there are few opinions about Mi Crédito Ok, the information it shares allows us to infer that this online broker is reliable and safe . As we always recommend, you have to review the conditions of each loan and ask questions before signing the contract.

Frequently asked questions about My Credit Ok

Some frequently asked questions about this online broker:

Is the service free?

For the first 4 days, yes. However, to qualify for their services you will have to pay a total amount of $ 30.50 (as the only fee).

Is it possible to receive the money on the card?

Yes! In fact, the $ 0.50 charge will be made directly from the card you affiliate.

Is it possible to request more than one loan at the same time?

Yes, as many as you can afford! However, the approval of more than one loan at the same time with the same lender will only depend on him.

Is it possible to unsubscribe from Micrédito Ok?

Yes! The membership fee will be refunded in full provided that the email with the request has been sent within 4 days of the trial version.

Is my Credit Ok who grants the loans?

No! This is an intermediary, the money is granted by a lender or bank.

Customer Support

  • ? Phone : Not available
  • ? Email : [email protected]
  • ? Hours of operation : Not available
  • ? Physical address : Harju Maakond, Tallin, Lõõõtsa tn 5-11, 11415; USA

If you have had any experience with this financial intermediary, share it in the comments! So other people can make a safer decision.

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  • Komentarz od Yulieth caterine figueroa lopez
    10.11.2020, 17:04
    Yulieth caterine figueroa lopez

    I need the evolution of the subscription of the search for microcredits since on the screen it said only 50centimos and now they have charged me 29 $ it seems to me a total scam to charge all that money for the search for a microcredit, please return the money

    • Komentarz od María García Pérez
      11.11.2020, 10:47
      Maria Garcia Perez

      Good morning Yulieth. As we have described in the review, the entity My Credit Ok charges € 30 for the membership. Please, contact the entity directly [email protected] a greeting

  • Komentarz od Pilar ledesma rico
    31.10.2020, 07:17
    Pilar ledesma rico

    They charged me almost 30e, I don't know why I don't have the loan, it was on my credit, ok, I wanted to unsubscribe and get my money back

    • Komentarz od María García Pérez
      11.11.2020, 10:46
      Maria Garcia Perez

      Good morning Pilar, the charge is a membership fee that you have contracted to access the services of My Credit Ok. To unsubscribe, please contact the entity directly. His email is: [email protected]

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