Prestamer - customer reviews and loan review

term 61 - 120 days
our note 4
free first loan Yes
maximum first loan $ 50 - $ 300
age 18 - 75 years
maximum to request $ 50-1000
Early return Yes
Allow extensions Yes
Supports Credit Checker Yes

Advantages and disadvantages of Prestamer

  • The maximum amount you can request is € 1000
  • Age requirements are flexible
  • You can pay by credit card for more convenience
  • Grant micro credits with Credit Checker or Experian
  • You can request a credit extension of up to 14 days
  • You can request a cancellation before the deadline
  • New customers can only request € 300
  • They do not grant a free first loan
  • The return period depends on the quantity requested

Prestamer is one of the fast credit companies with a fully automated and fully online application process. The amounts that we can request range between € 150 for new customers and € 1000 for regular customers, in addition to being one of those that grants credits for people who are in Credit Checker records.

Basic information

Prestamer is a financial company dedicated to fast micro loans based in Torremolinos, Malaga, and whose legal data are registered in the Alicante commercial register, volume 3964. It works with entities such as La Caixa, Santander and Popular.

It is also one of the best valued companies in the sector as more than 80% of customers recommend it to others.

Product description

Prestamer grants microcredits without age limits and without consulting delinquent files such as Credit Checker or Experian. Of course, keep in mind that, if it is your first credit, you can only request a maximum of € 150, on the other hand, if you are a regular customer, you can request up to € 1000.

Prestamer ES allows you to make payments by credit card, request extensions, make an early cancellation of credit and has no requirements, beyond the basic ones.

Get a loan in Prestamer ES

We are going to review how the process of applying for a microloan with Prestamer works.

Requirements in Prestamer

The requirements to apply for a microloan with Prestamers credit do not differ from most similar entities and are the following:

age Age between 18 and 75 years
DNI Valid DNI or NIE
phone A mobile phone number
Bank Bank account holder

The application process in Prestamer

It is a process where what is rewarded is ease and simplicity, so Prestamer has created an easy system in which the response is received and the money in the account is received in a short time.

The process begins on the Prestamer website, where you must indicate in the simulator the amount you want and the term. You will automatically see the amount to be returned within the requested period. If you are a new customer, you can only request € 150.

  1. Enter the desired amount in the Prestamer simulator
  2. Register on the web and fill in the form with your personal data
  3. Wait for the response from Prestamer, which you will receive in just a few minutes. If it is positive, you will receive the money in your account in a few minutes.
Application process

Amount, terms and extensions

New Prestamer customers can request € 150, while regular customers can request up to € 1000. In the simulator you can see the amount that you must return within a period that with Prestamer is a maximum of 21 days. You should assess the return period based on your personal situation and the amount requested.

Prestamer's term is one of the shortest that we have analyzed. Keep in mind that there must be a relationship between the return period and the requested money: the higher the amount you have requested, the longer the period to return it.

You must take into account your personal financial situation. Although Prestamer does not have access to the files of defaulters, depending on your personal income the term will be longer or shorter. Not all cases are the same and Prestamer chooses to treat each case individually.

Prestamer opinions, if it is reliable?

Like other entities dedicated to micro-credits, has long experience and the approval and recommendation of its clients. It is an entity that offers flexibility and clear terms for all clients, new or regular, and that is committed to treating each client individually.

Prestamer Customer Service

telephone 912 90 99 74
mail [email protected]
calendar Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 21:00

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  • Komentarz od Sam
    28.08.2019, 22:00

    I have used this service on some occasions and I no longer worry if I have an unexpected financial problem, with the help of this entity I have the solution for all my problems

  • Komentarz od Lola
    06.06.2019, 07:41

    Helpful service in case of any unforeseen expenses. very fast, so you can face problems that surprise you in a simple way

  • Komentarz od Lucas
    15.04.2019, 20:46

    I would like all companies to make loans the same way as Prestamer. Processing and resolution very fast and easy

  • Komentarz od Alex
    10.04.2019, 10:36

    A reliable and secure entity. It has exceeded all my expectations. Thank you!

  • Komentarz od Ana
    25.02.2019, 06:01

    My financial situation prompted me to look for a quick loan. This is how I found Prestamer. In my opinion it is a highly recommended company, the operation was carried out very efficiently.

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