CreditoZen opinions and loan offer

term 5 - 30 days
our note 4
free first loan Yes
maximum first loan $ 50 - $ 1,000
age 21 - 65 years
Supports Credit Checker Yes
Allow extensions No
maximum to request $ 50-1000

Advantages and disadvantages of CreditoZen

  • The intermediary service is free for the customer
  • The first loan is free and without interest
  • It is not necessary to be on payroll
  • Supports requests from users in Credit Checker whose debt does not exceed $ 1,500
  • The cost of your interests is considered the lowest in the market
  • Allows you to validate the data with Instantor
  • No paperwork or endorsements
  • It does not admit extensions
  • Age restrictions

CreditoZen is a financial intermediary that offers you immediate fast credits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike other brokers, it has been operating in Spanish territory for years. So you have consolidated your position in the financial market. And it is that the request and the conditions are flexible .

Next, we provide you with all the information you need to know about CreditoZen personal loans . In addition, we give you a detailed view of CreditoZen opinions so that you can make the most convenient financial decision for you.

What is Zen Credit?

CréditoZen is a fast credit search engine that is characterized by showing online mini - credit options. Through this broker, you can request an urgent loan online of up to $ 1,000 , even while in Credit Checker . The capital plus interest must be replaced within a period of no more than 30 days .

The immediate online microcredits offered by CreditoZen allow you to face eventualities that merit quick action. From small expenses to debt that can't wait any longer.

How CreditoZen personal loans work

Unlike other brokers, CréditoZen works as an online urgent loan search engine that accepts requests from clients who are on the Credit Checker list. Best of all, it grants higher amounts than usual.

For that reason, it has become an alternative for those who have an affected credit history , and who have been rejected by other financial entities. So, it must be emphasized that it is an intermediary between those who need a quick and urgent loan, and lenders who can provide that money.

The operation of this website is very easy, an additional plus. You just have to enter their website, select how much you need and when you can return that capital . It should be noted that new clients can only apply for a $ 300 loan.

Then, you fill out the online application to obtain a mini-credit with Credit Checker . It will be evaluated in just a couple of minutes to give you a quick answer. Although they do not ask that you be on the payroll, you must have a source of income to replace the money .

Credits with Credit Checker What are the conditions?

CreditoZen loan has become one of the best financial alternatives for those who are on the list of defaulters. However, although they do allow requests from users who are in Credit Checker, the debt cannot exceed $ 1,500 . Either way, it is still a more permissive figure than its competitors.

First credit Is it free or not?

On its website it is detailed that new Zen Credit customers can opt for a $ 300 loan. Later, they will be able to request up to $ 1,000. As a plus point, this first loan is free and without interest .


Another important feature of CréditoZen is that it applies an interest rate well below the rest of brokers that grant fast loans. In fact, the cost is approximately 35% lower than the rest of the competitors. Therefore, they offer the cheapest online immediate loans today.

Regarding the APR, although it may vary depending on the lender, on average it does not exceed 2867%.


The return period for your online credits is between 5 to 30 days . Being able to choose the time that best suits you according to your finances. You may also be eligible for extensions , depending on the conditions of each lender.

credit on traits

How to apply for a loan with Zen Credit

The application for the CreditoZen loan is made through the internet , through a quick and simple form that you will have to fill out with your personal and work data . You just have to go to its main website and perform 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the quantity and term

    On the web calculator , choose how much money you need and when you can pay it back.
  2. Fill out the application
Zen Credit Form

After choosing the amount and term, you will have to click on the "request your loan" button . There, you will be directed to a web form that consists of 4 phases to enter the CreditoZen section for clients . That is to say:

  • Personal data, contact data and employment data
  • Additional Information
  • ID
  • Receiving the money
  1. Wait for approval and receive the money

If all the data respect the conditions of the Zen Credit loan, you will receive the approval in no more than 10 minutes and in 30 minutes you could have the money .

Requirements and conditions

To obtain a fast credit online , you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between 21 and 65 years of age
  • Be a resident of United States
  • Be the owner of a mobile line
  • Not have debts registered in Credit Checker over $ 1,500
  • Have demonstrable regular income
  • Have a bank account (be the owner, authorized or representative).

Advantages over other entities

CreditoZén has several advantages that make it an attractive alternative:

  • The intermediary service is free for the customer
  • The first loan is free and without interest
  • They grant loans without payroll
  • Supports requests from users in Credit Checker whose debt does not exceed $ 1,500
  • The cost of your interests is considered the lowest in the market
  • Allows you to validate the data with Instantor
  • No paperwork or endorsements

Is CreditoZen reliable? - Opinions

In CreditoZen opinions we can rescue positive comments from this broker that helps to find immediate online loans adapted to your financial profile. CréditoZen works as a fast and urgent loan search engine that has penetrated the financial market thanks to its flexibility.

The fact that it admits requests from users who are in Credit Checker, with a much higher debt limit compared to other brokers, is a point that stands out in the opinions about CreditoZen. In addition, it does not require being affiliated with a payroll in order to apply. And the interests are usually the lowest in the market.

As a point against, in CreditoZen opinions it is highlighted that the final conditions of the lenders are not clear . In fact, users comment that they have denied their request for a mini-credit even meeting the requirements established by CréditoZen.

However, most of the comments are positive. Which allows us to deduce that CreditoZen is safe . As in any other case, you must read the conditions of the contract very well before accepting it.

Contact Zen Credit

  • ? Telephone : 655 607 159
  • ? Email : [email protected]
  • ? Physical address : ZenTech Global SL Guadalmina Alta, CC Guadalmina 4, Local 93. Marbella. Malaga. United States
  • ? Hours of operation : Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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