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term 5 - 62 days
our note 4
maximum to request $ 100-1300
free first loan Yes
maximum first loan $ 100 - $ 400
age 18 - 75 years
Supports Credit Checker Yes
Early return Yes
Allow extensions Yes

Advantages and disadvantages of MoneyMan

  • First loan of up to € 300 free and without commissions
  • Different types of loans of up to € 1,300 and repayment terms of 62 days up to 4 months
  • You can request an extension
  • You have the option to cancel the loan early and save on interest
  • You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash deposit
  • Work with Instantor
  • Has the Online Trust certificate
  • It is backed by eKomi
  • You can apply for loans with Credit Checker
  • You will receive your money instantly if your bank is BBVA, Bankia or ING
  • You may have to submit some documentation
  • The debt allowed with Credit Checker is not too high

MoneyMan is one of the entities dedicated to granting fast online credits in United States. Its offer is varied, both for new customers and regular customers. And you can get up to € 300 free on the first credit , and € 1,300 as a regular customer .

In MoneyMan opinions it is highlighted that this entity is one of the customers' favorites. Today, we take a closer look at the microloans it offers : conditions, benefits, and analyze MoneyMan's comments.

What is MoneyMan?

MoneyMan is the brand of IDFinance Spain SLU ., One of the entities dedicated to microloans that offers higher amounts, compared to other competing companies. In addition to return terms of up to 62 days in two monthly installments , one of the fastest in matching the amount requested.

MoneyMan works with Instantor, MasterCard and Visa . It has the eKomi and Confianza Online certificates . This guarantees that we are dealing with an online micro loan entity backed by its users. Your application process is correctly encrypted.

And, as a plus that we cannot ignore, it has the backing of the Spanish Association of Microloans (AEMIP) . In short, entering MoneyMan as a customer is safe, according to the seals that this micro loan company has.

Money Man web simulator

How MoneyMan works

One of the main questions that may be invading your mind is: MoneyMan - how does it work? The answer is "easily and online" . Through its official website Moneyman United States , you can make fast online loan and micro-credit transactions in a matter of minutes.

Well, the platform has been designed, precisely, as an easy and agile site to use , which delivers automatic responses . And is that, being a page focused on web credits, prompt response is key to maintaining customer loyalty.

As a new customer, you can request up to € 300 without interest with a maximum return of 30 days or € 400 with interest . However, you can cancel the urgent online micro loan in two installments . Now, if you are already a regular customer, you can request up to € 1,300 with interest to be returned in up to 4 months .

As a recurring customer, loan conditions improve as you cover the terms on each loan.

Which banks does MoneyMan work with

The time it takes to receive the transfer depends on the receiving bank . In the case of MoneyMan, it works with financial entities such as:

Types of loans at MoneyMan

As MoneyMan clients, it is possible to access a wide range of micro loans online. Specifically, this online credit portal offers 5 different types of mini-credits depending on the type of client you are.

In other words, the MoneyMan United States amount system works through a level of trust . Therefore, every time you pay back a loan, you go to another level. Such levels would be:

types of loans at Moneyman
  1. Start : up to € 300 without interest or up to € 400 with interest for new customers to be returned between 5 to 62 days.
  1. Takeoff : up to € 600 to be returned between 5 and 62 days in two monthly installments.
  1. Ascent: up to € 800 to be returned between 5 and 62 days in two monthly installments of daily interest.
  1. Turbo: up to € 1,000 to be returned between 1 to 3 months.
  1. SuperTurbo : up to € 1,300 to be returned between 1 to 4 months in monthly installments of daily interest.

Requirements to request a mini-credit

MoneyMan is an online loan service without payroll in United States . Therefore, every Spanish citizen over 18 years of age can obtain a loan instantly. To request it, you only need an internet connection , either from a computer or a mobile. In summary, the Money Man requirements are:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Legally reside in the United States
  • Have a current bank account in United States
  • Have a valid ID, telephone and email.

Application process at Money Man

The process of applying for your loan at MoneyMan is very simple and fast , in just 3 steps you can obtain an urgent loan:

  1. Apply for your loan : it will not take you more than 10 minutes. In moneyman United States you have a simulator in which you can choose the amount and the return period. You will have to fill in the web form and attach the corresponding precautions.
  2. Wait for the answer : in a maximum time of one minute you will receive the answer to your request.
  3. Receive the money : it depends on the bank you have, you will be able to have the money in a minimum time of 15 minutes.

* If you are a regular customer, you can enter MoneyMan client area and take fewer steps.

Amount, terms and interests

At MoneyMan, you can get up to $ 300 without interest as your first credit . The repayment terms that MoneyMan United States handles are 5 to 62 days for the first loans, and up to 4 months for the higher amounts.

MoneyMan allows you to request an extension between 7 to 30 days so that you can face the payment. And, regarding daily interest , they range from 0.7% to 9% .

MoneyMan Is it reliable?

A company with the Confianza Online seals, which certifies the security and confidentiality of all transactions, and eKomi , which certifies the support of its users, is an entity that deserves our trust.

If you need a quick online loan to cover an unforeseen event, whether you are a private individual or a self-employed person, MoneyMan is an option worth considering. It is arranged on a simple and fast-to-use platform. In addition, it accepts loans with Credit Checker and credits without payroll . Its repayment terms and conditions are flexible.

In MoneyMan Opinions , however, there are several comments regarding the receipt of money to the bank account. Some users claim that the money takes longer than promised to reach their account. Similarly, misunderstandings are discussed in the collection of payments and interests.

But as with other banking entities, it is important to read the agreement very well before signing it . Above all, the conditions of the loan.

Frequent questions

Some frequent questions about MoneyMan fast credits :

☑ How much money can I request at MoneyMan?

As a new customer, up to € 300 free. As a regular customer, up to $ 1,300 with interest.

☑ Is it possible to access a loan without a payroll?

Yes! You can access a quick credit without payroll.

☑ Can the loan be repaid in installments?

Yes! Payments can be in two installments.

☑ Does MoneyMan accept Credit Checker?


☑ Can the credit be repaid early?

Yes! No additional fees or charges.

Contact MoneyMan

  • ? MoneyMan phone : 93 722 73 54
  • ? Email : [email protected]
  • ? Physical address : Calle Moia, 1, 08006 Barcelona, ​​United States
  • ? Hours of operation : Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 22:00.

Requirements in MoneyMan

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    100% recommended, its clauses and conditions are clear and everything works as expected, which for me is a surprise. Thank you!

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    Sometimes an urgent situation forces you to look for money in an easy and safe way. Thanks for helping me (even when I was on Credit Checker).

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    I have thought a lot about a source of financing for my studies and MoneyMan has helped me meet my university expenses safely and quickly

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    It is one of the best online companies for loans, a fast and clear service, well explained. I have already applied for two loans here and everything turned out excellent.

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    I have used their services a few times and am always satisfied.

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