HolaDinero - customer reviews and loan review

term 5 - 31 days
our note 4
age 21 - 65 years
free first loan Yes
maximum first loan $ 50 - $ 500
Supports Credit Checker Yes
Allow extensions No
maximum to request $ 50-1000

Advantages and disadvantages of HolaDinero

  • First interest-free mini-loan for a significant amount of € 1,000
  • Intuitive online platform with data protection SSL security protocols
  • The processing of immediate loans is very simple and fast
  • Honesty and transparency during the process, without surprises or small print
  • Great approval rate for financing with almost 30 thousand so far
  • Professional attention and efficiency in the management of mini-credits
  • Thousands of users have favorable opinions about the service
  • Minors cannot apply for financing
  • If you do not comply with the payment, they send you to the Credit Checker list
  • They only have means of contact by email

HolaDinero is a financial company specialized in microcredits that began its operations serving the Central European market. However, in a few years, thanks to innovation and attention to its clients, it has had significant growth, expanding to countries such as the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Next, we will describe the products, advantages and disadvantages of HolaDinero United States and give our opinion.  

HolaMonero: Basic information

HolaDinero is a credit institution called ZenTech Global SL in United States. It is a young organization that has penetrated the market for immediate mini-loans. In addition, it is characterized by providing a professional financial service, through its online platform, to grant financing quickly, safely and simply.

Loan offer

HolaDinero directs its services to all those people who need momentary financial support. It offers its new clients a free first loan . That is, without having to pay interest or commissions for it.

It should be noted that in the United States many private lenders offer this type of financing. But, what differentiates HolaDinero from other organizations is that the amount is much higher. In the company you can receive € 1000 to return them in 31 days.

Now, this is a great advantage, because you can count on a larger amount, which will allow you to solve any planned or unexpected expense of the month more easily.

In general, people who request mini-loans in HolaDinero, will be able to do so without time restrictions, paperwork and move from where they are. It is only required to have any mobile device and 5 minutes of your time to register and process the financing.

HolaDinero - being in Credit Checker and without payroll

It is important to note that those people who are registered in the Credit Checker list or do not have a fixed payroll, will have the opportunity to process their mini-credits without any limitation . This is because this organization trusts people and wants to give them all the support. For these reasons, its approval rate for financing is high with almost 30 thousand in the United States.

At HolaDinero, transparency and security are its flags. Every time a person processes a mini-loan with this lender, they are informed about the interest and fees on the loan. You can also be sure that your data is safe because the company's website is SSL-certified.

It is worth mentioning that HolaDinero allows the request for extensions of up to 30 days. These extensions have a cost and are calculated on the initial amount of the financing. But, they are very useful in case of not being able to pay the credit on time.

Get a credit in HolaDinero

Processing a credit in HolaDinero is a simple procedure. Management can only be carried out from the company's online website. In just 5 minutes you register and make your request.

In general, you will have to have a mobile phone where they will send you a message to validate your request. In addition, you will receive a message to your email account with a series of instructions to manage your mini-loan.

If you meet the conditions established by the private lender, in just minutes they transfer the requested money to your account. So, you should have your documentation on hand for when they contact you, the process is accelerated.

Requirements in HolaDinero

Processing an immediate loan at HolaDinero is easy, because they have made the process more flexible. You only have to comply with the conditions detailed below:

age Your age must be between 21 and 65 years old
DNI Valid DNI or NIE
Spain Live in United States
phone Having a mobile phone line, as it is one of the means of contact
mail Have an active email account
Bank Be the owner of an account at any bank in United States
asnef If you are enrolled in Credit Checker, your debt must not be more than 1500 $
income Periodic, sufficient and demonstrable income that allows you to face the payment

Application process in HolaDinero

When applying for a mini-credit online at HolaDinero, you will find a simple procedure. In just three steps you ask for the amount of money you require:

  1. From any mobile device such as laptop, tablet or mobile phone, enter the HolaDinero website. Choose the amount you require and the days you need to return the money.
  2. Fill in the application form carefully. Remember that the data must be exact, for your request to be approved.
  3. Wait for them to contact you by SMS message or email, to verify the information you provided and give you instructions to continue with the process. If you meet the demands of this lender, the money is transferred in minutes.
Application process

HolaDinero opinion: Is it reliable?  

It is possible to find many positive and negative opinions about HolaDinero. However, the number of positive opinions is very high. People are satisfied with the service and consider that the process has been quick. However, prior to signing the contract, review the terms and conditions well so that you can make your decision.

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