Fianceo - Opinions, Requirements and Loan Offer

APR 199%
Early return Yes
age 18 - 75 years
Supports Credit Checker Yes
free first loan No
term 18 months
maximum first loan $ 100 - $ 1,000

Advantages and disadvantages of Fianceo

  • Allow user requests in Credit Checker
  • They do not require payroll
  • They admit early repayment
  • No commissions
  • They require guarantor
  • 1000 us dollars limit
  • High interest

If you are looking for a fast loan with more affordable rates, perhaps Fianceo loans may be your best option. They work as a private lending company with the particularity that they require the figure of a guarantor in any of their financing . In this opportunity, we will tell you everything about this company so that you discover if it truly adapts to what you currently need.

Knowing in detail the operation of a lending company is vital if you want to compare different offers. Although most companies operate online, not all work under the same conditions, so it is important to know which one is best for you to avoid losing money or entering a debt spiral.

What is Fianceo?

Fianceo is a company that offers simple, flexible and fast microloans for users in particular conditions, such as, for example, those that appear in Credit Checker or that do not have a payroll. These loans are not based on the credit history of an individual, but on the confidence that a guarantor has in the person concerned . For this reason, they require the figure of a guarantor for any of their loans.

At Fianceo you can get from 100 to 1000 us dollars to return within a maximum period of 18 months. Its procedures are carried out electronically and the service is fast, so you will not waste your time on personal errands or waiting for a response from the banks.

How do Fianceo loans work?

How does Fianceo work?

The most important thing you need to know about how Fianceo works is that they require the presence of a guarantor . So, if you had not thought about this, it is best to start looking for a family member or friend if you want the process to be much faster. Fianceo works under the premise that if an acquaintance or family member trusts you to be a guarantor, then the entity will also do so.

These are the steps you must follow to apply for a loan at Fianceo:

  • Enter the Fianceo home page and you can select the amount you need to return within 18 months.
  • Click on "Apply for your loan" and a form will open that you must complete with your personal information.
  • Once completed, they will send you a link for your guarantor , who must fill out a part of the application as well.
  • Having all the information on both, they will call you and your guarantor to confirm the details and conditions of the loan.
  • If the request is accepted, they will notify you when they will make the deposit of the money, but it usually takes about 24 hours .
  • For security, the money is entered into the bank account of your guarantor .
  • The payment of the monthly fee is programmed directly on your associated credit or debit card once you receive the total amount.
  • You can also choose to direct the payment to your bank account and thus avoid mistakes that make you incur interest for late payment.


At Fianceo you can request financing from 100 to 1000 us dollars, with a Nominal Interest Rate of 114.68% and an Equivalent Annual Rate of 199% . These interests are fixed for whatever amount you choose.


Although Fianceo establishes a fixed repayment term of 18 months for any amount, you should know that you can repay the loan in advance, without facing any commission. This means that, if you plan to pay the loan in 12 months, you can do it and you will only pay interest for that period.

Presence of Guarantor

We have placed great emphasis on the presence of a guarantor if you are going to request any of the Fianceo loans, since the platform only grants financing to clients who have a joint guarantor . It is a legal figure that will respond for you with your assets and assets in case you cannot afford the loan payment.

This is the way in which Fianceo can grant loans to individuals with different financial situations, minimizing the risk of default. This way you can help many people without taking into account their credit history or risk factors, such as the fact of appearing in a delinquent file or not having a payroll.

Fianceo - loans with asnef

Types of Fianceo loans

Fianceo loans are basically online microloans in installments, since the maximum amount they offer is a loan of 1000 us dollars . Thus, these are financing designed to cover small emergencies such as:

Requirements and conditions of Fianceo loans

As this type of financing requires the figure of a personal guarantee, it will be this one who must meet most of the requirements demanded by the company, among which are:

  • Both must be between 18 and 75 years old.
  • You need to have some regular monthly income that should not necessarily be a payroll.
  • Your guarantor must have financial solvency to face the payment of the monthly payment in case the applicant cannot, so a payroll, pension, will be necessary
  • Your guarantor is not required to have any property, but this would make him or her more eligible for Fianceo.
  • Both you and the guarantor must reside in the United States and be fluent in the language.
  • Your guarantor cannot be a guarantor or applicant for another Fianceo loan.

Is Fianceo safe? Customer Reviews

Fianceo is a secure company that has all the protocols and measures for the security and privacy of your data. In addition, its users appreciate the fact of having several emails through which they can contact the company, specialized in different areas, which makes the service faster and more efficient.

In fact, many of its users have found better attention and speed in responses through email than through their telephone line.

Frequently asked questions about Fianceo Loans

We have compiled the most frequent questions from users about the Fianceo loan service:

How long will it take to receive my money?

In 24 hours as long as the request is carried out on a business day and the company has successfully contacted the guarantor to confirm the information of both.

Can I repay the loan in less than 18 months?

Yes, and you will not have to assume any commission for early repayment, just pay the interest during the corresponding months.

Why was my guarantor rejected?

When you contact your guarantor, we carry out a study on your financial situation. If it is rejected, it may be due to this or to a failure to comply with any of the above requirements.

Do I need payroll to apply for a loan with Fianceo?

You do not need a payroll domiciled to your account, but you do need some regular monthly income such as a scholarship, benefit, retirement, etc.

Can I apply for a Fianceo loan if I am on Credit Checker?

Yes, since Fianceo will not evaluate your credit history but that of your guarantor, therefore, this is the one who cannot appear in any delinquent file.

Contact Fianceo

You have several ways to contact Fianceo; through any of your emails or by phone:

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