Alimony What is it and how is it calculated?


Are you in a divorce process? Then, you will be interested in knowing everything about alimony.

Living through a divorce is generally not very pleasant and even more so when there are children involved. If this is your case, surely you are wondering what happens to them? How do you ensure that your children are going to maintain their lifestyle and that they are not going to miss anything?

Very easy! Through an alimony agreement, both parties will be able to be sure that their children will always have the best.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or simply want to know more about the subject, you have come to the right place. Keep reading!

What is alimony?

According to article 142 of the Civil Code of the United States, what can be considered as alimony is defined.

  • Livelihood: It is considered as everything that is basic to live.
  • The home: The property where the children or adolescents reside.
  • Clothing: Clothes, shoes and everything that children need to have a quality of life.
  • Medical assistance: Routine medical check-ups and assistance in case of illness.
  • Education: Education is also part of the pension. Even when he is of legal age and could not finish his training due to some external cause.
  • Pregnancy and delivery expenses : All expenses associated with the birth of the new child.

In short, alimony is the monthly payment to cover the daily, weekly or monthly expenses that your children may have .

However, the perspective is usually taken of being a process that only occurs in divorces. But it can also occur between parents who are sentimentally not involved, by accepting their paternity.

This means that alimony applies to single parents. There is also the belief that alimony is only paid when you have minor children.

However, the reality is different. If you have a child of legal age, but who still does not have their own income due to any situation beyond their own control, you must continue to pay the pension .

Who usually pays alimony?

If you have custody of your children, the other parent will be in charge of complying with the payments of the pension agreement. This is so, because each party is assuming its own expenses in the search for a better life for the children.

Now, sometimes, there are parents who decide not to accept alimony. However, in these cases, which are very rare, it is usually recommended to have everything in writing and signed.

How is the pension calculated?

At the time of drawing the accounts of the amount that must be paid for alimony, there are several factors that influence. For example, the amount may increase or decrease depending on the number of children you have . Also, it varies depending on your needs, the place of residence and the assets you have.

However, the General Council of the Judiciary took the initiative to create an online tool. This tool, available on its official website, helps you perform the necessary calculations. For this, you just have to enter the following information:

  • Number of children they have.
  • Type of custody.
  • The current year.
  • The town in which the children reside.
  • The income of both parties.
  • The number of days the children spend with each other.

In this way, you can calculate exactly what you must pay in alimony. You also have the option of seeking the opinion and calculations of experts in the field. In general, there are specialized judges and / or lawyers, who perform the calculation based on personal factors.

Take into account that the amount of the pension is subject to change considering the needs that your children may have . For example, if they have some kind of disability or illness.

Additionally, it is important that you consider that extraordinary expenses are not included in the calculation. This type of expense corresponds to the eventualities that may arise.

However, alimony is a legal responsibility of both parties. This means, in the event that you decide to stop paying, you would be committing a crime.

For this reason, if you have to pay alimony, it is best to take care of your finances and learn to save money , so that you fully comply with the support of your children.

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