Pezetita Loans - Opinions and Offer

term 61 - 90 days
our note 4
age 18 - 60 years
free first loan Yes
maximum first loan $ 100 - $ 1,000
Supports Credit Checker Yes

Advantages and disadvantages of Pezetite

  • Completely free service.
  • You save time and money comparing lenders.
  • Simple interface and fast service.
  • Your first loan is free with 0% interest.
  • If your application is approved, you will get the money in a few minutes.
  • Good solution if you need money urgently and you can return it in the short term.
  • You don't need payroll.
  • Compatible with Credit Checker.
  • You are not responsible for the conditions of the loan.
  • The lenders you link with may offer different interest rates.
  • Reduced credit limit.
  • Little information on your website.
  • Few means of contact.

Pezetita Loans works as a micro-credit search engine for clients, being really an intermediary between an individual who is looking for a loan, and a financial institution authorized to lend money. Based on your credit profile and the data you share, they select an appropriate credit for you.

In this opportunity, we will show you everything you need to know about Pezetita loans and how they work , as well as different opinions so you can discover if it is the best option for you.

What is Pezetita Loans?

Pezetita Loans is a website that helps you find the most suitable and feasible credit according to your credit and financial profile. It works with small amounts of money and short repayment terms, so you can request from 100 to 1000 us dollars to return within a period of 61 to 90 days.

It is important to note that Pezetita is not a lender but rather a search engine or intermediary that will connect you with the most favorable option for your finances based on your current situation. Basically they facilitate the task of looking for the cheapest personal loans on your own and comparing different entities, because through your profile they already carry out this study for you.

How do Pezetita Loans work?

Pezetita Loans

Finding your best mini credit option online with Pezetita is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website   and select the amount you need between 100 and 1000 us dollars.
  2. Click the "apply for loan" button and follow the instructions.
  3. You must fill in basic personal information such as email, date of birth.
  4. You will have to indicate the reason for your request and provide the greatest amount of data to have a greater probability that a financial institution or lender will approve it.
  5. They will inform you which is the best credit institution according to your profile, including the approved amount, repayment term and interest rate.
  6. Once you agree with the proposal, you will receive the money in a few minutes, depending on the entity.
  7. Once the money is received, you must pay the agreed amount monthly until the loan and its interests are fully repaid.


Remember that Pezetita acts as an intermediary between individuals and the different lenders, so they do not handle a single interest rate with all their providers. Ideally, after the analysis you receive several proposals and you can compare their interest rates and conditions.

However, on their website they report that the APR of their providers varies from 0% to 1,009.48%.


The return period varies between 61 and 90 days , since they are small amounts. However, it is likely that these conditions may vary according to the lender.

Types of Pezetita Loans

In Pezetita you can access different types of credits, among which we can highlight:

  • Mini-credits
  • Quick Credits
  • Loans with Credit Checker , that is, you can request it, even if you appear in the delinquent file of the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments.
  • Loans without payroll.
Pezetita Opinions

Requirements and Conditions of the Pezetita Loans

There really are not many requirements to apply for your Pezetita loan online. Although you do not need an endorsement, payroll or pension, you must demonstrate that you will be able to repay the amount they loaned you within the indicated period . Also, if you appear in Credit Checker you can request a credit without any problem.

Among the basic requirements that you must meet to obtain your Pezetita online loan, we have:

  • Be over 18 years of age with current documentation.
  • Have a residence address in the United States.
  • Have email and phone so they can contact you.
  • Have a bank account in the country so that they can deposit the money.

Is Pezetita reliable? Feedback

Pezetita is reliable

The Pezetita website has all the security regulations so you can rest easy and know that your data will not be compromised at any time. Most of the Pezetita opinions point to a great satisfaction in the service, confirming that it is free for individuals, just like the first loan requested.

Likewise, many users are happy with the repayment period, since a term of 90 days seems very comfortable to be loans of small amounts of money , where normally the maximum term is 30 days.

Frequently asked questions about Pezetita

Most of those interested in obtaining a Pezetita Loan usually have doubts about aspects such as:

⭐️ How long will it take to know if my Pezetita Loan application was approved?

Normally you will receive a response in 15 minutes, which can be to inform you that it was approved, denied or requesting an extra document.

⭐️ How long will it take to receive the money?

This will depend on the bank you use, so it can be effective immediately after the request is approved or after a couple of business days.

⭐️ Can I receive a Pezetita loan if I am in Credit Checker?

You will be able to process your application without problem , but the amount of results or the approval of the application will depend on the lenders.

Contact Pezetita

There is no telephone number to contact Pezetita, since they work only as an intermediary and search engine, but if you have a problem with the operation of the website, you can call Fininity, the company responsible.

? Telephone : 668 680 035

? Email : [email protected]

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