Differences between an online loan and a traditional loan

online and traditional loan

Do you need financing and you don't know what is best for you? If you have doubts between choosing an online loan or a traditional loan, it is important that you know their differences. In this article we will show you the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each modality so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

In this new digital and technological era, it is not surprising that many of the procedures that we used to do in person, we can now do from home.

In the financial field, personal loans are not far behind, since now you can also request a loan in 15 minutes . What was normally a visit to the bank to request requirements, gather documents and handle a lot of paperwork, can now be done in a couple of clicks.

Although for both modalities you receive a fixed amount of money, which you must then pay in installments, you will find specific characteristics in each one that may be more convenient for certain needs. So, if you are looking for financing and you have not been able to decide, discover below the differences between an online loan and a traditional loan.

Characteristics of a Traditional Loan

Mainly, a traditional loan is one that we personally request from a bank or financial institution. They are generally more difficult to obtain in most cases and involve meeting with a company worker to discuss the best conditions for both of you.

Among its characteristics we can mention:

Your requirements are very high

Normally, when you apply for a traditional loan, it is usually for large amounts of money, so it involves a series of more demanding requirements to justify that you can return the money. In fact, it is very difficult for your traditional loan application to be approved if you are enrolled in a delinquent file such as Credit Checker .

For this type of loan, it is very likely that the bank will request:

  • Presence of guarantee.
  • Presentation of payroll.
  • Contracting additional services with the bank.

Conditions are well defined

Despite being quite strict with the requirements, banks offer more stable proposals for those who apply for a traditional loan . That is, there are no hidden commissions that inflate the amount to be paid over time and everything is documented, so they provide greater peace of mind.

You won't be able to escape the paperwork

Although it is now possible to apply for a traditional loan through an online form, it is most likely that you will have to complete the corresponding procedures. For example, arrange a meeting, agree on the amount, gather the required documents, and wait for an approval from the bank.

The process is longer

From the time you arrange the meeting for a traditional loan, until your application is approved and the money is granted, it can take months. It is for this reason that many people use it for long-term projects that are not urgent.

They offer higher amounts

Through a traditional loan you can access a more complete financing, including mortgage proposals that involve thousands of us dollars to acquire a property or a home.

Characteristics of an Online Loan

traditional or online loan - which one to choose

Mainly, online loans emerged as an alternative to traditional loans, where you can contact financial institutions or lending companies through web forms to send your application and requirements online.

Typically online loans are flexible, but it is important to look for reliable lenders.

Among its characteristics, we can mention:

Simple requirements

When applying for a loan online, the requirements are usually very similar. In most of these entities, such as MoneyMas , they will ask you:

  • Be of age.
  • Have monthly income.
  • Have a bank account in the country.
  • Have current contact information.

In addition, online loans are usually compatible with the Credit Checker defaulter file, as is the case with the Cashper company.

Forget the paperwork

Normally, applying for a loan online, you will notice that everything is done through the web. For most lenders that offer their services online, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Fill in a form with your personal information about your income.
  • Submit documentation to verify your identity.
  • Enter the request.
  • Receive the entity's response.
  • You will not have to leave home and the money will go directly to your bank account.

Lower interest rates

Fortunately, online loans have lower interest rates, since entities do not have to face certain operational or administrative costs that banks do face when they offer a traditional loan. Another great advantage is that you can request a credit online without changing bank .

In fact, in many financial institutions, your first loan is free , that is, it is free of interest and commissions.

The process is fast

Normally, obtaining a loan online is extremely fast, from the moment you enter the application until you receive the answer, it can take a maximum of 48 hours or much less, depending on the bank .

That is why this quality makes it an ideal option for those who need urgent financing.

Variety in loan limit

One of the main characteristics of an online loan is that you can access different amounts. In fact, in the case of companies like Wandoo , they offer loans from 300 us dollars .

However, in companies like Younited Credit , you can obtain immediate online loans of up to 40,000 us dollars, designed to cover needs in the medium and long term in the same way.

Online loan vs traditional loan: which is better?

Mainly, between an online loan and a traditional loan, the best option will depend on your needs . Let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each modality:

Advantages and disadvantages of online credits

Online Loan



  • 100% online process without paperwork.
  • You get almost immediate response and financing.
  • Low interest rates.
  • They ask for few requirements.
  • They are compatible with Credit Checker.
  • You can monitor your payments over the internet.
  • There are unreliable companies.
  • The amounts they finance are mostly low but you can find exceptions.
  • Penalty fees for delay can be very high.

Pros and cons of traditional loans

Traditional Loan



  • They offer high amounts and longer repayment terms.
  • Greater protection to the individual.
  • You can answer questions in person.
  • Guarantee of a reliable agreement.
  • Demanding requirements.
  • You need Endorsement.
  • Not compatible with Credit Checker or other delinquent files.
  • Higher interest rates.
  • Long waits for an answer.
  • Paperwork and administrative procedures.
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