Loans without payroll

If you are a pensioner or self-employed worker, you no longer have any impediment to get loans online. You do not need endorsements or guarantees, just proving your monthly income is enough. What are you waiting for? Take a look at this list of credits without payroll online that you can request from today, and give it the use you need.

Ranking of the best loans without payroll

Last update: 6 November 2020
Ranking created based on the most frequently granted loans
1 - 48 months
$ 50 - $ 7,500
maximum first loan
free first loan
7 - 30 days
$ 50 - $ 300
maximum first loan
free first loan
91 - 120 days
$ 100 - $ 1,000
maximum first loan
? Varies by lender
free first loan
61 - 120 days
$ 50 - $ 300
maximum first loan
free first loan
5 - 30 days
$ 50 - $ 1,000
maximum first loan
free first loan
1 - 60 months
? Even from 7 days
$ 50 - $ 9,000
maximum first loan
free first loan
5 - 30 days
$ 100 - $ 1,000
maximum first loan
free first loan
5 - 31 days
$ 50 - $ 500
maximum first loan
free first loan
1 - 48 months
$ 50 - $ 5,000
maximum first loan
free first loan
1 - 38 days
1 - $ 300
maximum first loan
free first loan
61 - 120 days
$ 100 - $ 400
maximum first loan
free first loan

What are loans without payroll?

They are better personal loans that do not claim to be on the payroll as a condition to request and receive the money . This type of personal loan is aimed at pensioners and self-employed workers , mainly, who wish to cover a debt.

However, they allow you to go to it if you are unemployed . However, it is essential that you can demonstrate that you have the ability to pay necessary to meet commitments on time. Thus, financial entities will consider your profile and you are more likely to obtain approval.

It should be noted that the process is transparent and at all times you will be informed of all the details: interest rate ( TIN and APR ), commissions, installment amounts, financing terms, extra conditions and much additional and necessary information.

Who are the loans without payroll aimed at?

Although loans without payroll do not require having a payroll domiciled to your bank account, this type of loan is aimed at those people who have some type of monthly income , or failing that, endorsement or guarantee. This in order to demonstrate to the financial institution that you will somehow have a way to return the amount of money requested, using income other than a salary from work.

Of course, depending on your current situation, companies will determine the amount of money they can offer you and the most convenient term for you. This way you make sure you do not enter into an unpayable loan that ends up unbalancing your finances. In this way, it could be said that loans without payroll are aimed at individuals such as:

  • Self-employed
  • Retirees who receive a pension.
  • Students who receive some type of scholarship or benefit.
  • People who collect unemployment benefit.
  • Workers with temporary contracts.

An alternative for the unemployed

No payroll loans have become a convenient alternative for the unemployed. As:

  • It is a type of personal loan that does not require a payroll as payment support . A service that not all banks support.
  • The offer of fast credit without payroll, aimed at those who are unemployed, increases every day.

For these reasons, beyond being an option for pensioners and the self-employed, it is also an option for people who are unemployed. But they need urgent financing to meet their needs.

Credit without regular income

What if I have no fixed income? Again, we emphasize it: in order for you to obtain credits without payroll, it is necessary to present proof of sufficient, constant and demonstrable income. These incomes have certain peculiarities to consider so that they approve your request for fast credits without accruing a salary :

Alternative periodic income Demonstrable alternative income Sufficient alternative income
They are income that is received monthly for a minimum term. What allows you to face the return of the money you have obtained. They are income that you need to certify through an official document. With the purpose of proving your income and being a client without payroll. They are income that allows you to repay the borrowed money, without causing your financial situation to become unbalanced.

If it is the case that it is not possible for you to justify your income, possibly you will have to have an endorsement or a guarantee to support your financial capacity . And, in this way, the banks make sure that you will not fail at any installment. Similarly, you should check with the lenders of your choice for a comparison.

Use your car as collateral in loans without payroll

If you are currently in Credit Checker or do not have any type of regular income, you should know that it is possible to use some type of property as collateral to request this type of loan. A car that is in your name is the perfect example to get the money you need, since you can continue using it while paying the monthly fees.

Normally, loans without payroll using your car as collateral are fully compatible with Credit Checker. In addition, the financial institution offers financing up to 50% of the value of the vehicle, to cover repayment terms of up to 5 years, or even 10 years. If you want to know more, see car loans as collateral .

Loans without payroll using Housing or Property as Collateral

In addition to using your car, many people use other types of properties, such as a home, real estate or premises, as long as it is in their name. This is the most common modality for those who want to apply for a loan without a payroll, but do not have any type of income or have a vehicle in their name.

In this type of loans without payroll, it is important to note that the interests are lower, with Annual Equivalent Rates (APR) ranging from 1.25% to 15%. However, when comparing prices, it is important that you take into account the value of the opening and cancellation fees that apply. We can find financing from 30% to 80% of the value of the home, with repayment terms that range from 15 to 30 years.

And that's not all! For these loans it does not affect that you are on a list of defaulters such as Credit Checker or RAI.

Loans without payroll or property - is it possible?

What if, in addition to payroll, you don't have any property either? It may seem like a very complicated situation to receive financing without payroll or endorsement. However, this is where the regular income figure comes in. It is necessary to have a sufficient income input that allows you not to depend on any property. In addition, appearing in a delinquency file does not completely rule out your opportunity to obtain a loan since there are entities that offer credits being in Credit Checker without property .

If you currently do not have any type of demonstrable income or property in your name, you will have to resort to the figure of a guarantor or guarantor who responds for you in case of incurring a default situation . This would be the only way for a financial entity to agree to approve a financing under these conditions.

Remember that purchasing this type of Loans or Aval implies that it assumes all financial responsibility in case you can not repay the loan. For this reason, it is a procedure that must be well planned to avoid generating problems in the financial situation of the person listed as guarantor.

Characteristics of the best personal loans without payroll  

Loans without payroll - Infographic

Personal loans without payroll are a good alternative for users who have seen, on more than one occasion, their online credit applications being rejected. And for one reason only: not to be on a payroll.

For this reason, financial institutions devised this financing alternative that benefits people with self-employment, pensioners or unemployed. Let's point out the main characteristics of fast loans :

  • They do not require that the source of income be a payroll. However, to get a personal loan of this type, it is essential to prove that you have regular and frequent income to meet the repayment period.
  • If you have a benefit, pension, or fixed income for self-employment, banking institutions could admit your profile without asking for endorsements or properties . Otherwise, they may ask you for additional conditions.
  • The request for loans without payroll varies depending on several financing alternatives depending on your credit history .
  • The amount you can get with these quick loans varies between € 300 to € 50,000 according to the lenders you consider. Regarding the repayment terms, they can be a single payment or several installments .
  • The interest rate, expenses and commissions are usually high .

How do loans without payroll work?

To apply for loans without payroll in 15 minutes, you just have to:

  • Make the request on the site of the bank or financial entity that you have selected. It is essential that you have alternative income that is sufficient to pay the online credit or credit card.
  • Income must be regular and demonstrable. For this reason, it is important that you present proof of what you receive . May be subsidies such as retirement pension or unemployment benefit.
  • If you are self-employed, you must file your tax return . If your alternative income is the product of leases, research grants, interest charges for savings, among others, they will also be taken into account when accessing this financing.

How to get loans without payroll?

In our ranking of immediate loans without salary you can check which are the main financial institutions that offer these types of financing. Many banks establish certain limitations. For example, that your benefit as unemployed or retired is higher than 500 us dollars.

Even so, they are minor limitations compared to traditional institutions that offer loans to people without a payroll with a more extensive list of obstacles.

These credits without payroll can be found via the internet. There are even countless free options . Some are loans for young people who have not yet entered the job market. But they need money urgently, and apply for a loan for the first time. So they offer free conditions to convert them into recurring customers.

In our opinion section you have a lot of detailed information about the entities that grant them.

Interest rates on unpaid loans

As in other types of immediate credits, in loans without salary you will also have to pay interest . In this case, the interest rate charged by banking institutions is known as TIN and APR (there are cases where they are free).

The first being a monthly rate and the second being the equivalent annual rate. Being able to go between 15% up to 3,000% in APR . These interest rates generally change depending on many factors. For example:

  • Banks.
  • History in the entity.
  • Financing term and amount requested.

However, lenders have simulators that allow you to know what the fees to pay will be, or if they are free.

Fast loans without payroll with Credit Checker

Debts are always an inconvenience to have a total amount granted by a financial institution. So you might be wondering, is it possible to obtain financing from banks while being on a list of defaulters? And the answer is flexible depending on the lender you select.

There are companies that grant credits without looking at Credit Checker . Just as there are other institutions that establish as a requirement that you are not on a list of defaulters. It's just a matter of checking with the various lenders.

What are the advantages of an online loan without payroll?

  • You do not need to show proof of fixed payroll .
  • The alternative income is valid to apply for financing.
  • The conditions of the personal loan without payroll are flexible, without so much paperwork .
  • The procedures are carried out completely online every day of the year and at any time.
  • People such as entrepreneurs, unemployed workers and pensioners have the opportunity to get a loan.
  • You do not have to gather a long list of documents, since the documentation to show is at your fingertips .
  • There are institutions that offer free credit .

What are the disadvantages of a loan without payroll?

A loan without a payroll is an excellent alternative when it comes to meeting a need for money. However, there are some downsides to consider:

  • High interest rates .
  • Collection of additional commissions for late payments.
  • If an eventuality prevents you from complying with the financing payment, you will be included in the database of defaulters .

Requirements to apply for loans without payroll

If you are thinking of requesting a loan without a payroll , you should know the conditions that credit companies usually ask for. Get to know them below!

  • Residence in Spanish territory and be of legal age .
  • The national identity document in force.
  • Ownership of an account in a bank in United States .
  • Email address and a mobile to receive communications.
  • Economic solvency .
loan without payroll online

What Documents Does a Loan Without Payroll Require?

Normally, you can request and obtain this type of loan through the website of the lender. Although the procedures are 100% online without payroll and do not require paperwork or bureaucratic procedures, the company must make sure to verify your identity . For this reason, they may request that you submit documents such as:

  • National Identity Document (DNI) or Foreign Identification Number (NIE) valid and scanned to prove your identity.
  • Proof of frequent income , proof of payment of benefit, scholarship, etc.
  • Extract from your bank account that reflects your latest movements.

Once you fill out the form on the lender's website to apply for your loan, you will probably find an option to attach these documents or an email address where you can send them.

Are there Online Loans without payroll only with DNI?

If you prefer the speed of an automatic process, you should know that it is possible to find companies that do not require the sending of documents to verify your identity . In these cases, you only have to prove your personal identification, through your current DNI or NIE number.

From this point on, the company uses alternative means of online verification to verify your identity, such as Instantor. It is common for these institutions to access our online banking to verify our identity through secure authentication platforms, which use encryption systems for the personal data you share, as well as an SSL certificate.

In this case, the process is much faster and more streamlined, so you will receive the answer about your credits online in less time, and if approved, you will have the money in your account in a few minutes.

How to request a loan without a payroll?

The procedure to apply for a loan without payroll is very easy. It generally encompasses the following steps:

  • Enter the website : Enter the official site of the lender and get access in the "new customers" section.
  • Select amount and term : Indicate on the website of the credit institution the capital you will request. You must also determine the monthly fee that best suits your financial possibilities.
  • Online registration : Enter your personal, financial and contact information in the online form.
  • Confirmation of the data : Wait for the credit company to verify the information and contact you to confirm some data. If you meet the profile, they will approve the financing. Note that the lender's representatives are available on any day.

Remember to review the conditions, you may run into free commissions.

How long will it take to receive the money?

When you apply for these loans online, normally the response to your request is immediate. For this reason, it is one of the best alternatives to cover emergencies and get out of financial trouble without wasting time. Once you sign the digital contract that the entity sends you and your data is verified, the money can be released into your bank account after about 15 minutes.

However, depending on your bank and the day your request is approved, you may get the money sooner or later. For example, if the procedure is effective during a business day, and the entity works with your bank, you will receive the money instantly.

Now, if it is done during the weekend, you will probably have to wait from 24 hours to 48 hours until the transfer takes effect. In any case, it is less time compared to what you would have to wait for the response of a bank loan, where the process usually takes more days and even weeks.

What if I cannot pay my loan?

The fact of requesting this type of loan may imply that you are not going through a favorable economic situation, especially if you request such financing using a guarantee or your properties as collateral since you do not have a regular monthly income. For this reason, you may find yourself in the position of not being able to pay a fee on the due date.

What should you do in that case? The first thing is NOT to miss the date of payment of the fee . If you think in advance that you will not be able to make the payment, it is best to report it as soon as possible to the company's Customer Service Department. Many people take lightly the late interest and penalties that companies apply when you are late in paying a fee and in the end they end up much more in debt than before.

You will be surprised to know that today, with so many credits and personal loans on the market, companies have become more flexible to the needs of current users. In this way, once you contact them, you can negotiate some type of extension or agreement with better conditions for you.

Surely, the company establishes an extension that extends the term of your loan repayment , in addition to reducing the monthly fee that you have to pay. In this way, you can be more calm and pay a monthly amount that does not greatly affect your personal finances or your monthly budget. Before making the mistake of stopping paying, this is the best alternative if you find yourself in trouble.

Early Amortization of a Loan without Payroll

As can happen in any other loan scenario, sometimes our financial situation changes unexpectedly, or we receive external help from a family member or the State. In this case, it is likely that your initial situation will be resolved in another way and you prefer to cancel your debt with a lending company . What if you already had a signed contract for a term of, for example, 5 years?

Even if this situation catches you in the middle of the repayment term, you do not want to wait for the two years to pass and pay interest for a need that is already covered. In this case, the best option is to pay off your debt in advance.

Some companies may charge a penalty for early repayment of a loan, but it will definitely be more profitable than dragging debt for longer. The good news is that many other companies accept this agreement without any problem and allow you to pay the entire loan or even part of it, in order to reduce the term of your debt.

Frequently asked questions about the best fast loans without payroll

Quick loans without payroll are in high demand by users with a pension, without a job and the self-employed. If you are on this list and have additional questions, here are some answers:

✅ What is quick financing without payroll ?

They are credits that do not require a payroll as the main means of income to be able to appear as a qualified applicant.

Who can request these financial products?

Unemployed, self-employed and pensioners (not older than 65 years). As long as they can demonstrate recurring income to respond to the payments established during the hiring, they are admitted to credits of this type.

Is it necessary to have guarantors?

If you are not able to demonstrate periodic income, banks may ask you to have guarantors who can answer for you in case of defaults. Although it is a type of credit without payroll or endorsement, you have to bear in mind that these institutions must have a guarantee to ensure its fluidity.

How much can you get with these credits without payroll and without endorsement?

The amounts are variable and depend on the lenders. This can be a small amount of 300 (or even less) and a maximum of 50,000 us dollars.

When must the borrowed money be repaid?

The repayment terms vary according to the amounts granted by the bank. However, they can range from 5 days to 8 years. If you want a certain amount, you can locate it in the lender's simulator.

Is there a possibility to apply for a loan with Credit Checker?

Yes! As long as the financial entity admits it.

What are the requirements to request loans without payroll?

Be over 18 years of age, have a valid Spanish DNI and NIE, be the owner of a bank account in the United States, have an email / mobile in their own name, and demonstrate financial solvency. It depends on the advantages to be offered by the institution.

Is the money transfer fast?

The money in your account can take between 15 minutes to 24 hours, it will depend on your bank. These institutions are characterized by offering instant payments, so check the time they offer.

What are the steps to request a loan without pay?

The procedure is so simple that you will not take more than 15 minutes. You just have to enter the official site of the lender and perform the calculation of the fees in the simulator. If you agree, accept the conditions and fill out the form with your personal data. Then, check them out and wait for approval.

What aspects to consider when requesting a loan for people without salary?

The terms to replace the money, the commission or additional expense, the interest rate, the conditions, the requirements, and the total amount allowed offered by the institution. There are credits that you must return in days, weeks or years, choose the one that best suits you.
There are also other associated services that you should give yourself the opportunity to review whenever the entity inspires confidence in you.

What type of guarantee can be offered?

Offering the car as collateral is the most common. However, there are users who also present their home as collateral to obtain this financing. You can also offer other properties whose value is the backing of your credit. The same institution can guide you in calculating the value of the good presented.

Do you offer free commissions?

It depends on the lender. There are many in the market that offer free loans without payroll, but you must verify this information. Don't be fooled by just reading the word "free", read the fine print very well.