Capital on Tap - Opinions and Offer of credits for freelancers and SMEs

offer to Self-employed and SMEs
Time to respond 2 minutes
age 18 - 80 years
Allow extensions Yes
Early return Yes
Supports Credit Checker No
free first loan No
term 1 - 34 days
Highlight VISA card associated with a line of credit
maximum first loan $ 1,500 - $ 50,000

Advantages and disadvantages of Capital On Tap

  • 34-day interest-free return
  • Different means of contacting Customer Service
  • Procedures 100% online
  • Physical card without commissions
  • They request a minimum income of 3000 us dollars
  • No commissions of any kind

Running the reins of a business involves constantly investing in improvements and equipment. In this way, having a line of credit that is renewed every month and allows you to meet these expenses is one of the most viable options for entrepreneurs. In this opportunity we will show you how Capital on Tap Credit is one of the best solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

What is Capital on Tap Credit?

This company has been operating in the United States since 2019 and offers lines of credit of up to US $ 50,000 for the self-employed and SMEs. Basically it works like a credit card where you will have a monthly amount available and you will have to pay a minimum monthly payment to pay off your debt.

Through this company, you can access financing in 3 different ways:

  • Receive the funds directly to your bank account.
  • Withdraw the cash from authorized ATMs.
  • Postpone payment of the card.

How does your line of credit for freelancers work?

capital on tap login

It is important to mention that Capital on Tap offers you a Visa card without any commission, which means that you don't have to pay anything if you don't use it. To get this line of credit, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the website through our link and register with your data or those of your company.
  • Fill in the online application form with the reason and purpose of the credit.
  • Send the documentation of your company connecting through the Open Banking tool .
  • In just 2 minutes you can activate your Capital on Tap account to send your request.
  • If the request is approved, you will receive the requested funds directly to your bank account in a maximum of 48 business hours , depending on your bank.
  • The card will be sent directly to your home address, along with the rest of the cards that you have requested for your employees or partners.
  • From the Capital on Tap App you can control the limit of each associated card and monitor its movements. So you can know who has spent what and how they are managing the financing.

Interest on Capital on Tap

The Capital on Tap line of credit does not include a representative Annual Rate Equivalent (APR), as it works like a credit card. However, it does work with a monthly Nominal Interest Rate (TIN) of 0.79%.

If you use the full payment method, you can postpone the payment of your purchases for 34 days without interest . However, in the normal mode, if you exceed 30 days to return the minimum fee, additional interest for late payment will be applied.

Return of CapitalOnTap Credit

The repayment conditions for this credit are flexible and adapted to the current situation of each business. As would happen with a credit card, the company or self-employed person must pay a minimum monthly fee to pay off their debt month by month.

The minimum percentage that you must pay is 10% of your total debt . This means that, if your credit limit is 20,000 us dollars and you only used 1000 during the first month, the payment of your first minimum installment will be 100 us dollars.

Then your remaining debt will be 900 and if it remained intact during the second month you would have to pay 90 us dollars in the payment of your second installment. Otherwise, if you made purchases for 1000 us dollars more and your debt amounts to 1900 us dollars, the 10% would be 190 us dollars. In short, you should always pay 10% of what you owe.

Types of Credit in Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap United States offers a financing modality known as a line of credit, a type of loan for freelancers and companies that allows access to a fixed amount of money each month. In this way, it represents an effective solution to deal with fixed expenses within the company such as the payment of basic services, rents and salaries , paying them in comfortable installments.

Requirements to obtain a credit

capital on tap form

To obtain the CapitalOnTap credit card, the most important thing is that you or your company have stable monthly income and not less than 3000 us dollars . In addition to this, it is important that you meet other requirements such as:

  • Registered business in United States.
  • Minimum operating time of 18 months.
  • Have a valid NIE or DNI.
  • Have active mobile and email to receive the information and send the required documentation.
  • That your business does not appear in any non-payment registry as a Credit Checker.

Capital on Tap User Reviews Is it reliable?

Many users highlight the benefits of using the Capital on Tap Visa card, one of the main ones being the fact that it does not apply commissions . In addition, the exchange rate used to pay in different currencies is the one applied by Visa, which facilitates operations in foreign currency.

Frequent questions

We have compiled the most frequent doubts from Capital on Tap users:

Can I order cards for members and employees?

Yes, there is a limit of 20 physical cards for employees and partners.

Do you charge commissions?

No, even if you do not use Capital on Tap services, you will not have to pay opening, maintenance or early cancellation fees.

The loan can be repaid in advance

Yes, without charging any commission.

Can I request the funds to my bank account?

Yes, if you do not use the card you can ask to deposit the funds to your account or that of your company.

Is it necessary to renew the service?

No, therefore, it has no maintenance cost.

CapitalonTap Contact

You can contact Capital on Tap's customer service team to ask any questions or report an incident through three means:

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