Creditea - opinions, advantages and credit requirements

term 2 - 36 months
our note 4
free first loan No
Supports Credit Checker No
maximum first loan $ 100 - $ 5,000
Early return Yes
Allow extensions Yes
age 18 - 99 years

Advantages and disadvantages of Creditea

  • Credit online and also by phone
  • Quick response and credit entry in 15 minutes
  • From 18 years
  • No cancellation fee
  • Flexible payment with "one month respite"
  • Interests somewhat softer than other entities
  • 30-day trial in which we can return the credit without interest
  • Line of credit open to be able to make partial withdrawals
  • Simple requirements and no paperwork
  • Minimum income of € 700
  • Does not accept Credit Checker

Creditea United States is a company dedicated to online loans, offering financial solutions to a wide variety of people with very different needs and economic situations. For this, it offers a personal management adapted to each request to always offer a specific answer.

In our review of Creditea we explain everything related to the credits of this entity and how you can get yours.

Basic information

Creditea is the commercial brand of International Personal Finance Spain SAU and is based at Avenida de la Albufera 153 in Madrid. It is part of the International Personal Finance PLC group and is one of the listed companies on the London Stock Exchange (IPF index), in addition to having almost 3 million clients in 14 countries around the world. This entity is presented as a Fintech for personal finance and is part of the top-10 Fintechs of 2018 in United States.

offer description

This entity offers credits of € 500 up to € 5000 focused especially on personal consumption. This entity offers 'responsible credit' aimed at people with a demonstrable minimum income of € 700 and who are not part of Credit Checker.

Thanks to its experience, it offers a response on the approval or denial of credit in just a few minutes, guaranteeing the transfer of this in 15 minutes. Of course, keep in mind that, despite the fact that Cretitea's business hours are from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week, the transfer may take a few more hours due to the activity of your bank.

The minimum amount that you can request at Creditea is € 500 and the maximum is € 5000, with repayment terms ranging from 61 days to 36 months. This entity also offers an advantage: you can return the money you have requested without interest within 30 days. Finally, Creditea offers the possibility of having only part of what is requested.

Interest rates in Creditea

Regarding the interest rates applied by Creditea, they are personalized on each occasion. On its website we are informed that it has a monthly interest of 1.87%, an annual reference APR from 24.90% and with a maximum of 381.28% APR. As in other credits similar to these, the longer the amortization lasts, the higher the interest.

You should also know that you have up to 36 months to repay the loan and that you can do so at any time within that period of time. If you decide to return the amount before the end of the granted period, you will not be charged extra interest for cancellation or otherwise.

How to get a credit in Creditea?

The Creditea website explains a process that is really very short and simple, with accessible requirements for most, but taking into account that you must prove income and not be part of Credit Checker. However, if you appear in the delinquent files, you still have the possibility of requesting a loan with Credit Checker .

The Creditea website presents a calculator in which you can make simulations of your installment and the interest applied to the credit.When you have decided the amount of your loan and the repayment time, you can click on the button 'Request it now' and will start the whole process on-line or by phone.

Requirements in Creditea

  • You must be of legal age at the time of application
  • The DNI must be in force
  • You must justify a minimum monthly income of € 700
  • You must have a bank account in United States

The application process at Creditea

Creditea allows us a simple, fast and easy process that will take, at most, 40 minutes.

  1. Enter the amount to request and return time in the simulator.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. Provide proof of income.
  4. Confirm all your data with the operator or the online system.
  5. If the credit is approved, the money will be transferred to your account in 15 minutes.
Application process

Credit reviews: is it reliable?

Creditea is a company with a long history and considered a Fintech dedicated to personal finance. It is one of the safest choices, since it offers loans to people with demonstrable solvency.

Creditea Customer service

telephone 902 80 00 10

mail [email protected]

calendar Monday - Sunday from 09:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs

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