Instantor: What is it and how does it work?

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What is Instantor and how does it work? Instantor is the most modern online bank identification platform that is already used by the main online lenders. An agile and easy-to-use system that generates reports on our financial situation in a secure way and that we can use to speed up the application for an online loan.

We want to explain to you what Instantor is, a tool that is increasingly widespread among entities dedicated to fast loans and that aims to facilitate procedures. Don't miss any details and discover what Instantor is and how it works.

What is instantor?

Instantor is the online platform created by the Swedish startup Instantor AB . In short, it is a platform that manages our banking credentials to be able to use them when we want to contract a financial product , such as a quick online credit.

And this means? Our data is available on the web , although always protected so that our identity cannot be hacked. Our bank details too and a platform like Instantor allows us to safely concentrate all that data in one place. This platform replaces identity and bank documents on paper or PDF to unite them in a single 'digital identity' that we can use by connecting it to our online banking.

When we do a review of a credit institution online , we stop to see if we are asked for a lot or little paperwork. Of course, we reward entities that do not require the sending of vouchers to verify our identity or our bank account , but sometimes it is impossible to do without.

All this added to the fact that Instantor is an instant verification system that will allow us to speed up the loan application even more.

How does it work?

Instantor concentrates all our banking history at our request, since we must authorize Instantor to connect to our bank and be able to perform an analysis of our financial situation. In addition, it will verify our identity and store all that information in a secure system protected with 128-bit SSL encryption.

When we want to request a quick loan, we will simply connect our profile in Instantor with the entity. At that time, Instantor will provide our profile with all the identity information, credit history and banking situation . In this way we will speed up even more the granting (or not) of fast credit online.

Instantor is a platform that in European Union countries such as Sweden or Finland is gaining popularity, since these services allow you to save steps and tasks as heavy as scanning documents to apply for a loan online or change banks quickly and effective.

Is Instantor safe?

Of course. Instantor bases its prestige not only on the speed we gain when trying to contract a financial product, but also on the security of the system itself. This platform uses the same security and encryption processes that we can find in traditional online banking. On the one hand, we find the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, in Spanish secure connection layer ) protocol, which makes the connection between your bank and Instantor invisible to third parties. No one will be able to see that connection or save your data.

In addition, Instantor has trusted certificates on the internet and Trust-e encryption . This encryption certificate assures us that communications between your account and your bank are encrypted and no one can read it.

The advantages of Instantor

This system has a series of advantages over traditional systems that we cannot forget to comment on:

  • More agile processes : we do not have to scan or send any paper
  • It is easy to use : the system is automatic, we only have to give access to our bank and everything will be done in a few seconds.
  • Fast : the system is fully automated and the financial report, which is in real time, is sent securely to the entity
  • Safe and reliable : it has all the security measures and online encryption

Online loans with Instantor What entities use it?

loan application with instantor

This system is becoming more and more popular in United States and new entities dedicated to fast online loans are added every day. This is a list of the entities that use this system to operate:

  • Cashper and Cashper Plus
  • Vivus
  • Twinero
  • Now currency
  • CCloan
  • Loan 10
  • Luna Credit
  • Freezl
  • Ferratum
  • Moneyman
  • Credit Yes
  • Welp
  • Fidinda
  • Viaconto
  • Doctor Money

And many other entities that, little by little, are adopting Instantor.

Apply for a quick loan with Instantor

Registering with Instantor is very simple : we only have to access our bank through this platform and the entity will do the entire process automatically, creating a financial history based on data from the last 12 months. Then, when we apply for a loan online the steps are the following:

  1. The user initiates the application for fast credit online
  2. When prompted, enter your Instantor username and password
  3. The Instantor platform connects to the entity and sends the data to the lender
  4. The report is processed by determining whether the loan is accepted or denied


Instantor is an online platform that aims to make it easier for us to apply for fast loans thanks to its ability to generate financial reports quickly and reliably. Plus, it saves us the hassle of scanning and submitting identification documentation or paperwork that, in the end, only adds steps to the application process. All this, in a safe and efficient environment so that requesting your next loan online is fast and satisfactory.

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