Hipoo - Mortgage Broker: Mortgage Offer and How It Works

maximum first loan $ 30,000 - $ 1,500,000
term 1 - 40 years
Supports Credit Checker No
free first loan No
age 18 - 80 years

Advantages and disadvantages of Hipoo

  • It's a free service
  • Manage the entire process up to the signing of the mortgage
  • They only show pre-approved offers adapted to the profile
  • Offers can be configured down to the smallest detail
  • It is an online service
  • They do not support the request of users in delinquent lists

Hipoo is a mortgage broker that allows you to find and apply for the best mortgage alternative according to your needs and preferences. The professionals behind this entity look for, compare and negotiate for you a mortgage with recognized entities. Then they show you a list of personalized offers just to choose from.

Here are detailed information about Hipoo mortgages. From how it works, what are the requirements and conditions attached to the application process and, above all, we review the opinions about Hipoo.

What is Hipoo?

Hipoo is a marketplace specialized in mortgage technology. It is the trademark of the company HIPOO Digital Loans, S. L. It has been on the market since 2018 .

The purpose of this financial broker is to offer you the best alternative quickly, easily and transparently. To achieve this, they take into account your credit profile, needs and financial preferences to scan various alternatives of lenders. Then they present you with a list of personalized offers so that you can make the decision.

Today, Hipoo mortgages is recognized as the first Spanish fintech that has come to revolutionize the mortgage sector . By using technology for the entire mortgage contracting process. It is a novel model in the Iberian country.

Through this platform you can get mortgages with a term of up to 30 years at a fixed interest. Of course, the conditions may vary between providers.

How Hipoo Mortgages Work

On the same website of this mortgage broker it is possible to know how this platform works. Let's simplify it as follows:

  • Conversation with the bot: the process begins with a conversation with Hipoo, the characteristic bot of this broker. This is a graphic representation of a hippo that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .
  • Offer scanning: in the conversation you will have to answer questions about your salary, savings and debts . Based on this information, the bot will begin scanning the mortgage offer to present you with personalized options.
  • Probable offers: you can request all the offers you want simultaneously. However, the web algorithm will be in charge of identifying the offers with the highest probability of acceptance .
  • Objective comparison: after receiving the personalized offers, you will be able to carry out an objective comparison. For this, you will have the support of experts .
Hipoo mortgage conditions

Broker service cost

The Hipoo mortgage search, negotiation and management service is completely free for the client .

This business model is based on charging a commission (between 0.5% and 1%) on the mortgaged amount. However, it is a deduction that they make to the entities associated with their platform.

Entities to which you will have access

Hipoo doesn't stop his collaborating entities. Therefore, its results are impartial , since it will show you information from more than 21 entities, considering your financial profile and needs. Although these entities do not collaborate with Hipoo.

Some lenders you will have access to are:

  • Bankinter
  • Abanca
  • Bankia
  • BBVA
  • Caixabank
  • Ibercaja
  • ING
  • Santander
  • Sabadell
  • Kutxabank.

Hipoo vs Traditional Mortgage Broker

mortgages in Hipoo

Unlike other financial comparators, Hipoo analyzes your circumstances to find the best mortgage alternative that meets your needs. Its function does not end when it has put you in contact with the lender. On the contrary, it also takes care of the application and manages the entire process up to the signing of the mortgage .

This is a plus that other mortgage brokers don't offer.

How to apply for a mortgage at Hipoo

The application process with this broker, a specialist in mortgage technology, is very simple. You only have to go through a couple of steps:

  • You answer questions to fill out your profile
  • Based on the information provided, the platform's algorithm will present you with pre-approved personalized offers. You have the power to configure the type of offer you want to request (fixed or variable)
  • Upload documentation (digitally) for one time only
  • You compare the pre-approved offers and select the ones that have convinced you the most to renegotiate the conditions together with a mortgage expert
  • You receive the final offer and choose the one that is most attractive.

Throughout the process you will have the support and guidance of a mortgage expert.

Requirements and conditions

  • Be of age
  • Valid DNI or NIE
  • Income declaration (IRPF)
  • Location of the house
  • Last 3 payrolls
  • Annual VAT return if you are self-employed.

Hipoo review 2019: is it a reliable option?

This mortgage broker, although new to the market, has positioned itself as a novel fintech . In fact, it is a pioneer in the incorporation of mortgage technology in Spanish territory.

On its website it has a wide and varied section of frequently asked questions where you can consult different doubts. Unlike traditional brokers, Hipoo doesn't leave you alone when you choose a mortgage offer. He is your guide throughout the procedure, which culminates in the signing of the operation.

It is a free service , for its accompaniment you will not have to pay. It is duly registered as an intermediary in the granting of credits and mortgage loans. In addition, it complies with the regulatory framework of Law 2/2009 . All the security information and data processing can be corroborated on its official website.

In the Hipoo opinions that are read on the internet, positive impressions stand out. Users mention that this broker has been involved in the mortgage 100%, as if it were his. They classify him as a negotiator capable of obtaining favorable conditions and an advisor who gives answers to all the doubts that arise along the way.

As points against it, it can be mentioned that it does not give the possibility that users on delinquent lists can get a mortgage through its platform. If for some reason you have been included in one of the delinquency files, all is not lost. Learn about different methods to exit Credit Checker .

At Taichi Arts we take care of corroborating the legality of lenders, entities and brokers before reviewing their services. So we can assure that Hipoo is safe .

Frequent questions

Some common questions about Hipoo mortgages:

Is Hipoo Paying for the Mortgage?

No! Hipoo is just an intermediary who will put you in touch with the lender.

How long does the process take?

Approximately 45 minutes in total to make the final decision.

What types of mortgages does Hipoo offer?

Any type of mortgage offered by a conventional bank.

Is it possible to apply for a mortgage with a companion?

Clear! Only that the documentation would be double. That is, of the two applicants.

Can a foreigner use Hipoo?

Yes! But conditions vary. For example, the property to be financed must be located in Spanish territory.

Can a legal person (company) use Hipoo?

No! For now, there are only offers for individuals. Furthermore, it only works with residential real estate, not with commercial premises.

Customer service Hipoo mortgages

  • 📞 Telephone : 900 973 270 - 918 361 826
  • 📧 Email : [email protected]
  • 🏢 Physical address : calle María Molina 1, 6ºdcha. 28006 Madrid, United States
  • 📅 Business hours : Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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