Younited Credit - customer reviews and loan offer

term 6 - 84 months
our note 4
maximum first loan $ 1,000 - $ 50,000
age 18 - 70 years
Destined to individuals
Supports Credit Checker No
free first loan No
Time to respond 48h

Advantages and disadvantages of Younited Credit

  • You get financing for a wide variety of destinations
  • It has a secure and innovative platform based on the "marketplace" model
  • The loan is transparent in terms of costs and rates, without hidden fees and with fixed fees
  • You don't need endorsement
  • Younited Credit is 100% online, even the signature and presentation of documents is via the internet
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Quick pre-acceptance and definitive response within 48 hours
  • No commissions for total or partial amortization
  • You must not be reported in any delinquency registry
  • The communication channel is only by e-mail

Younited Credit offers online loans through a simple site, without requesting an endorsement and quickly. These credits are financed by a community of responsible investors . Its purpose is to allow Spanish families to obtain financing for a wide variety of projects, with a transparent and simple process.

Next, we present detailed information about Younited Credit personal loans : how you can apply for them, what are the requirements to respect, what conditions it contemplates and, above all, Younited Credit opinions .

What is Younited Credit?

Younited Credit is an online platform that offers online loans, which are backed by a large community made up of insurers, companies, individuals, funds, foundations, among others. Through this site you can request up to 50,000 EUR to be returned between 6 months to 7 years .

The Younited Credit United States entity was born in 2008 as an initiative of co-founder Charles Egly. The company arose after when applying for a personal loan at his bank, he observed that the payment conditions were not the best, and that he had contracted a revolving loan . In this way, he embarked on a project to offer people more fair and transparent loans.

How Younited Credit works

Younited Credit is a secure online credit platform, which is based on the «marketplace» model . Its technology allows you to request a loan directly from its community of professional investors quickly and online. So, it acts as an intermediary , but more reliable than others in the financial market.

Pillars of Younited Credit

The entity offers more accessible and simple conditions than those offered by the banking system, allowing more people to obtain financing for a wide variety of projects.

Younited Credit is the only European loan site that has been licensed as a credit institution . Well, it is authorized by the French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) , and is registered in the Bank of United States .

The fundamental pillars on which the organization is based are:

  • Fair loan , in which 100% of the interest paid by the client is paid to professional investors.
  • Quick loan , with online and automatic application where you receive a definitive answer within 48 hours from the receipt of your complete file.
  • Transparent loan , it has no hidden fees and you pay a fixed monthly payment, with no surprises.

Today, Younited Credit has allowed 151,327 projects to be completed , for a total amount of $ 1,201,564,000 . It has offices in Barcelona, ​​Paris, Rome and Lisbon .

Amounts, terms and interests of the credits

Regarding financing amounts, the entity approves amounts from EUR 1,000 to EUR 50,000 , without the need to present guarantees. Regarding the repayment terms, you will have a minimum of 6 months and a maximum time of 7 years to repay the loan together with the accrued interest.

The only source of remuneration for the company comes from the management fee that is deducted from the loan amount. The amount is included in the APR, which has a maximum of 19.957%.

Finally, the TIN and APR conditions vary depending on the amount and term of the credit.

Extensions and early cancellation

If for any reason you cannot cover a fee, immediately contact Younited Credit support to extend your personal loan. You can also make advance payments without this involving paying additional commissions .

Types of Younited Credit loans

Uses of Younited Credit personal loans

In the Younited Credit customers area you can see what are the possible uses that you can give to the P2P loans granted by this entity. And you can request different types of financing. For example:

  • Loan reforms
  • Car loan
  • Debt reunification
  • Personal loan
  • Project loan
  • Liquidity loan.

These financings can be used to unify debts, cover reforms, have more liquidity for a project, get a new car, cover medical expenses, buy furniture, pay for travel, leisure, education, weddings, moving, mortgages, among others.

Loans without payroll and if endorsement

Yes! Younited Credit makes loans without payroll and without collateral. However, you do need to show regular income . It is the way to corroborate that you can respond in a timely manner with the credit.

Loans with Credit Checker?

No! This platform does not grant loans with Credit Checker, unfortunately. Even when you fill out the application for a loan, it will be rejected when evaluating your financial history and noting that you are on the delinquent list .

However, not all is lost, because many entities grant a credit even if you are in Credit Checker or RAI .

Free and interest-free first loan?

No! The first loan is not free and interest-free . Therefore, you should check the terms and conditions very well before confirming the credit. Consult entities that offer free first credit without interest .

How to get a loan at Younited Credit?

Younited Credit allows Spanish families to obtain financing directly from professional investors. Its objective is to simplify and streamline financial flows between the investor and the borrower in a transparent way.

The application process is online . So it is very simple and efficient , allowing you to maximize the use of your time and obtaining a response tailored to your needs. The steps are:

  1. Enter your website , select your project and import and enter your email.
  2. Get a definitive answer in 48 hours, sign your contract online (through a personal code that you will receive on your cell phone) and upload your documents.
  3. Receive the disbursement of the money in your checking account in a few days after the final approval of your request.

Requirements at Younited Credit

The required documents are uploaded in digital format . The requirements are:

age Be of age
DNI Valid DNI / NIE or valid passport
income Proof of income: Wage earners: recent payroll. Pensioners: revaluation of the pension of the current year or Certificate of Withholdings of the previous year
Bank Bank ownership
receipt Bank statement for the last month

Is Younited Credit reliable? - Customer reviews

On the web, there are many Younited Credit opinions contributed by clients of this financial institution. Most of these rescue that it is a safe institution with attractive conditions, unlike other platforms that are dedicated to granting personal loans in the United States .

The platform is simple to use, there are only 3 steps to take to request a personal loan. Although the interests are low , compared to other entities, they vary depending on the financial profile of each client. As another negative point, some Younited Credit clients claim that the confirmation rate is low .

The fact that you do not grant loans with Credit Checker is also a limitation for a large number of users. But it is compensated with the maximum amounts (50,000 EUR) that can be requested, and the repayment terms (up to 7 years). In addition, it does not request endorsements or be registered on a payroll in order to be an applicant.

In short, the entity has an international security seal that has positioned it as a 100% safe alternative . However, communication with customers is low, and conditions a bit rigid.

Frequent questions

Among some frequent doubts:

☑ What amount can be available in the first loan?

Up to 50,000 EUR.

☑ How long does it take to give an answer?

Up to 48 hours.

☑ Is it necessary to be employed to qualify for a loan?

No! You can apply for a loan as unemployed, retired, self-employed, etc. But you must have a stable and regular income.

☑ By what method can the money be received?

Only bank transfer.

Younited Credit Customer Service

  • ? Younited Credit Phone : 913 62 61 09
  • ? Email : [email protected]
  • ? Physical address : Carrer de la Caravel·la la Niña, 12, 08017 Barcelona, ​​Hiszpania.
  • ? Hours of operation : Monday - Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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