Gedescoche - Opinions, advantages and loan conditions

term 1 - 72 months
our note 4
age 18 - 99 years
free first loan No
maximum first loan 1 - $ 10,000
Supports Credit Checker Yes
car antique 10 years maximum

Advantages and disadvantages of Gedescoche

  • Without Credit Checker
  • With endorsement of the car
  • From 18 years
  • Valid to usual credit institutions
  • Free customer service phone
  • With physical office
  • Long experience in the market
  • Very generous repayment terms
  • Quite bureaucratic process
  • Slow approval of credit

Gedescoche is a company dedicated to online loans based on the value of our car, without this implying losing it at any time during the granting of credit. Gedescoche is presented as a company that offers personal loans in very advantageous conditions, without the need to pawn our vehicle , after an assessment according to the guide of the National Association of Vehicle, Repair and Parts Sellers.

Next, we present all the information you should know about how to obtain a loan and what are the opinions about Gedescoche.

Gedescoche credit: basic information

Gedescoche is the car guarantee loan division of the loan company Gedesco United States. The headquarters of this division is located in Valencia, on Avenida del Puerto 21. It works through its website, at its central office in Valencia or through its free phone or email.

Gedescoche has very good opinions from its clients and several years of experience in the sector.

Credit description

Gedescoche offers a different formula to obtain a personal loan: the guarantee of our car. In this case, we cannot freely request the loan amount and the repayment period . On the contrary, we must indicate all the data of our car and the system will return a maximum amount to request, the return period and interest.

The Gedes Car system allows us to receive an amount for our car, return it comfortably and continue to enjoy our car at all times. In Gedescoche loans, our private vehicle is the guarantor.

According to the website of this entity, the loan amount will be deposited into our account within a maximum period of 24 hours , as long as the requirements are met.

Interest rates

Given that it is a completely tailored loan , the minimum APR that is applied is 24.78%, although this figure may vary between the different clients and evaluations, which will be made by phone and before approval.

How to get a loan in Gedescoche?

Gedescoche works in a slightly different way than other entities dedicated to granting immediate online credits . First, you must indicate your car model in the simulator. Remember that the first and most important condition in this entity is to have a car in property and that it has a maximum of 10 years old.

This car will remain as a guarantee of financial solvency, but it will not imply that we are selling it. We can continue using it until we return the credit, in this way the usual limitations due to Credit Checker or lack of solvency disappear.

When the simulator shows us the market amount of our car and the loan that we can obtain, we must enter our data and an operator will contact us.

From here we must present the information that they request, such as the DNI, the ITV, the circulation permit and the technical sheet , which we can send through the internet or through postal mail.

When we have sent all the documentation, we will be informed with a printed document that will be signed before a notary of the conditions of the loan.

Requirements in Gedescoche

The requirements to obtain a loan at Gedescoche are the following:

  • Be of age
  • Valid DNI
  • Car owned up to date in payment of taxes and less than 10 years
  • Have a bank account

Application Process at Gedescoche

This platform allows you to apply by following these steps:

  1. Check the loan amount you can get for your car.
  2. Enter your details in the online form.
  3. An operator or operator may contact you to carry out all the data validation and agreement of the loan conditions.
  4. In 24 hours , your account will be entered.
Application process

Gedescoche review: is it a reliable option?

This is a good alternative in cases of difficult proof of solvency, since we can request a personal loan with up to 72 months to return it. Of course, let's bear in mind that Gedescoche is not a quick alternative, as others are, since it requires some face-to-face procedure such as signing the loan contract itself. And do not forget under any circumstances that, if you cannot face the return, you will lose your car.

Gedescoche Customer Service

? [email protected]
? 900 906 690

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