Solve your Debt: Opinions, Offer, Conditions and Benefits

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age 18 - 80 years

Advantages and disadvantages of Solve Your Debt

  • Renegotiate your debts with more than 100 institutions
  • Offer free advice
  • Get discounts of up to 50% on your debts
  • Helps you pay your debts definitively
  • Charge commissions for your services
  • It only admits debts of € 4,000 onwards

Do you have outstanding debts and do not know how to pay them? Resolve your Debt helps you to settle them completely, offering you personalized settlement plans, with which you can save up to 50%.

If you want to know more, we will tell you all the details about this entity and about its innovative proposal to help you pay your debts once and for all.

What is it and what does Solve your Debt offer?

Solve your Debt is a credit repair company that has been providing services since 2009, not only in the United States but also in Latin America. Throughout its history, it has liquidated more than 175,000 debts, renegotiating the conditions of the loans with their respective creditors.

This entity has the purpose of helping you when you are over-indebted and its main objective is to create financial solutions that allow you to pay your debts with discounts and improve your credit life .

To achieve this, this is what it offers:

  • Specialized plans that adapt to your needs.
  • Complete counseling before, during and after the program.
  • Discounts so that you pay off your debts by paying less.
  • Final settlement of pending payments for your removal from delinquency files , such as Credit Checker and BADEXCUG .

Solve your Debt, how does it work?

Solve your Debt United States offers you tailor-made plans so that you can pay off your debts with your own resources, instead of having to take out a loan and continue to get into debt. To do this, the entity consults your credit history and analyzes the current status of your debts to offer you the advice you need.

Once it knows your situation, Solve your Debt prepares a personalized settlement plan , which includes the approximate amount with which you can pay off your debts and the time it will take to do so.

Now, to get a discount, the entity is in charge of negotiating with your creditor, achieving up to a 50% reduction in the best of cases. When you have already obtained the discount, Solve your Debt liquidates your pending payments and helps you take the last step towards your financial freedom.

How does Solve your debt work?

How much does Solve your Debt charge?

Although you can receive free advice, the Solve Your Debt service is not a free service . Upon receiving and accepting the personalized plan of this entity, you must pay a series of commissions for its service, including:

  • Initial commission: equivalent to a monthly fee according to the personalized plan.
  • Administration fee : corresponding to 0.55% per month of the total owed.
  • Success rate: equivalent to 15% of the discount achieved.

If you want to know what will be the commissions that you will have to pay according to your case, you can consult during the time of the advice. In the same way, you can verify the costs of the financial service before signing the contract to ensure that you agree.

What are the entities with which you can negotiate?

In case you're wondering, Solve your Debt can negotiate with a lot of institutions, including banks, savings banks, supermarkets, microcredit companies and appliance stores .

To give you a better look, here is a list of some of those entities:

Banks Stores and supermarkets Online lenders Financial entities
Pastor Bank Carrefour Viaconto United States box
Santander Mercadona Doctor Money Box seven
BBVA Eroski Credit Cajamar
Sabadell Repsol Credit Yes American express
Bankia The English Court Moneyman Kutxa Labor
ING Prestamer TTI Finance

In short, all these and many more are the institutions with which Solve your Debt can negotiate to definitively settle your debts.

Program requirements and conditions

If you don't know how to get out of debt , Solve Your Debt settlement plans may be the solution. However, in order to access them, you must meet a series of requirements established by the entity:

  • Have debts with any of the institutions with which it negotiates Solve your Debt .
  • You owe € 4,000 or more .
  • Wanting to pay your debts and not having the financial resources to meet the payments.
  • Being behind in your payments for one or more months.
  • Have the disposition to liquidate.
Plan tailored to Solve your debt Spain

How to request the service of Resolve your Debt in United States?

If you meet the above conditions, obtaining Debt Resolve advice will be very easy. To achieve this, do the following:

  1. First, go to the Solve your debt website.
  2. Once there, click on "SIGN UP" .
  3. Next, fill in the application form, adding your personal information and your financial situation.
  4. Finally, the entity will contact you in less than 48 hours and will offer you a settlement plan adapted to your needs and possibilities.

Opinions Solve your Debt

With more than 175,0000 debts settled , many of its clients affirm that it is a trustworthy entity and willing to offer timely settlement plans.

In general, those who have debts with various institutions consider it a good option to make payments up to date without having to request a loan. Mainly, they value the fact that the entity negotiates discounts with creditors so that they can settle paying less, not to mention that it helps them remove their data from the delinquency files and improve their credit history.

Undoubtedly, one of the aspects that stands out the most about Resolve your Debt is its customer service, as its team of advisers is always listening to the needs of each user to offer immediate solutions .

Frequent questions

➡️ Can I process a loan with Solve your Debt?

No. This entity only helps you to cancel your debts definitively, negotiating discounts so that you can settle them by paying less.

➡️ Who can enjoy the program?

Those who have debts of € 4,000 or more with banks, savings banks, supermarkets, appliance stores or microcredits and are behind in their payments.

➡️ Is it free to contract with Solve your Debt?

No. Solve your Debt charges commissions for its services, which vary according to the customer's debt and the discount it gets.

➡️ How much will I have to pay in commissions?

The commissions will depend on your financial situation and your personalized plan, and will always be clarified before the contract is signed.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Resolve your Debt program, you can contact the entity through the following channels:

  • Telephone: +34 910053415
  • Email: [email protected] .
  • Online contact: get free advice by filling out the form on their website
  • Address: Francisco Silvela Nº 69, Baja - D, CP 28028, Madrid, United States.

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