Budget for new year. How to optimize your expenses in 2020?

budget for new year

Another year is approaching, full of opportunities and promise for the future. Surely you must already be thinking about your purposes and everything you want to achieve. For this new year we want to help you get off to a good start by giving you tips to optimize your expenses and achieve all your financial goals.

Buy a house? A car? Anything is possible, as long as you maintain good financial habits and a belief in your goals. In addition, optimizing your expenses you optimize your life in general. You will be able to establish financial security, pay outstanding debts and have savings.

Now we will give you some tips so that you start managing your finances efficiently and responsibly in 2020 and with a strong budget for the new year .

Don't give in to temptation

It may seem a bit obvious, but it is something very important. Especially when we all tend to give in to temptation and indulge in whims. The '' Once does not hurt '' mentality is not bad, but if you resort to this thought every time you want to buy something, you could be spending large amounts without realizing it.

Take into account that in the long run all the money spent adds up and at the end of the year you will have spent huge amounts that you could have invested in other benefits. So, if you are thinking of acquiring a luxury that you don't really need, or if they are things that you once needed but no longer, think twice.

Set limits

It is perhaps one of the most effective ways to optimize your expenses , but also the one that requires the most discipline. Start by analyzing your weekly income and determining an amount for specific expenses. Mortgage or rent , debt, bills and food is the most essential, so figure this out first. Then an amount for savings.  

Having savings is important because they can help you in an emergency. And finally, money to enjoy life a little. Do not overdo this last point or optimizing your expenses will be very difficult. This is a very important point to start setting your budget for the new year .

Plan ahead

Spending the money you have with the excuse of enjoying the moment may seem like a good idea, but it is not always. Yes, you can actually enjoy the money right now, but the consequences are that you will have less for the future.  

One of the reasons to save is that by the time you no longer have the possibilities to produce as much income, you can maintain a stable life of your savings. Always keep future events in mind and the quality of life that you want to have later before making unnecessary expenses.


If you analyze it well, you will realize that optimizing expenses is equivalent to saving money. You can change your mindset and tell yourself that you are saving for the future instead of thinking that you are depriving yourself of a treat or luxury. Maturity and responsibility are reflected in this way of thinking.

Communicate with those around you

You're not alone. People have a better chance of achieving their goals if they have family and friends around them to encourage and help them. So, communicate to those closest to you your goals for this new year. Tell your partner that they don't always need the greatest of luxuries and tell your friends and colleagues that you can't always go out and treat yourself. And most importantly, tell them to encourage you as long as they can spend only what is necessary.

Go accessible

We don't always need the best brands or the best electronics. Opt to buy something of lower quality (but always within reason) to ensure that you can make it to the end of the month with all the comforts, instead of just choosing one.

Ask for a credit if necessary

If your savings plans have not borne fruit and you need money to cover some important expenses, you have the option of requesting a loan. There are many options, compare all the alternatives and choose the one that best suits what you need.  

Be patient and don't lose your way

The way to optimize your expenses is not easy, since we must fight with our own whims and reasons. Did you know that it only takes 21 days to acquire a habit? Little by little, it will get easier and you will start to make good financial decisions naturally. In less than a month, you will enjoy a stable life and begin to fight for your goals in 2020 with a very stable budget for the new year .

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