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Advantages and disadvantages of Kapital.es

  • They receive requests from users in Credit Checker
  • They offer private advice
  • They allow face-to-face procedures
  • They do not charge fees or commissions
  • It offers up to 8 different services for companies and individuals
  • Available to assist you 24 hours a day
  • Although they accept the application, they evaluate the Credit Checker status
  • They require up to 2 payrolls or proof of income
  • They request many requirements

Credits Kapital.es works as a private lender that offers its services to both individuals and companies. This company does not belong to any bank or public entity, but is made up of a group of private investors, therefore, it is a lender financed entirely with the money of its associated investors.

On this website, you can find a wide variety of financial services for all kinds of needs. The most important thing is that you can receive personalized attention to make the best financing decision according to your current situation. This is very important to avoid unnecessary expenses or unfavorable conditions that worsen your financial health.

What is Kapital?

Kapital.es is a private company that acts as a private lender. It offers different financing services and individual advice, from mortgage loans for individuals, to advance bills for companies or suspension of liens. They focus on meeting the particular needs of each user, so they do not offer generic services that you can request online.

How does Kapital.es work?

Kapital credits opinions

The operation of the Kapital.es credits is based on a face-to-face service. This means that you cannot request a loan online through this website . In case you need a 100% online loan, we provide you with the ranking of the best personal loans with the easy online application.

If you are a company or individual, follow these steps to access Kapital.es services:

  1. Enter the Kapital.es website
  2. You can click on "Company solutions" or "Private solutions" depending on your case.
  3. The web will show you all the financial products available for each modality, select the one that interests you the most.
  4. A page will open with detailed information that raises the operation of the service, its requirements and how to request it.
  5. If you are interested, you should call the number that appears or fill out the contact form , commenting on your situation in as much detail as possible.
  6. Wait to be contacted by the Kapital.es customer service team for more details.
  7. They will probably ask you for authorization to verify your data at the Central Risk Information Center of the Bank of United States (CIRBE). There they will check if you have any other current loan or any default problem that makes you appear in a delinquent file such as Credit Checker.


Kapital.es is a lending company that advises each individual or company in a particular way. In this way, they do not handle a single Annual Interest Rate (TIN) or Equivalent Annual Rate (APR) . The best thing is that you contact them at no cost and raise your situation to receive an offer adapted to your current needs.


This company covers a very wide range of financial products, ranging from microcredits to home loans. For this reason, we assume that your repayment terms range from 30 days to several years.

Types of Credits Kapital.es

kapital.es how it works

The best thing about Kapital.es is undoubtedly its wide range of financing products. This implies that you can solve both unexpected emergencies such as the payment of services, registration or repairs , such as the execution of a business or the acquisition of properties such as a car or home.

  • Home Loans.
  • Debt Refinancing.
  • Credit for your Car.
  • Suspension of liens.
  • Discounts on Promissory Notes.
  • Private capital.
  • Advance of invoices with and without recourse.
  • Microcredits.

Kapital Credit Requirements

The Kapital.es company requests requirements that vary depending on the type of loan you request. For most of your short-term designed financial services such as microloans you will require:

  • Valid DNI or NIE.
  • 2 last payrolls, proof of pension or unemployment.
  • Invoice for the last month of a service in your name, such as water, electricity, telephone.

On the other hand, if your loan has to do with long-term projects such as an installment loan , you will need documents such as:

  • Last income statement.
  • Copy of your employment contract.
  • Home appraisal report.
  • Last VAT return if you are self-employed.
  • Registry Check.
  • Documentation related to the embargo or auction in case you need to stop it.
  • Equity ratio at the time of requesting the loan.

If you have a company and you will request private equity financing, discounts on promissory notes or advance invoices, they will probably require:

  • Simple note from your updated company registration.
  • Property deed.
  • Receipt of the Real Estate Tax.
  • Photographs of the property.
  • Official Appraisal.

Is Credits Kapital.es reliable? Feedback

The information you share through the Kapital.es website is stored in automated files that are governed by the European Data Protection Regulation. In this way, Kapital.es guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

In addition, for those who are not yet used to online procedures, the advantage of this service is that you can establish direct contact with the company . For some users it is more convenient to make this type of agreement face to face with a lender.

Kapital.es frequently asked questions

Will they give me financing in Kapital.es credits if I am in Credit Checker?

In Kapital.es they will request your approval to verify your data in the Risk Information Center of the Bank of United States (CIRBE). There they will check if you are in Credit Checker and depending on the amount of your outstanding debt they will decide whether or not to approve the financing.

Can I do any online procedure in Kapital.es credits?

The procedures at Kapital.es are 100% in person. Through their website, you can only fill out the contact form to express your interest in any of their products and thus contact them directly.

Do I have to pay for the Kapital.es service?

No, the Kapital.es service is completely free, so there will be no hidden costs or fees.

Kapital.es Contact

You can contact the Kapital.es Customer Service department, through the following options:

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