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The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced many fan-favorite Marvel Comics characters during Phase Four, truly expanding its already massive franchise into all-new territory. One such character is Taskmaster, introduced in Black Widowwho turns out to be General Dreykov’s daughter.

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Although many fans weren’t happy with how Olga Kurylenko’s Antonia Dreykov was portrayed in the film, Marvel Studios kept the character’s fate open, with plenty of room for her to return in the future. movie or series in which she could better fit the characteristics of her comic book counterpart.


moon knight

The next project on the docket from Marvel Studio is moon knighta Disney+ series following the superhero of the same name, who will be played by star wars actor Oscar Isaac. The series will depict Isaac’s Marc Spector as he is imbued with power by the Egyptian moon god, becoming the Fist of Khonshu.

There are a lot of interactions fans want to see Moon Knight have in his next series, but Taskmaster is one possibility fans seem to have overlooked. Both Taskmaster and Moon Knight are well trained in martial arts, which puts them at similar power levels. The former villain could prove to be a great foe for the fledgling hero to prove his skill in combat.

Daredevil Season 4

Daredevil season 4 on disney plus would be different from Matt Murdock

With Charlie Cox returning to the MCU as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his role as the villainous Kingpin in Hawk Eyeit seems inevitable that their original series, daredevilwill also return, possibly for a revived season 4 after years of dormancy.

Yes daredevil indeed returns for Season 4, it’s likely the show will be more obviously a part of the MCU than its previous three seasons, perhaps even featuring several cameos from other corners of the franchise. Taskmaster could make a great enemy or ally next to Cox’s Daredevil, and would feel right at home with the grittier, more violent nature of the daredevil series.

Dead Pool 3

deadpool 3, ryan reynolds

With multiverses colliding in upcoming installments of the MCU, one character that’s been confirmed to be heading into the franchise is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. The Merc With A Mouth will soon receive a third solo film, which will take place within the MCU.

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Dead Pool 3 will no doubt benefit from the fact that he is now part of a much bigger franchise, pulling from different corners of the universe to play with the signature spirit of Wade Wilson. Taskmaster could very well be a new enemy of the regenerative mutant. The two have often clashed in the comics, with Wade’s unpredictability often giving him the upper hand over the villain’s ability to mirror any fighting style perfectly.


Hawkeye Echo Kingpin Comic Connection MCU SR

The MCU will soon grant a spin-off series to a relatively new comic book hero, Echo, who made his live-action debut in Hawk Eye at the end of last year. The character, played by Alaqua Cox, will likely be looking to finish the job of revenge against the Kingpin, who had his father murdered by the Ronin.

If Taskmaster needs to make a return, the Echo The series is a great candidate for the character to set her sights on. Not only will the series likely focus on the criminal underworld, an element that Taskmaster is often involved in, but the main character actually possesses the same abilities as Taskmaster herself, possessing photographic reflexes. As such, these two characters have to fight at some point in the MCU to prove which of them is the better impersonator.

Armor Wars


We still know little about the Armor Wars The Disney+ series, aside from that, will follow war machine James Rhodes as he investigates Iron Man technology falling into the wrong hands. As of now, no other Marvel characters have been confirmed, but fans can count on a few familiar faces.

Black Widow left Taskmaster’s fate wide open at the end of the film, with no hint of what she might have been up to in the years between the superhero civil war and the Blip. Fans shouldn’t rule her out of the criminal lifestyle, as she could very well become one of the law enforcement officials for anyone found to be selling Iron Man technology to criminals.

Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion MCU Disney+ Show Logo

Although fans know little of what Secret InvasionThe overall Marvel story will be, it’s already one of the most anticipated titles of 2022, and Marvel Phase 4 in general. The series will follow Nick Fury and Maria Hill as they investigate a secret Skrull invasion on Earth, with some MCU characters revealed to be alien imposters.

Secret Invasion seems like the perfect place to introduce as many MCU characters as possible, from all corners of the franchise. If so, this would be the perfect series for Taskmaster to make his long-awaited return, perhaps even to reveal himself as a Skrull spy all along.

What if…? Season 2

Strange Supreme and the Watcher in What If?

There are a lot of storylines that fans want to see in what if Season 2, many of which are taken from the Phase 4 movies and series, which were not covered at all in the first season of the show. Already, there are plenty of pivotal moments in the MCU’s Phase 4 that could easily be explored in What if…?it’s next season.

While it’s nearly impossible to know which storylines the animated anthology will adopt for its second season, fans can hope to see more of Antonia Dreykov in it, especially if the events of Black Widow serve as the setting for one of the episodes. It may be interesting for the showrunners to explore what might be a more accurate version of the character.

Captain America 4

Captain America 4 Sam Wilson

Fans were surprised and delighted to learn shortly after the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that Sam Wilson would return in a fourth Captain America filming in the future of the MCU. While nothing is known about this film yet, it will likely continue to explore Sam Wilson’s new role as Steve Rogers’ replacement.

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When Wilson returns as Cap, he’ll need a lot of new enemies to face, both major villains and ground-level villains. Taskmaster could fall into either of these categories, depending on how much screen time the creators want her to have. Either way, she’d make a worthy early enemy of Wilson’s Captain America.

black widow 2

Yelena Belova and Black Widow movie poster

In the summer of 2021, after years of production and over a year of COVID-19 related delays, the Black Widow The solo movie finally came out, exploring Natasha Romanoff’s background, as well as introducing several intriguing new characters. Although no sequel has yet been announced, and although the main character is dead, Marvel could still do a second Black Widow movie, perhaps this time following Yelena Belova as she takes on the role of her sister.

If a black widow 2 never happens, this would be the perfect place to explore the fate of Antonia Dreykov, who was featured in the original Black Widow movie. When the character was last seen, she was in the care of the other published Black Widows, meaning her appearance in this sequel would be more of a foregone conclusion than a question.

Love at first sight

Taskmaster Thunderbolts Comics

One project that has been widely rumored to be on Marvel’s slate is one involving the Thunderbolts team from the comics, a group of supervillains who are set up by shadowy officials with shady motives. With recent MCU introductions like John Walker, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, and Yelena Belova, it seems very likely that Marvel will bring them together in a Thunderbolts team soon.

Taskmaster is a perfect candidate for a Thunderbolts initiative in the MCU. When last seen, she was a highly skilled, directionless agent, newly freed to control her own actions. While she’s not a hero, she’s certainly not a villain anymore, either, making her a perfect moral alignment for such a team, should it ever happen in the MCU.

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