2022’s Best Quick Payday Loans Providers


KashPilot – Overall Best Payday Lender

KashPilot, a well-known online lending marketplace focused on payday loans, was established in 2010. In most situations, the applicant will receive offers within an hour of applying because KashPilot immediately forwards them to the lenders in their network.

They will inform you through email if one or more online lenders decide to approve your loan request. After that, you can evaluate the conditions and choose whether or not to accept the loan if you find them acceptable. KashPilot is a great option when you need money quickly since; if approved, they can put money into your account in as little as 24 hours.

No matter how excellent your credit rating is, a $5,000 maximum loan amount is still available. 

If a borrower is over 18 and earns at least 500 a month, most lenders in the network are willing to work with them.

Finally, KashPilot is a recognized member of the Online Lenders Alliance and has provided services to over 2 million Americans (OLA). For those who don’t know, the Online Lenders Association is a group that establishes rules and regulations for the personal loan sector.

The organization also focuses on locating and outing dishonest or exploitative online payday loan companies. KashPilot handles longer-term personal loans, which typically have more affordable interest rates.

KashPilot has a free Payday Loan educational guide that will help to clarify the process if you’re trying to learn a little more about the payday loan application process. Additionally, it clarifies a point that is sometimes misunderstood: how the APR affects the overall cost of your loan.

GreenDayOnline: Best bad credit loan provider

It may seem like you have few options if your credit score requires some work. 

However, one of the best online loan marketplaces for people with really bad credit is GreenDayOnline.com. Although it is not a direct lender, the business links borrowers with payday loan providers who offer quick loans. As its name suggests, it is well-known in the market and frequently assists consumers in finding the finest payday loans at the lowest rates, especially for those with poor credit.

How to Use

As with the other websites in our evaluation, getting started with GreenDayOnline is simple. 

First, go to the GreenDayOnline website and quickly complete the online form. If any loan offers come your way, you can compare lenders to find the best fit for your requirements. While individual qualifying requirements differ

Eligibility requirements

  • Have citizenship or permanent residency documentation.
  • Hold a legitimate bank account under your name.
  • List both your home and business phone numbers.
  • Possess a working email address
  • Present evidence of a reliable source of income.
  • 18 years of age or older

PaydayPot: Payday lender with the best customer service

PaydayPot‘s powerful and knowledgeable team support makes its users happy, and it helps borrowers of no credit check payday loans consolidate their credit debt. You can benefit from its customer-focused service throughout the loan application procedure, and you’ll get your money in 2 to 5 working days.

Additionally, there are no unexpected fees while applying, and you can select options with advantageous terms and the PaydayPot date.


  • Applying for payday loans without a credit check aids in paying off credit card debt.
  • The organization offers a clear and simple application procedure.


  • Your account won’t get the money for a few working days.
  • An origination fee might be assessed to the borrower.

RixLoans: Best online personal loans provider

Consider a personal loan if you require emergency cash beyond what a typical payday loan may offer. A personal loan will not only provide you access to more money than a cash advance, but it will also have better terms.

Similar to this, most payday loans have a week-long payback requirement, or the lender may impose steep penalties and late fees that could push you farther into debt. A personal loan is probably a better choice if you know there’s a slim possibility you’ll be able to repay the loan in the specified time.

RixLoans connects customers looking for personal loans with approved lenders, just like its sibling website PaydayPot does. After applying, you should receive a loan offer in 90 seconds or less. If you accept a loan offer from RixLoans, they can pay money into your checking account the next day. Personal loans up to $5,000 are made possible through this service.

How soon can I receive the money?

When looking for a payday loan online, you undoubtedly want to know when you can get access to the money. In most cases, you will get a decision right away and learn the outcome of your request for a personal loan within a few minutes. You will next complete the loan application process with your direct lender.

From start to finish, the time frame varies depending on the banking institution. Traditional loans are often processed significantly more slowly than payday loans. However, some lenders can offer speedy funding for same-day transactions. The fastest online payday loan lenders have been known to direct deposit payments as soon as the following working day.

What advantages do online payday loans offer?

The most advantageous features of an online payday loan are convenience and speed. 

Finding financial providers that can respond so rapidly is challenging. You don’t even have to leave your house to receive a direct deposit into your bank account; it just takes a short time from submitting your application to when you have the money.

There are often fewer minimum qualifications for this kind of short-term personal loan than you might be used to. Many borrowers claim that the process of loan funding isn’t as difficult.

For whom are payday loans appropriate?

A payday advance is the best option for someone who wants immediate access to money and is confident they can repay it quickly. A few frequent causes for needing short-term loans include medical emergencies, unforeseen changes in monthly income, and car repairs.

To be clear, a payday cash advance is not the best choice if you merely need a little additional money for regular costs. An online payday loan should be the last option to cover urgent expenses. To be clear, we do not recommend using online payday loans as a long-term financial solution.

Is it safe to apply for online payday loans without a credit check?

Although applying for a payday loan online is generally safe, you will feel more at ease if you follow a few simple measures to be sure you are not dealing with any scammers. For the lender to follow US law, you must first confirm that it is an American financial institution, not a foreign one. Second, confirm that the lender’s website is encrypted and secure by ensuring the URL begins with HTTPS and that a green padlock is next to it.

Lastly, always spend time reading the Privacy Terms n the website because all businesses are required by law to state if they would reveal any private information on their website.

Will a payday loan with no credit check be guaranteed for me?

No one can ensure that you will be approved for a loan without a credit check, even though most payday loans with or without credit checks are touted as being “guaranteed.” Approval is always contingent on the borrower’s individual circumstances, including their income, the loan amount they are requesting, and the terms they seek. Therefore, avoid being duped by commercials that promise you a payday loan that is “guaranteed.”


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