7 Coolest South Blue Islands From One Piece, Ranked


A play is the best-selling manga of all time. One of the things that makes this series so enjoyable is the amazing crafting and world-building location. Luffy and his pirate crew have explored incredible geographical areas, from an island under the sea to an island floating on the clouds above and everything in between. Yet many places in the A play world has not yet been explored.

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The South Blue has remained one of One Piece most mysterious geographical areas. While several fan-favorite characters hail from South Blue, including Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates, Portgas D. Ace, Supernovas Eustass Kid, Killer, and Jewelry Bonney, fans know little about the islands that make up this sea. A play hinted that several islands in the South Blue are quite interesting and contribute to various character stories that fans have yet to learn.

seven Black Drum Kingdom is Wapol’s new home

Black Drum Kingdom was gifted to Wapol, an adversary of the Straw Hats and now a business magnate. After his defeat by Luffy and his exile from the original Drum Kingdom, Wapol was homeless and had nowhere to go. Using his Munch-Munch Devil Fruit ability, he inadvertently invented a new metal, Wapometal, and created a line of fashionable toys.

The World Government then again took notice of Wapol and gave him his kingdom in the South Blue, now named the Black Drum Kingdom. Fans don’t know much about this new realm, but it seems to have consistently dark and stormy weather. Wapol lives in a strange castle with a very evil vibe.

6 Centaurea broke free from the World Government

Centaurea is an island that was wrested from the grip of the world government by the revolutionary army. Fans know little about the island, but since it only had two years to recover from a war of incalculable devastation, the island is likely still feeling the effects. In this case, it is unlikely that Centaurea is currently the biggest tourist destination.

What makes the island interesting is that, if shown in more detail, it would give a better idea of ​​the kind of political agenda the Revolutionary Army is fighting for. Centaurea could show what kind of post-World Government life its inhabitants live. The Revolutionary Army is still somewhat of a mystery, and fans don’t know much about what its true purpose entails, other than simply overthrowing the World Government.

5 The Roshwan Kingdom seems to have a culture similar to Russia

Introduced to the Reverie, King Beer IV rules the Kingdom of Roshwan, which is part of the World Government. The kingdom appears to have drawn inspiration from Russian culture, and given the attire of its king and daughters, it also appears to have a relatively cold climate.

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The sail of the kingdom ship shows the image of two beer mugs banging together in cheers. Between this image and the king’s name, the Kingdom of Roshwan seems to be where the Straw Hat Pirates might enjoy a more relaxed adventure.

4 Baterilla is the birthplace of one of One Piece’s most beloved characters

Nope A play fan will still be the same after the Marineford War arc. The shocking loss of fan favorite Portgas D. Ace has hit fans hard. Even more than ten years after his tragic death, Ace remains one of the One Piece most popular characters. Ace probably won’t be forgotten anytime soon due to his fantastic character design and heartbreaking story.

As part of Ace’s tragic story, Pirate King Gol D. Roger met the love of his life, Portgas D. Rogue, on Baterilla. When the World Government got wind of the romance and the possible child, they searched the island. Snape kept Ace in the womb for an incredible 20 months so his birth wouldn’t flag the World Government radar. Boasting a geography that seems reminiscent of a tropical island, Baterilla looks like the type of island on which a legendary whirlwind romance might occur.

3 Karate Island is a martial arts hub

Karate Island is an island in the Blue South, known only as a place to master various martial arts. A play The island is first mentioned in the Water 7 arc when Sanji snuck aboard the Puffing Tom and met Cipher Pol 6’s Jerry, a boxing champion originally from Karate Island. Jerry was extremely tall with long legs, indicating the inhabitants of the island.

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Karate Island is somewhat mysterious and might have some cool elements. Fans wonder if there would be multiple dojos with multiple karate grandmasters, what kind of geography would lend itself to intense martial arts training, and whether Karate Island could be where Sabo learned the art. of Ryusoken.

2 The Kingdom of Turin was a home for Chopper for two years

Also known as “Treasure Island”, the Kingdom of Turin is a small island with a huge tree growing in its center. Tony Tony Chopper was sent to this island by former revolutionary Bartholomew Kuma of the Saobody Archipelago. After Chopper resolved a conflict between the islanders and a gigantic bird species known as the Masukeredomo Goayu birds, the Kingdom of Turin took him in.

This island provided the perfect training ground for Chopper during the timeskip, as the various plants that cover the large tree make excellent specimens for medicinal study. The inhabitants of the island also maintain an extensive and impressive library. Their culture and technology are supposed to be quite advanced, which makes this island relatively exciting and mysterious.

1 Sorbet Kingdom might be South Blue’s most mysterious island

Sorbet Kingdom is supposed to be connected to two A play characters who haven’t been given much screen time or backstory yet. Former revolutionary Bartholomew Kuma remained a mystery for many years. After intervening in Saobody and aiding the Straw Hats, he transformed into a World Government, relinquished his will, and essentially became an enslaved robot and blueprint for the new Pacifista weapons. Ultimately, Kuma is more than a former revolutionary – he’s also the former ruler of Sorbet Kingdom.

Jewelry Bonney is another mysterious figure in the A play world, the only female Supernova and in possession of an as yet unnamed Devil Fruit, giving her the ability to manipulate her age and that of others. The implication is that fans don’t know Bonney’s real age, which contributes to her air of mystery. She seems to have a connection to Kuma and the Sorbet Kingdom, as shown when she used her powers to sneak into the Reverie, posing as the queen of the Sorbet Kingdom.

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