On Tuesday, January 11, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger called several county departments, including the Department of Consumer and Business, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Health Services, the Department of sheriff and several others, to work together. to develop a strong plan to mitigate COVID-19 test fraud in LA County.

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“As the urgent need for testing reaches a crunch, it is imperative that we make sure that residents can be sure that they are receiving an accurate and legitimate test without risking their private information,” said Supervisor Barger. “We must do everything we can to crack down on fraudulent COVID-19 tests and sites and prevent identity theft. “

Following Supervisor Barger’s read motion at today’s board of supervisors meeting, several county departments will conduct a risk analysis of COVID-19 test sites and fraudulent home test kits and develop an application plan to eradicate them. They will also identify additional resources to combat identity theft by illegitimate test providers.

Supervisor Barger’s motion also called on departments to develop a public education plan so county residents can learn about threats from fake COVID-19 tests and test kits so they know how to identify them and find legitimate resources.

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