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  • Agricultural relics and waves at Dislyte

Whereas Dislyte is a gacha style squad battle game, it also offers many ways to use your daily energy in various auto modes. This allows you to complete most story levels and boss battles you’ve beaten at least once in multi-battle mode, allowing you to queue up to ten battles of the same type while you are doing something else.

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Essentially, multi-combat allows you to farm a variety of items, relics, and mons that will further help your Espers and squads improve. But with so many options available to a new player, it can be difficult to figure out which are the best methods and tips. So if you need some advice on taking the most efficient farming routes, read on below.


Farming XP in Dislyte

Leveling up your Espers is achieved by gaining experience in battle but also by using Experimon – items that any Esper can consume to gain XP. You can earn Experimon through various bonuses and through several in-game shops. By far, the best method to get Experimon is through training stages in Story Mode. This is doubly good as Espers or Starimon who complete the training stage will also earn XP for the battles themselves.

The Dislyte Story map has 12 chapters, each with eight levels plus a practice level. Each chapter’s training level becomes available once you complete level five of a chapter and can be repeated thereafter as often as desired, including in multi-battle mode. Also note that the story can be completed in Easy mode, then Hard, and finally Purgatory mode.. The more story mode practice levels you complete, the more Experimon you will receive – and of better quality.

Squad composition in training mode

To get the best bang for your buck, you’ll ideally want to send four low-level Espers or Starimon into battles alongside one high-level Esper who will actually fight. Remember, it doesn’t matter if squad members die during combat – as long as you win the battle, all team members will get the same XP. You can experiment to find the highest tier battle you can consistently survive, then set it to multiple battles and sit back as the XP and Experimon roll in.

Starimon is the best way to level up your Espers beyond levels 30, 40, and 50 (depending on their rarity). It takes three three-star Starimon to get a three-star Esper beyond level 30, up to five five-star Starimon to get an Esper beyond level 50.

Five-star Starimon are a rare commodity, so you’ll likely find yourself going from three stars to four, and then to five. You’ll be doing a lot of Starimon XP farming if you want a couple full squads of level 60 Espers.

If you’re trying to level up an Esper or Starimon quickly, consider sending just that unit with the captain as a two-man team. This unit will get much more XP than would be shared around a full squad. For example, when practicing Purgatory Chapter Five, four Starimon will get 4,188 XP plus a bonus of 523 each. However, sending a single Starimon with your captain will net them the same 4,188 XP – but a much better bonus of 11,817 XP.

Finally, if time is an issue, dispatching two high level Espers will significantly reduce battle times – but at the cost of XP gained.

The following Espers are great choices for sending with your recruits as a squad captain:

  • Li Ling: An absolute beast that deals massive AoE damage with Altar, followed by a solid single-target hit with Tai Chi that also self-heals.
  • Tang Xuan: If you have Tang instead of Li as a “free” Legendary Esper, don’t despair – he’s still a solid farmer squad captain. He has both AoEs and single-target specials that do high damage, while Enchanted Dream gives him a shield for two turns.
  • mona: Another great choice for farming, as Lunar Hail and Hunter’s Mark hit all enemies for heavy damage – the latter self-healing for 21% of the damage she deals.

Every player should have two of these three Espers from the start of the game, so you’ll have good farming options almost immediately.

Relics for XP Farming Squad Captains

If you want to survive tougher battles with just one high-level Esper, consider upgrading to these relic sets:

  • Hades (Una): This set grants Lifesteal, along with heals the Esper for a perfect 35 of the damage they deal – perfect for self-preservation.
  • Sword Avatar (Mui): Since the Esper is probably the only squad member who stands up fast enough, Counterattack is a very handy ability to have – even though it only has a 25% chance to proc every attack.

Otherwise, you’ll want to level up as quickly as possible – so max out your captain’s damage:

  • War Machine (Una): Increases ATK by 30% to maximize your damage.
  • Burning Incandescence (Mui): Increases C.RATE by 25%, giving you more chance to inflict critical hits.

Agricultural relics and waves at Dislyte

Thanks to multi-battles, it is also relatively easy to farm Relics (Ritual Miracle) and Waves (Sonic Miracle). Once you complete a difficulty level once, multi-combat becomes available for that one. This allows you to farm levels on auto mode while you focus on more difficult tasks.

Once you start casting premium tank-style Espers, it’s even possible for some of them to solo bosses such as Kronos and Apep on difficulty ten (if they also have the right relics). ). The likes of Hades and Ren Si are well equipped to take a lot of damage while dealing it, meaning you can equip the team with weak Espers and Starimon, allowing you to farm XP while farming waves or relics.

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