BRAVE CF Announces Greenhill Sports as Official Apparel Partner of MMA Super Cup


Excitement is building across the Kingdom of Bahrain and around the world ahead of the return of BRAVE International Combat Week with its biggest edition yet led by local Bahrain Pride hero Hamza Kooheji.

As the nation moves closer to the long-awaited date, the BRAVE Combat Federation reveals new partnerships and collaborations, including the announcement of BRAVE International Combat Week (BICW), Official Merchandise Apparel Provider Green Hill, the main international manufacturer of sports brands.

“Supporting these incredible athletes as they compete in a monumental event and compete in the first tournament of its kind in the world is a privilege. Through this partnership, all of us at Greenhill Sports are honored to play our part in inspiring, uniting and transforming the world through sport and sharing that excitement alongside all of Bahrain and the global MMA community,” said the CEO of Greenhill. . Abid Jahangir

BRAVE CF is proud to welcome Greenhill on board for the historic event, BICW – which alongside BRAVE CF 57 features the MMA Super Cup, the first-ever team-vs-team MMA competition and the highest paying competition for the arts. amateur mixed martial arts with huge cash prizes for the top three teams in the world. The MMA Super Cup will serve as the closing stage for the IMMAF season, as it selects the top 6 nations from the annual world rankings.

Greenhill was established in 1978 and has been the official business partner of Brave CF for 6 years. The official supplier of the Olympic Games in London, Beijing and Athens, in addition to being the main supplier of the International Judo Federation and having received product endorsement from the International Boxing Association (AIBA), the Federation Karate Federation and the World Taekwondo Federation. Green sports. Greenhill has been the official sponsor of IMMAF since 2012.

Founded in 2016, BRAVE CF is the fastest growing promotion in the world of mixed martial arts. In just over five years, BRAVE CF has held 56 tournaments in 25 countries around the world, something never achieved before, occupying the top spot in popularity in Asia (largest market share) and the Middle East (the most expensive sports media company).


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