Chris Tucker couldn’t pronounce this dish in a deleted scene


Between the martial arts stunts of Jackie Chan and the fast-paced comedy of Chris Tucker, the Peak hour the movies seemed to have everything the audience wanted. Both actors played to their strengths, and the result was three blockbuster movies that hit theaters between 1998 and 2007. But basically, the Peak hour movies are fish out of water comedies. This is perhaps never truer than during a deleted scene that challenged Tucker on set.

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‘Rush Hour’ Captured Unexpected Chemistry Between Its 2 Leading Men

As lethal weapon before that, Peak hour centers on a pair of mismatched cops who – during a particularly messy and dangerous case – learn to work together and become friends. And much like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, the chemistry between Chan and Tucker elevates the material. On paper, Peak hour nothing particularly special. But the interaction between its stars makes the movie a real crowd-pleaser by the end.

Chan and Tucker’s real-life relationship closely mirrors that of their characters, Lee (Chan) and Carter (Tucker). And just as the sequels develop the bond between the two men, the actors who play them too have become good friends. Perhaps that’s why audiences are so connected to the friendship between these two vastly different characters and the wildly disparate performers behind them.

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While Chan’s stunts put Tucker at a disadvantage on set, the actor – then best known for starring alongside Ice Cube in Friday – also found himself in trouble during a particular dialogue in Rush hour 2. The scene in question sees Lee and Carter on a plane, with the latter offering Lee some of his gefilte fish. However, Tucker couldn’t pronounce the name of the Jewish dish, ensuring this moment ended on the cutting room floor.

Funnily enough, fans can always put a little in the gag reel at the end of Rush hour 2. And that must have made enough of an impression for director Brett Ratner to come back to the line on Rush Hour 3. At one point in this film, Carter asks a flight attendant if he has any fish gefilte on the flight. Although Chan is usually the one who gets overwhelmed with his dialogue, it’s ironic that Tucker’s gaffe is one of the franchise’s most memorable.

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Will Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan reunite for ‘Rush Hour 4’?

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan didn’t seem like a natural couple on the big screen. And yet, the pair led their franchise to a startling collective worldwide total of nearly $850 million, according to Box Office Mojo. And after all that success, it’s remarkable that the series tops after the third movie, which grossed $258 million when it was released in 2007.

A short-lived television series attempted to reboot the franchise without Chan or Tucker being involved. But more recently, rumors about a potential Rush hour 4 began to recirculate. If the two stars were to return, their salaries alone would likely significantly inflate the budget. But with nostalgia all the rage, it could very well happen soon.

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