Cobra Kai’s Peyton List discusses fighting advice from Kid Karate veterans Ralph Macchio, William Zabka and Martin Kove


Cobra Kai Season 5 is imminent, and after a bunch of teasing and revelationswe’ll see the teens of the valley kicking ass, taking names and waging a war that started decades ago with The Karate Kid. Cobra Kai is nothing without its talented young cast, who perform the bulk of the franchise’s action sequences. Peyton List takes on many of those scenes as Tory Nichols and recently revealed that she occasionally meets with the veteran actors for on-set combat advice.

Peyton List spoke to Variety on Tory’s trip to Cobra Kai, and interact with the older cast compared to their peers. List was asked if she shared any fighting advice with guys like Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, and the actress explained she never would:

I feel like I wouldn’t dare to tip any of the older guys. After The Karate Kid, a lot of them started training martial arts, so they’re all martial artists and their children are martial artists. Ralph [Macchio] is very self-deprecating. He loves to pretend, ‘Oh, I’m the old one. I can’t do this anymore.’ bowl [Zabka] is certainly not so, he will never depreciate with his fights. When I arrived it was me who needed advice and Marty [Kove] bullshit me so much. He was like, ‘We wondered why you were cast as Tory when we saw your first fight scene.’

Like a Cobra Kai fan and long time fan The Karate Kid, nothing gives me more joy than to learn that Martin Kove rubbed shoulders with Peyton List when she debuted in the Netflix series. It’s one of those classic villain moves that seems so true to his character on the show, though in truth his character could have been a lot meaner critiquing his performance. John Kreese also smothered Johnny Lawrence when he was a teenager, so it’s not like we’d want Kove to fully step into character on set.

Cobra Kai Season 5 should be big for Tory as she was the winner of the last All-Valley Tournament. Granted, Tory saw her trainer Terry Silver pay the judge after what was a very close match between her and Samantha LaRusso, so I’m sure she’ll have a chip on her shoulder and want to make sure that she really won that title. Personally, I thought she won it, whether the match was fixed or not, but it was very close and intense game between them.

She will definitely get a chance to hone her skills thanks to the new instructor that Cobra Kai gets in season 5, Kim Da Eun. Peyton List teased that Kim would push Tory to be better and boost her confidence. In short, I’m not sure Sam has a chance against Tory this season, but I guess we’ll all have to connect with our Netflix subscriptions and see.

Cobra Kai Season 5 arrives on Netflix on Friday, September 9. It’s up to Daniel, Johnny and others to try and stop Terry Silver’s master plan spread Cobra Kai across the country, but given all the extra help and old friends that Silver enlisted, I can’t wait to see if it will be possible or not. Wasn’t this franchise so much easier when the day could be saved with nothing more than a simple crane shot?


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