CyberKongz Martial Arts Post promises to fund gyms and organize fights


CyberKongz just announced their latest move into the world of Mixed Martial Arts earlier today. CyberKongz Fight Club has an amazing lineup of plans in the MMA space, and you’re going to love it.

First, the team is looking to organize several events over the next year. Additionally, they are also looking to sponsor several MMA fighters. Last but not least, they are going to provide equipment to local gyms. Talk about giving back to the community!

Introducing CyberKongz Fight Club! Credit: @CyberKongz

CyberKongz Fight Club will launch its first event on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The team released a sexy teaser in their announcement, but no indication as to what the event will be. The Long Beach MMA community is very excited as they think this could be one of CyberKongz’s destinations. All in all, there should be general consensus that this is a pretty cool decision. Law?

CyberKongz: ICYMI

In March 2021, CyberKongz started as a 1,000 coin NFT collection, priced mostly at 0.01 ETH per myoo artist. To the surprise of the team, the project quickly gained popularity even though there were no marketing campaigns. The project then became a community project, incorporating some of the best developers in the business.

Following its success, the $BANANA token and 4,000 Baby CyberKongz were launched. Cryptocurrency is at the center of the CyberKongz ecosystem, adding further utility as it continues to grow. Eventually, 3D CyberKongz VX was designed to support metaverses such as The Sandbox. Early adopters had the opportunity to see this project evolve into what it is today, as CyberKongz Martial Arts will take center stage tomorrow.


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