Every theory about Tory’s mother and father (and what is most likely)


There are many theories circulating as to the identity of Tory’s mother and father in Netflix’s Cobra Kai. But which ones could still be true?

There are several theories about the identity of Tory’s parents. Cobra Kai. The series’ reputation for revisiting the characters of The Karate Kid The trilogy has sparked a lot of speculation about who will appear in the Netflix series next and how they will connect with the story.

One way for one Karate kid character to bind Cobra Kai is for them to be related to someone that viewers are already familiar with, like Tory Nichols (Peyton List). Neither of his parents have appeared on screen yet, so it’s possible that one of those people will come. The Karate Kid movies.

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The little that has been said about her backstory suggests her father is irrelevant. It was not mentioned, and it has been said that Tory is caring for her sick mother on her own. As Tory’s story continues in Season 4, one of her parents could be officially introduced. Until that happens, here are all the theories about Tory’s mom and dad Cobra Kai.

Tory’s mother is Ali Mills (refuted)

Cobra Kai Ali Elisabeth Shue

Ahead of Season 3, some thought Tory’s mom might be Daniel’s original Karate kid love interest, Ali Mills (Elizabeth Shue), but it has become clear over the course of the season that this is not the case. His mother was a struggling waitress, while Ali is a successful doctor with his own family in Denver, Colorado. Regardless of Tory’s mother, she still lives in the Valley with Tory, who works hard to take care of her and pay her medical bills.

Tory’s mom is Julie Pierce, the next karate kid

Julie Pierce and Mr Miyagi in The Next Karate Kid

Tory may not be Ali’s daughter, but is it at least possible that her mother is connected to The Karate Kid franchise. It could be revealed in season 4 that she is Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank), the main protagonist of The next karate kid and the forgotten protege of Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). Until now, Cobra Kai didn’t use any characters from the 1994 spin-off film, but the writers spoke about the possibility that Julie was used in some way. It could be that if Swank’s return to the franchise happens, she will be brought in as Tory’s mother. This would explain why the Conservatives Cobra Kai arc started with her already knowing martial arts. Such a reveal could work on a story level, as nothing is known of what happened to Julie after the events of the film. She could have gotten married, had a child, and spiraled down from there.

Tory’s father is Kreese

John Kreese in Cobra Kai Season 3 Finale

Some fans believe that there may be something in Kreese’s interest in Tory at the start of Season 3. He went to a bit of trouble to keep her involved with Cobra Kai, which led to the theory that Kreese is secretly her. dad. The idea is that she could be the product of a one-night stand that Kreese had several years ago. That being said, there is no solid evidence for this. Kreese wants Tory to stay in Cobra Kai makes sense for totally different reasons. She shares many of her principles, she has a natural talent and she is one of her best students. To ensure Cobra Kai’s success at the next All-Valley Karate Tournament, he’s going to need people like Tory.

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Tory’s father is Mike Barnes

Sean Kanan as Mike Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III

Another candidate for Tory’s father is Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), the martial arts expert Daniel (Ralph Macchio) fought in. The Karate Kid Part III. Considering that nothing has been said about his father, this theory is also not based on solid evidence, other than the similarities between the characters. Much like how Tory fought Sam in the high school brawl in the Season 2 finale, Mike is ruthless in his approach to the fight. He too has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to win and has no problem with underhanded tactics.

Tory’s father is Terry Silver

Terry Silver in The Karate Kid Part III

Mike Barnes is not the only one Karate Kid Part III character who has been linked to Tory. There is also Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). This wealthy businessman could have had a brief relationship with Tory’s mother a long time ago. As to why her financial situation is so bad, it could be that he quickly moved on and severed ties with her. Tory may have no knowledge of his father’s identity and power. One of the reasons Cobra Kai may move in that direction is the idea that the character is seemingly heading for the show anyway. His presence in Season 4 hasn’t been entirely confirmed, but it has been strongly suggested by Kreese’s flashbacks and his mysterious phone call to an unnamed old friend. His Cobra Kai The story may relate primarily to Kreese’s war with the other two dojos, but other scenarios could be planned as well, one of which is a potential connection between Tory Nichols and Terry Silver.

Tory’s father is Dutch

Chad McQueen as Dutch in The Karate Kid

If either of Tory’s parents is a Karate kid character, the most meaningful of all is Dutch (Chad McQueen). Dutch is the only member of Johnny’s original gang not to have made a guest appearance Cobra Kai again. His absence was explained in Season 2 when it was said he was serving a sentence in a federal prison. This is not surprising, given its violent history. If he is ever released, he would have a good reason to return to the valley if his daughter was conservative. The fact that he’s behind bars could be the reason Tory doesn’t have a father figure in his life right now. But it may not always have been that way. If she had spent time with Dutch as a child, she might have picked up some of his aggressive moves and tendencies.

Why Tory’s Parents Are Likely Original Characters

Tory Cobra Kai Season 3

All things considered, it is certainly plausible that Cobra Kai Season 4 could shock fans by revealing that his mother is Julie Pierce or that his father is Dutch. However, it seems more likely that neither of his parents are important Karate for children world. It’s always fun to see new connections with this movie, but Cobra Kai must be careful not to use too much. After all, he did a good job of building and creating his own colorful cast of characters distinct from those introduced in the movies. Moreover, it seems more reasonable that if Cobra Kai had to make a big deal out of who a certain character’s mom or dad is, they would do it with Miguel’s dad instead. The show didn’t provide any indication that there should be a big mystery surrounding Tory’s parents, but it – perhaps on purpose – raised questions about Miguel’s father when she hinted that he might. being a criminal in season 1.

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