Find Your Zen at Mai Garden Terrace: Asiatown’s New Luxury Townhouses


Shabu for sharing. A warming bowl of pho. The choice of crayfish of the season. We all know where to go to find the best of these culinary delights in Houston: Asiatown. But would we also expect to find high-end homes just off Boulevard Bellaire? Maybe not.

Well, think again. NextGen Real Estate has just announced its next big project: a 134 state-of-the-art luxury housing development at 4418 S. Kirkwood Rd.

Culture, pronounced
Also known as “Little Saigon” or “Chinatown” – in recognition of the wide range of cultures that call it home – this thriving, cosmopolitan community between Highways 59 and 6 has undergone rapid transformation over the past three decades.

High-end boutiques range from small specialty grocery stores to the largest Asian indoor mall in the Southeast United States. Spas, temples, karaoke, banks, healthcare, schools, and community centers all contribute to its reputation as a vibrant and hospitable neighborhood.

Luxury living tends to follow this type of gentrification, but Asiatown has been around for a long time.

“The last large-scale development of this type was ten years ago,” says exclusive listing agent Andrea Tran. “To live in the midst of this bustle – but set apart in quiet retreat – is a concept familiar to many cultures around the world, in Asia and elsewhere. Our slogan – ‘Culture, Pronounced’ – is a reflection of this principle. May Garden Terrace takes that and applies it to contemporary living for the first time here in Houston.”

A family matter
In most Asian cultures, family is everything. These values ​​are the cornerstone of Mai Garden Terrace, not least because this development on the corner of Kirkwood and Bellaire was the vision of a single Vietnamese family.

The Nguyen family came to Houston from Saigon in 2010. Since founding their company, Gia Capital, they have become a fixture in the real estate development scene, acquiring and building over 1,000 homes. As such, they are uniquely positioned to understand the global needs and desires of local people.

“Our mission is simple,” states their project plan. “To provide a community for families with shared cultural values ​​and a support system for their well-being. Mai Garden Terrace will be a one-of-a-kind community designed to celebrate culture and tradition through design, activities and family events. .”

“Houston is such a melting pot,” adds Tran. “What has been so refreshing about Gia Capital’s vision is their belief in bringing the best aspects of Hanoi life to Houston: modern American convenience meets classic Vietnamese aesthetics. This is truly the best both.”

May Garden Terrace
Committed to investing $100 million throughout the community over the next few years, the Nguyens envision a vibrant hub that cares for its residents and serves a wide range of clienteles. Despite the low HOA fee, Mai Garden Terrace will feature a Zen garden, dog park, and tai chi center, all within a gated community for peace of mind.

The homes themselves are an authentic Asian version of the modern European townhouse.

Designed by award-winning Mc2 architects, they feature energy-efficient appliances, thoughtful storage, premium materials, open layouts and minimalist decor. Prospective buyers can choose from a selection of professionally coordinated sets including flooring, countertops, backsplashes, wall tiles and cabinetry.

Starting at $300, floor plans include two-bed/two-bath and three-bed/3.5-bath configurations, each with a downstairs garage, living room, and downstairs lanai. second floor, en-suite bedrooms on the third floor, and nine foot ceilings throughout. Planning for an adjacent development of one and two bedroom condos is also underway.

The proposed landscaping is one of the most striking elements of Mai Garden Terrace.

Unlike similar developments, this is not merely an afterthought; instead, the planting resembles the intimate urban gardens that are customary in parts of Asia. Bamboo trellises, tomato vines and cherry trees line the residences. The Zen garden, on the other hand, focuses on traditional landscaping: a serpentine walkway with a minimalist aesthetic to promote calm, tranquility and peace.

Development x NextGen
This depth of thought – right down to philosophical considerations such as these – is largely down to the detail-oriented, business-minded real estate agent who has been working behind the scenes for the past two years to bring this development to market.

It’s often said that NextGen is “more than just a brokerage,” and Tran – the company’s senior vice president – takes that commitment to heart. From finding the land, to hiring architects and designers, to the sales and marketing strategy we more commonly associate with a listing agent, Tran worked with Gia Capital to bring his vision to life.

“From initial idea to groundbreaking and beyond, we provide a full service to investors and developers,” says Tran. “I have carefully selected and trained our sales team to ensure they have a deep understanding of each project. This means we can guarantee uncompromising expertise and a 24-hour concierge level of service for our clients. builders and our potential buyers.”

The team she refers to is the AT Group: an ever-growing class of elite agents – 30 and counting – who have come to Tran for mentorship, after recognizing that his particular brand of real estate based on principled and goal-oriented is among the best on the market. Business.

Having lived through three catastrophic hurricanes in her two hometowns (New Orleans and Houston), Tran understands the importance of community building, values ​​she helped Gia Capital embed into the very foundations of Mai Garden Terrace.

Revolutionary modern luxury
Like many street signs in Asiatown, Mai Garden Terrace also has a Vietnamese name: May Gia Tuna, which literally translates to “Cherry Blossom Village”. But, as you might expect, this name also has a deeper meaning.

Tuna is a word that reminds people where they were born or where they come from,” says Long Nguyen, CEO of Gia Capital. “It emphasizes strong family and community ties.

On February 11, the undeveloped land that will become Mai Gia Thon hosted an epic groundbreaking ceremony that included a dragon dance and offerings to the land, along with a colorful array of delicious cuisines.

Real estate dignitaries gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year and to watch the Nguyens join Tran in cutting Mai Garden Terrace’s signature red ribbon and announcing the official start of construction.

Completion of the townhouse phase is scheduled for the end of 2023, with a waiting list already in place.

Tran thinks she knows why this project has proven so popular: “The floor plans are perfect for empty nesters and retirees. The location and amenities are perfect for anyone of any generation who loves culture. and Asian stocks. And the price makes it the perfect investment opportunity.”

She adds, “It’s unique, and I think that’s what piqued everyone’s interest. There really isn’t anywhere else like it in Houston, or even in the southern United States. United.”

If you would like to find out more about what makes Mai Garden Terrace so special or how NextGen can help bring your real estate vision to life, contact Andrea Tran and her team by emailing [email protected] re or by calling 713-254-2990. You can also follow Andrea or the AT group on Instagram for the latest news and updates.


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