Gatka training centers will be set up in all districts to provide martial arts training: Harjeet Grewal


CHANDIGARH: The International Sikh Martial Arts Council (ISMAC) will set up Free Gatka Training Centers (GTCs) in every district of Punjab to save Punjab’s youth plagued by drugs and other bad habits. In this regard, education related to Gatka, Gurmukhi, Gurbani, Gurmat in addition to health and hygiene would also be provided to children, thus connecting them to their cultural roots.

Sharing this information, ISMAC winner Harjeet Singh Grewal State Award chairman said these training centers would be run in collaboration with the Global Middas Foundation. He said Sikh boys and girls who know Gatka and Gurbani well could submit their applications until June 15 and preference would be given to those who know Gurbani Katha, Kirtan / Tabla in addition to higher education.

Mr. Grewal informed that the selected youngster would be interviewed by a panel of five Gursikh members of the council. He further informed that the selected trainers would receive a monthly salary and would be deployed to 23 different JWGs in Punjab to provide training in the morning and evening.

Mr Grewal, who is also the national president of the National Gatka Association of India, revealed that online lectures will also be given to interns every week in GTCs regarding Gurmat, sports, health and character building. .

He said aspiring Gursikhs between the ages of 25 and 40 should download the application form from the website and send the completed form with all the details to [email protected] by June 15. In addition, Grewal added that Gatka equipment and traditional clothing (Bana) for the Gatkai Singhs would also be provided free of charge to each training center.


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