Here’s how to watch each season of Into The Badlands


While the series is no longer active, it’s still set to be rediscovered on Netflix, where the six-episode first season, 10-episode second season, and 16-episode third season are currently streaming. The series will be a big frenzy for anyone looking for a new martial arts series after completing the most recent season of warrior on HBO Max.

In addition to Wu and Knight, “Into the Badlands” stars Emily Beecham as the Widow, a rival baron who wants to use the powers of MK to take control of the Badlands, and Ally Ioannides as his daughter. Tilda, an extremely skilled and deadly fighter. Nick Frost from the Cornetto Trilogy joined Season 2 as Baije, a scoundrel Sunny encounters in a labor camp and helps him on his journey (Frost joined in to inject some humor into the show. serious otherwise fatal, he told TV Guide). Other notable cast members throughout the series include Game of thrones“Dean-Charles Chapman, Avatarby Stephen Lang, 9-1-1Oliver Stark, and Extraterrestrial‘s Lance Henriksen.

The series was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who previously created “Smallville,” and will go on to serve as showrunners for the upcoming “Addams Family” series directed by Tim Burton, “Wednesday”.


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