Horoscope for May 9, 2022, Everything is about to change, put your best foot forward!


Your weekly horoscope is here. In a word, fortune smiles on the daring who assert themselves directly over the next two months! Don’t think about it; just do it; broaden your horizons, take up space! Mercury is retrograde again, repeating the moonwalk through recent history. Check everything as if your data is online because it is. It’s a fantastic opportunity to clean up your emails, messages, photo files, and anything else in your life that collects dust and takes up valuable storage space.

Find out what awaits your sign on May 8, 2022 by reading your weekly horoscope. Don’t forget to also consult your monthly tarot horoscope!

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You have a clear run through the end of July, Aries, in almost any direction you want. Jupiter, the lucky planet, is your symbol, and the light is green, so aim to expand your mind, take that leap of faith, call on your self-confidence, and know that you can succeed if you believe in it.

Enjoy the energy; remember that the next two months will be about wealth and bringing more of something into your life or creating more of it. So make the most of the abundance of something good and life-affirming. From August to the end of October, you will have the opportunity to analyze your progress, reorganize and continue until mid-May.


Set yourself a goal in terms of meditation and your preferred method of connecting to your inner self. Take advantage of the next two months to establish and develop a connection with this part of yourself by taking a course, developing your intuition or your psychic side and inviting your dreams to come to life.

Consider Tai chi or martial art for a physical approach. As they say, there are many roads to Rome, or in this case, to your interior. Think of this part of your being as the command center for inner clarity. It’s hard to access or even find, but once you figure it out and build your way, it’s simple.


There may be a dispute with a loved one today. There is a

risk of financial loss. You have reason to worry about the future. Family members are expected to offer assistance. Your relationships with politicians will be strong. You can earn a lot of money in business. Family expenses will increase.


Wishes can come true. The day is ideal for those working in the construction industry. You might want to try to learn something new. In married life, love will grow. When traveling, be careful. Do not waste time in pointless debates. Will meet the needs of children.


On Sunday, emotions can run high, so find a creative and helpful outlet. What do you need to take your emotional life to the next level and feel recognized and safe?

It’s about broadening your horizons and attracting good fortune in the coming year. Studying, listening to smart speakers and challenging yourself mentally and physically. All you need to do now is step into the game and grab the ball, with the planet of luck establishing a fluid aspect to your sign. Examine your social group and affiliations.

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You are going to have health problems today. You are invited to participate in any important initiative. In business, there are opportunities for profit. There is a chance to get the money that was withheld. Your social life will become more active. There will be progress in the workplace. You have the opportunity to make an important career decision.


You will be engaged in family affairs today. Technical work may attract your curiosity. Luck will have full support. Romantic relationships can be emotionally draining. Avoid taking unnecessary risks. The business alliance will benefit you. In the house, any auspicious occasion can take place. Social responsibility will be present.


Because the principle of luck coincides with your area of ​​work, there are several possibilities for expansion in this area. You have one year to innovate, take on a challenge, start something new, and overall seize the day.

Be careful what you wish for, because you may get more work than you can handle. If you stay focused on your key priorities, you’ll gain a lot more traction than chasing dazzling stuff.

Keep your eyes on your goal, no matter how tempting. This zone also rules health and routines, so exercising, doing cardio, lifting weights, or engaging in a physically demanding diet will prepare you for the year ahead.

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A couple can fight. People may misunderstand what you are saying. Will help anyone in need. The charity’s work will pique people’s interest. You will be worried about your loved ones. Don’t trust strangers too much. When making a transaction, be careful.


Your home zone is bound to expand, according to the concept of luck. It’s up to you whether you want a new addition under your roof or a new roof with more space.

If you’re looking for a house, you’ll be in luck until next year, but make sure you can afford it once that influence wears off.

This position presents a challenge for your sign because you prefer to stay in control and in your known universe, take on too much responsibility.

To make the most of this time in your life, you will need to break free and innovate. Work, health and fitness routines all need to be reviewed and reoriented.


When leaving the house in hot weather, take the necessary measures. There will be pressure to complete the tasks. Big changes in the workplace should be avoided. Dedicate himself entirely to his work. There may be complaints of pain in the feet. Will be busy with social media.

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Will fulfill the wishes of the spouse. Large orders are common in the industry. You will complete your assigned task in the office on time. Technical skills can be acquired. Revenues will increase. Maintain positive relationships with your loved ones. In government work, you will succeed.


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